OFFICIAL: Hugh Jackman joins Deadpool 3, coming September 2024!

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This hits me right in the feels

  1. I just realized, are the fossils that can be found the remains of these sniffers o.O?

  2. I doubt it, these things seem pretty small. The bones you can find look like the ribcages of beasts bigger than the ender dragon.

  3. When is he coming? I mean he was is the same vid as Vader, and Vader came over 3 months ago. I understand that Family Guy is a pretty big collab and takes some time, but is it really bigger than Vader or Dragon Ball?

  4. Even if you dislike the battle pass you gotta admit that these super styles are way better than last season

  5. Last year or last season? I think the chap 2 season 8 super styles were the best ever.

  6. No problem, and yeah I agree, last season’s were probably some of the worst ones we have ever gotten.


  8. SpongeBob vented in McDonalds at 3AM GONE WRONG!! (Cops called)

  9. They only managed to survive that long because they were playing fortnite monopoly while they waited

  10. Thanos is just a dude with charisma, super-strength, and a plan. I can't remember what comic it was in but Dr. Doom basically runs this down and asks him if he has the infinity gauntlet on him at that moment. When Thanos says no and boasts Dr. Doom just rips his skull and spine out.

  11. Was this the Secret Wars 2015 comic? Idk im not too sure, I may be wrong

  12. Yes it is, unless the original commenter is talking about another time that happened.

  13. You think so even about Wong? I think he is still pretty much same as in previous MCU media. Takes his job seriously.

  14. What about the demon fight though? Why would he ask his lawyer for help? Other than that I think he’s fine.

  15. Too many demonies to be handled by one person. It's a swarm!

  16. But why not get someone else he knows? Like another sorcerer? He hasn’t even seen Jen in action at this point, not to mention the fact that he easily gets rid of most of them by himself, Jen is only there to throw them at him.

  17. I think he’ll be revealed as the puppet master of black panther 2. The two sides will team up against him.

  18. That could be interesting, especially concerning the leaks about him in the movie.

  19. wait till reviews come out and you’ll know

  20. Id love to introduce your whole collection to Command Dragon, it will burst every single one of your beys on first contact. Also its been made in the Pro series by hasbro as well.

  21. Curious, mine burst really easily, specially my Stone Linwyrm

  22. I have Cyclone Valtryek, Vanish Fafnir, Destroyer Belfyre and Cyclone Roktavor, and not a single one of them has burst yet.

  23. So…theoretically…a fourth trilogy would be either perfect or get everything wrong…

  24. Or could get 2 wrong and 1 right. Then 2 trilogies after that would have a different 2 wrong and 1 right, and then finally we would get a seventh trilogy with everything right, and an eighth with everything wrong.

  25. Haha, 2k is just to touch it. According to OP card costs 3.3K kangaroo dollars.

  26. Nooooooo. Damn it, I knew it would be extra expensive in the land down under :(

  27. Prominence Valkyrie, you cant go wrong with it and it’s still one of the best stock combos.

  28. Hasbro will probably release theirs be december or next year, but it’s gonna be even worse than your current beys

  29. Oh really? Is that because Habsro’s beyblade quality is going down, or is it just a bad bey?

  30. The TT one is amazing, it’s just that now hasbro beys burst if you even look at them wrong

  31. The actors will be the old young avengers by then

  32. No why would you do that! They’re going to awaken Thanos noooooooooooo

  33. Yes. I think the availability issues are largely over with. The real problem is the MSRP is so damn expensive!

  34. So true! I’m not going to buy a current generation card… unless they lower the MSRP of course.

  35. Then why tf you have a 4090 in your flair???

  36. Then why is it so unbelievable when thats literally

  37. The MCU’s actual Wolverine who’ll have a role in the franchise going forward.

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