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  1. Are you saying people you disagree with politically should be seriously attacked? Wow pretty fascist aren't you! Its a matter of perspective what his views are. Let him say what he wants, Disagree with him. Point out how he is wrong and move on. Don't fucking deck him with a chair. It never seems to amaze me how so many people on here think violence is how you deal with a disagreement no wonder the world is fucked.

  2. Shut up before I throw a chair at you

  3. Just seems that way because he’s the size of a toddler

  4. Genuinely shocking how believable and legit these looks. If these are faked it's the first faker who understands what an alpha build actually looks like.

  5. This probably just mean they’re real, GTA 6 or not

  6. Lmfao you got worked by a tweet. What a loser.

  7. The conversation about this game on here needs to stop

  8. Yeah but KC and Buffalo didn’t bet the farm on those two guys

  9. Square doesn’t know what’s going on with Square so I really wouldn’t put too much thought into it

  10. You want him to just throw into coverage? Dudes can’t get open

  11. At least give them a one on one shot occasionally instead of getting sacked for a 10 yard loss

  12. He did. Watson got the opening shot. Hell, both him a Doubs got plenty of chances. They’re just not there yet. And that’s fine. For this season to succeed they need them to get it on an accelerated path. Rodgers didn’t ice either out, they got their chances and will continue to.

  13. Four targets for each isn’t “getting their chances” you can’t just neg your offense, this isn’t a toxic relationship where you can give someone the silent treatment, it’s football

  14. Good luck to her in the future and hopefully Xbox outs someone in charge who can reign in the series and bring it back to what it once was

  15. "Iffy PI" lol what game were you watching? That was a worse PI call than the 2001 NCAA championship, and im still waiting for someone to show me a worse call in a super bowl. The refs were RIGHT THERE its not even close to the level of the Ramsey missed call where no one on the field could see it

  16. God you are such a whiny little bitch. Must be a Bengals fan on top of losing everything betting on them

  17. Good one. Probably shoulda known you were trolling with a brain dead take like that, I fell for the bait

  18. Sorry you lost the kids college fund betting on the Bengals. Better luck this year though!

  19. Rich coming from a company that pays other companies, to keep games off of another's platform.

  20. And was the main roadblock in cross-play becoming standardized and is currently eliminating third party digital code sales for their platform

  21. Huh, you know I seem to recall th 360 era where Microsoft was heavily against cross play while Sony was open to it.

  22. I don’t think that happened but still garbage regardless

  23. Xbox Game Pass brought to you by bombing weddings in Yemen

  24. Not really too worried about that just wish they would stop changing the whole UI every few years

  25. To anyone reading this and asking themselves "well who should I trust?" the answer is no one. Never trust any corporate mouthpiece, ever. They are not your friends and they don't care about you, only your money.

  26. Nothing is guaranteed, everything is permitted. Microsoft could shut down half their studios and Sony could kill the Marvel deal and cancel Spider-Man and Wolverine. Just because you’ve made memories on the machine doesn’t mean everything the company who makes it does is good or justified. Love the creators and not the logo on the box.

  27. He’s a gross person. He squandered the most potential a pro wrestler ever had

  28. Good image to use! Exactly where I stop watching during my yearly rewatch

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