1. Looks like something Padua High Schools JV team or Bowling Green would wear

  2. Buzbee wanted NDAs to hide the sums of money in the settlements and the Dolphins owner wanted NDAs at the time to facilitate the trade for Watson to "keep everyone quiet" so it was no longer a distraction or had the potential to be one

  3. That's essentially what Hardin said on the podcast he was on, that the amount in what the settlements would have been were low given the case(s) that the NDAs were to be used to hide the fact that they were essentially going to get "hush money" not financial compensation for physical/emotional/mental trauma.

  4. What do you all think of Zadina? I had a lot of hope for him, but it's starting to fade a bit. 10 goals, 14 assists in 74 games. That's like.. just not good.

  5. I can see him getting a 1-2 year deal to see if he can “figure it out” under a new coach and system

  6. Browns clearly removing QBs 1 by 1 in a manner to not draw attention, by the time camp opens in the fall Baker will be the only QB remaining and the Browns will be begging him to save the franchise and he’ll refuse because that’s what the Browns deserve

  7. IIRC didn’t Rapoport say in Chopz’s twitter space (Jesus that sentence) that Nkoju turned down 13M/yr on a multi year deal, so what’s the hold up then

  8. Many things we haven’t heard yet so far. It’s a good listen

  9. Ya this is the first real bit of info from Watson's camp besides denying allegations and maintaining innocence

  10. Must be fun as a QB in the NFL with 2 #1 overall DE's and multiple first rounders on your defense and you still get the blame after they give up 26 points in the 4th quarter.

  11. Must be fun being the defense forcing 4 turnovers against a division rival, then seeing the QB lead the team to 10 points

  12. Yeah, and it's defo on Baker that he was out there despite having the highest paid backup in the league.

  13. Baker got a second opinion to show he was "good enough" to play and that he really couldn't further damage it and it was all pain tolerance.

  14. Just goes to prove the old adage right that the regular season don’t mean shit in the playoffs. Florida’s not built for the postseason and it shows; they’re learning the exact same lesson Tampa learned 3 years ago.

  15. All out offense can get you to the playoffs, but having that right mix of grit and skill wins you cups

  16. Best in terms of most exciting probably the Chargers loss, honestly felt like we had that one stolen from us on the PI where Mike Williams grabs then pushes our DB but our DB gets penalized

  17. Fuller is a guy that will be healthy probably 8-10 games however in camp and when he’s healthy there isn’t a better WR not named Deandre Hopkins to get Watson acclimated into playing

  18. Glen Cook getting a GM job next year book it

  19. Love to hear it, he’s played his best football in almost half a decade here, just wish he signed a multi-year here I’d have taken 2/3 years at 12-14M in a heartbeat for him

  20. Paid him 8 last year after the egg he laid with you guys, we got 9 sacks out of him and he helped our run defense tremendously.

  21. I can now say I’m as good as at something as a pro athlete 😅

  22. Right? This data is misleading as it implies Chubb is better against stacked boxes than against light boxes.

  23. I’m not sure how that’s your take away

  24. Chubb doesn't average 6.9YPC in all situations though, it's less than that.

  25. He runs against more “less stacked” boxes than stacked boxes therefore the average is lower since the sample size is larger which contains many more short to no to negative gains pulling down the his average

  26. Ya you got me, my day is now ruined

  27. Lol. You’re the mod who deletes original submissions for violating rules and then reposts for karma. Do it here, do it on the redwings subreddit. I didn’t know adults craved Reddit karma so badly.

  28. Thats a wild accusation do you have any proof of that

  29. Cleveland Cliffs or Sherwin Williams are the front runners IMO should the name change

  30. Just loses against winning record teams

  31. Curious, if you go by what he said in your comment and go by what he just said under-oath a couple days ago when he did confirm he in fact made the women cry with his actions, wouldnt he just reneged on that statement?

  32. Yes he didn’t say that exactly but when you add together his statement and the victim statement and why she cried…it’s sounds very much he did something inappropriate.

  33. I'm just saying he did not under oath say he did something to directly cause her to cry.

  34. You know what you can just have 14, just give us Murray and we're all set

  35. Is our 2C Suter still in this upcoming season? Also, what has Berg been playing in GR? Haven't really been paying attention.

  36. Our 2C will somehow be Malkin and we will all feel awkward about it

  37. That’s why I said establishing

  38. I don’t understand why they gave up on a guy with true passion for this team. A guy who led this team to its first playoff win since 94 and was one 4th down stop away from an AFC championship appearance. A guy who played through injury and national slander because he wanted to be the leader for this team. And they replace him with a guy with serious legal concern, who hasn’t played since January of 2021, who has the same amount of playoff wins as Baker. Deshaun doesn’t wanna be in Cleveland. He’s here for the insane contract this organization gave him. Give Deshaun the first little bit of turmoil and he’ll fold on this team immediately. Guy is a straight WEIRDO too. But hey, all praise to him, the unproven elite of the NFL.

  39. Goff took the rams to the SB, got a massive contract, got hurt, showed a sign of regression and they immediately traded him for someone to take them over the top

  40. Which is also true, but Goff had back to back 4600+ yard seasons and the SB run before the contract was signed, at the time people thought more highly of him

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