1. What losing to the lakers does to a mf

  2. Refs have sucked this year but just giving raw FT numbers never tells anything

  3. Yeah but it’s the lakers so we can all circlejerk how it must be rigged for the 11 seed

  4. That’s basically his signature move

  5. That hoodie looks like his dad came up with the idea and designed it himself on his laptop

  6. Yeah but you haven’t been to over 5 hours of counseling like Ja, you don’t know how to breathe like him. He’s just built different

  7. Gil afraid of most top scorers in 2023 confirmed. This generation is just built different I guess.

  8. Gil ain’t afraid of Lebron, he’s too worried up at night fearing Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young 😫😫

  9. I mean to be fair that’s what

  10. Damn they were listening to Russ on how to defend before Pat Bev

  11. Lebron Curry obviously

  12. Everybody getting injured before the playoffs

  13. Yeah, lots of kids loved Kobe’s game growing up and SGA was pretty damn small for a long time so copying Lebron’s game isn’t really an option. The quote is much less jarring to me now with this vid, thanks OP

  14. Yeah but you stack way more karma when you can post “SGA hates Lebron and says he has no skill”

  15. “I like it because it’s easy to leave”

  16. “What’s your favorite part about being a Wizard?”

  17. Felt like 2015 injuries was his only shot to win in cleveland because the warriors hadn’t quite fully developed yet. They looked too good in 2016 and still too young for Lebron to really have a shot of doing anything in cleveland, but he was top 5 all time already for sure

  18. But if Portland rebuilds Dame still gonna be loyal so I don’t see what other option he has left?

  19. Dame took supermax money cus loyalty reasons. If you’re not some Lebron type player that can carry garbage deep into the playoffs and still take that kind of money, you can’t complain that your team isn’t good enough. Dudes like Dame and Beal can take all that money and be “loyal” but most of the time you don’t just get drafted into the perfect situation where you can just have both

  20. When did LeBron take a garbage team deep exactly? He didn’t start making to the finals until he started forming super teams.

  21. 2007 Cavs were a superteam? Interesting I guess Jordan must’ve had the whole all star team in that case

  22. Bro why tf is draymond not fully shutting it down why is he sitting on the fence wtf

  23. Draymond knocked up Wiggins’ wife confirmed

  24. KD really talking like he can guard the best Thunder player ever

  25. Not saying he does or doesn't, but most alcoholics don't think they have a problem. That inherently is the problem though, that they don't even realize how big of a problem it is.

  26. He used to have an alcohol problem but spending over 1 full day in therapy got rid of it

  27. Back in my day the guy having the gun pointed in his face was the one with stress

  28. The aforementioned plan: 🗑️🗑️🗑️

  29. He’s gonna be a free agent right? That sucks to hear if you’re a Boston fan

  30. He’s always seemed iffy on Boston honestly. Not surprising

  31. 2018 Rockets vs Warriors is still one of the best series’ I’ve ever watched. Never thought the KD/Steph Warriors could actually lose a series when they were all healthy, and they nearly did

  32. Never thought a team would brick literally everything and devolve into prayer chucking 3s out of desperation but the rockets really did. So many wild stats about that game 7

  33. “I thought he wanted me to sign it but I didn’t feel like doing autographs today”

  34. The ultimate disrespect right there lol treating dude like a fan.

  35. “Ok fine take my jersey. Please no autographs, I’m not signing that”

  36. Kyrie: wait, this is worthless

  37. “Keep it up young buck, you know you’re doing something right when the media is mad”

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