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  1. Found a big bastard in my house. About the size of a nickel… somewhere between dime and quarter. But I hadn’t seen a black fuzzy spider before so I caught it and looked it up. After reading about them I decided to try and make it a pet and let it go in the garden. The green portions on its (front legs? Mandibles?) weren’t visible till I got it out in the sun, freaked me out for a second, but these little guys are cool in my book.

  2. Typical ignorance of bureaucrats, they did not "scale" Michigan but distorted it and cut off the western yoop altogether.

  3. Must've been. That's the first time I ever saw you reply to anyone.

  4. At what point do you think maybe the state of Michigan is the problem ? Ford builds new EV plant in Tennessee, HQ and jobs moving out … maybe we just aren’t a friendly state for business.

  5. It didn't matter what he did, he was great in the role. Flawless with DeNiro from way back - it was a good movie, but he was great as the ... Er, I can't remember exactly if he was a drag queen, or trans or which as it's been a long time since I've watched it, but another role that was very extreme and very different from others he's done

  6. And he just strolls up to Jackie Treehorn, says 'have a drink,' and he chucks the bottle into the known pornographer, and it NEVER hits the ground.

  7. Bonespurs... so he's a crip, you know, uh uh uh a handicapped kinda guy.

  8. Frederick Christ Drumpf Sr., bulk of the series, not exactly a lightweight, and yet his son is a fucking dunce.

  9. Walter, this isn't a guy who built the railroads here.

  10. 27.2 cents per gallon, our roads still suck with it!

  11. Michigan roads have sucked most of the time during the past century. Oh well.

  12. The stronger the storm, the more likely it is to observe them further south. I recall there was photos from Oklahoma (or near there) in the southwest a few months ago.

  13. Oh alright. Not to long ago. I thought maybe it was more like February or March to be able to see the northern lights.

  14. Early spring is often a good time, if it's also the right year.

  15. If he's so afraid of his potential constituents he should hire security.

  16. The GOP endorses violent takeover of the presidency and advocates nullifying The Constitution, the party of unlawful disorder, he should be afraid.

  17. Summary of article: 'Should we let this multiple incidents terrorist off with a slap on the wrist?' 'Of course we should, he's white isn't he.' *Michael Chad Varrone is scheduled to appear in Ingham County Circuit Court for sentencing on July 27, 2022.

  18. That's very sad, so many lost in one week.

  19. hmmm so it would be kind of a bad idea to go to grand marais from marquette to hunt for rocks after dark

  20. Better idea... drive during daylight and chill until after dark, then rock hunt all night

  21. Let me guess… u posted this after you saw my one. Lmao

  22. Nah, you're not alone, after months of that nonsense the opener should really be, "What did the redditor say to the redditors"...

  23. YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS when you don't roll it up, LARRY!?

  24. “The President had been tweeting out about: how is it possible that Joe Biden got 96% of the vote, or whatever, in Detroit? How is that possible?” Schneider recalled. “And I thought, that was very possible considering what I had learned in the past.”

  25. They aren’t crazy. Just plain stupid and proud of if.

  26. No, I'm pretty sure many of them are crazy.

  27. Did she type "wanta"? I just wanta say, "I love new words".

  28. How come the lilacs on Mac bloom so much later than downstate? They're all already dead here, is it b/c it stays cooler up north for longer?

  29. Signs of spring generally progress from south to north here. For much of the UP, that's around two weeks later than southernmost Michigan. Plus they do very well on the island, in part because the nutrients in the ground are similar to their place of origin.

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