1. No regular season action in 700 days

  2. After 700 days of not playing, people still felt Kaepernick could start and do 300 yards for almost every team (if you believe the reddits).

  3. I mean 2 years of not playing at game speed might take a week or 2 to readjust to, and my guess of him being rusty is still a fringe 300 yard passing game with multiple TDs if that’s “rusty” then you take that IMO

  4. I just got Watson in my Dynasty league for Cousins and Dotson.

  5. I have Watson, Chubb, DPJ and Njoku in dynasty, also in the middle of a rebuild so while I’m stocking up young assets and have 8 1sts over the next 3 years, running a browns team is fun

  6. We really need one of these middle picks to jump off the page and he has the hands to do it

  7. Mazur in the last class, Lombardi in this one.

  8. Not only was a man able to break into an NFL stadium and do donuts on the field, but he was able to get away without being caught? How does this happen?

  9. We didn't change the locks when Baker moved out and Baker gave Alice Cooper (who we know lives at the Rock Hall)a spare key to house sit when we are on away games. Turns out Mr. Cooper, as revenge for Baker having stay up playing Xbox with Jed on the Jumbotron thus making all that noise, decided to trash the place.

  10. Which one, the first is a flat out drop the second he slowed down on that deep shot and needs to run through the route because that's a house call in a game

  11. Gut feeling is Watson likes Schwartz and is trying to get him to be the "Will Fuller" type burner that he loves firing occasional deep shots to.

  12. Agreed. I think Schwartz has been hampered by sub-par QB play. Excited to see what his speed can do!

  13. If he can catch the ball with some level of consistency he’ll be a useful player in this offense

  14. What Texas Tech player is on Browns or Texans?

  15. Jakeem Grant has been on IR since his Achilles injury in camp

  16. A Vrana-Veleno-Berggren Line... that could be something

  17. I’d just like to remind everyone that having deshaun Watson is going to open up miles of spacing for Nick Chubb.

  18. This play but imagine it's watson keeping there on a QB read option:

  19. It's gonna be wild when suddenly every shotgun run in the Stefanski playbook has a read-option or run/pass-option tagged to it.

  20. Oh yea the nickel corner bit hard you pull that away from Chubb hit Cooper on a slant and let him do his thing in the open field

  21. Such a weird thing by quarter we're great in the 1st meaning our script is awesome, then struggle in the 2nd and 3rd with adjustments then the 4th Q we're great but is that because we made adjustments to the adjustments, is it garbage time, both...

  22. Probably somewhere in the middle? That's why I compared to the NFL though. Unless we have more garbage time than NFL average (which I don't think is true) I believe it still shows we perform well in the 4th quarter on offense.

  23. I'd love to compare this 11 game run to the 6 games under watson and see how the point distribution changes

  24. If we can stop Dameon Pierce that would be cool.

  25. or or or how about Pierce gets like 1 60 yard TD in garbage time when we're up 24 with like a minute left... solely for fantasy purposes

  26. Does Watson actually change much? He is obviously better then Brisset but the defense has been lacking in many facets this year. How does Watson coming back help the defense?

  27. In theory a better offense stays on the field longer and puts up more points, the best thing for this defense is to keep them off the field as much as possible and score as many possible because you know they're going to give up scores

  28. I don't care whether snitches get stitches or whatever, I'll never snitch because I feel that the sub is already dramatically overmoderated and I refuse to help out with the censorship. Shutting down comments from 99.9% of us during a game is the lazy way out for the mods because many of us do not live near other Browns fans so bantering here during a game is our only option, but no longer is thanks to the mods!

  29. You do know there is a difference between posting and commenting, we throttle posting for like 4-6 hours once a week, in no way shape or form do we prevent the sub from commenting

  30. So I don't know if this has to do with the restrictions to the sub during game day but I've noticed this season a serious lack of highlights posted during the game. It's a bummer that I have to go and sift through

  31. Usually escaped from the basement cell we kept them in had a new job opportunity come up and their schedule changed a bit, if anyone who has experience making high quality videos/clips for highlights and wants to post them, go ahead or PM us

  32. Interesting they decided to release Dobbs instead of Mond, they must see a bit in Mond.

  33. Mond is under contract through 2024 was a 3rd round pick last year by Minny and stylistically plays QB similar to Watson, I can see him being that developmental guy for the next few years with the hope he's a cheap longish term back up

  34. The bucs hurried up and ran another play, no time for replay to blow it dead

  35. Have to win out, need Jets to fall back to reality, and probably the Bengals beating the Ravens in their next H2H, then the Bengals to lose to KC/Tampa as well.

  36. Historic collapse vs Jets was pure luck, you run that same scenario 1000 times and odds are it happens once

  37. Idk the answer to this question - but does Walker make a significant difference if he’s not hurt?

  38. Our interior run defense crumbled the second he went out vs atlanta

  39. I don’t know when, but I hope so. I’m pretty sure I remember something from Chris Ilitch or Ken Holland after he retired basically saying it would happen. For me, and this is a spicy take in these parts, Hank is the only number post-O6 I’d retire among players not honored already.

  40. I think 13 finds a way into the rafters, 91 should be up there but I still think how his tenure here ended (especially since it wasn't the first contract dispute he had) left a sour taste in ownerships mouth and that's been the reason for him not getting the honor

  41. The rest of the schedule are all winnable games

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