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  1. Did you not read what I said? If you were to get into a situation where you needed the police, perhaps someone who has broken into your house, you would beg if anyone (d- or not) to come help you.

  2. You should shoot that person instead of calling the police who will probably shoot you if you greet them at the door after calling them about a break-in

  3. This shit can happen and people seriously think this game can have a competitive scene without heavy changes to the game.

  4. Not even a little harassment? He seems like an astounding douchebag

  5. Who? 22 losers from some hyper-specific subreddit that no one cares about? You're kidding right?

  6. that's why I said make logical decisions. it is possible to think for yourself sometimes. there's only a few small things you might not figure out. like Albaird being the best alchemist and characters crafting their own best weapons.

  7. OK, you are kinda right because I'm stressing over mats at lv 60 when I'm just now getting into space (?)

  8. Disagree. All a fat man can do is push on you, fall on you, or throw you around IF he has strength.

  9. We're not talking about regular ass fat slobs though, we're talking about fighters that aren't cut

  10. … the immediate assumption that someone is a “shitty driver” may actually be the real problem … jus’ sayin’.

  11. If you drive bad, it's safe for people to assume you're a bad driver.

  12. I'd rather take a Journey remake than pay more than $8 for Stray

  13. Daaaaamn, I forgot battle trophies and honestly they did mess up by not including them once I think about it. One of my favorite parts about 3 was getting battle trophies!

  14. They were and we continue to give them money....

  15. Collect things as you go. No real reason to hunt for stuff unless you really want to. It will lead you to all kinds of stuff pretty organically. You'll get so op at one point that you won't even really worry about upgrades unless you really feel you need them. Just go in and feel the game out, play it how you like.

  16. An all time greatest of all time, all of the time 😎

  17. We still get plenty of good stuff but it's drowning in companies bullshitting, microtransactions, and overpromised crap too so you it's like 50/50 these days whether something is gonna be hype or just some crap

  18. I am getting tired of this exaggeration. I have played a lot of games the past few years, and can honestly tell you, I have only ever seen 1 game that had Microtransactions. They weren't rubbed in my face either. If I hadn't been browsing the menu, I never would have even known they were there. I didn't buy any of them either and I was able to play the game just fine. That tells me 1 of 2 things, either I'm the luckiest gamer in the world, or they're not as common as people are leading you to believe.

  19. Hop on Ghost of Tsushima immediately! It's beautiful, has fluid combat, awesome acting, and a fantastic multiplayer with a great community. It's got everything.

  20. 60 gameplay 25 sound 15 story 10 graphics

  21. The Toy Galaxy channel is pretty interesting if you grew up in the 80s or 90s. And a lot of the early anime stuff can be pretty interesting.

  22. Wizard and the Bruiser podcast also has a great episode on Zoids

  23. Isshin sweeps every time. Shimura's clinging to honor will eventually get him struck by lightning.

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