1. It’s snowing because that one guy in this sub put his winter clothes away last week

  2. Our Lady of Mount Carmel on Detroit was an Italian based Parish and St. Roccos on Fulton was an Italian area.

  3. St. Rocco’s festival was the shot back in the day. Give me some zeppoli and and sausage sandwich!

  4. Do you use a water bath to warm/thaw or have a sink in the general area? I experienced a tough string of contaminations and it was narrowed down to our DI water source which had some persistent bacteria in the system plumbing. Even with good technique, something can cause you to fight an uphill battle

  5. Serious question from someone who does TC but doesn't work with fragile cell lines. How does contamination travel from the inside of their sample to the inside of your sample if you are using the hood to open your sample?

  6. It doesn’t. You are correct. Just like how the microbes on the outside of the “non contaminated flask” don’t get inside after being transported from the bsc through the non-sterile air into the “sterile” incubator that probably has a big door the opens to the non-sterile environment.

  7. Great Jones bourbon? Just moved to NJ and tried the local swill. Not bad! Sugar cube, angostura, and a cherry too!

  8. 2 things I love, Metroid and Bourbon Old Fashions!

  9. I just moved to NJ from Cleveland. Cleveland has an amazing brewery scene and I was excited to check out NJ’s. I was blown away by these restrictions, especially that they can’t serve food. I hope things change because it’s great to go to a brewery to enjoy the fresh local beer and be able to eat great food too. Not to mention watching games, trivia, etc…

  10. Had Pizza at Masthead before a Guardians game, surprised me how good it was, love the Ohio beer scene, really wish we were allowed to build our own culture much like they have.

  11. Glad to hear it! Masthead is a great spot. It’s a great beer community. They all coexist and even collaborate. It’s a win-win for everyone. I hope to see that here sometime soon!

  12. This app is garbage. Just bought the monthly pass and immediately had the same problem on my Sony tv running android tv. Unfortunately there are Reddit threads from 2015 describing the same problems. So 7 years and has not been fixed… yet I’m still paying it to watch the Cavs 😅

  13. captain taco? been like 20 years since i been there

  14. We have to string quite a few hits here so we aren’t stranded with the bottom of the line up in the 9th

  15. Pretty sure this is all LeBron. Had to get his Yankees an extra day off and promote dwyane wades shitty game show while he’s at it

  16. It was 2nd and 1 on NE’s 29 with :42 before half and 2 TOs. They pass

  17. This is exactly it. Number of carries aside, there are specific situations that are so obvious that chubb should get the ball, yet we put it in the hands of a back up QB.

  18. Listen to some bitch baby Stankees fan on Jodi Mac crying about the them not having any luck on the drive home 😆

  19. I don't think I've seen a saltier sub in victory than Cleveland's right now.

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