The Bunk Police / Electric Forest 2022 / Fentanyl in Mushrooms / Purple Molly

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  1. Does GV do life is beautiful in Vegas? I’m really looking forward to that

  2. I thought Life is Beautiful was Another Planet, who also does OSL. I might be wrong…

  3. That’s a whisky smash, although you’d often muddle the lemon to get the juice out so you also get the oils from the skin.

  4. So how does that work? Put a 1/4 of a lemon in and muddle? Or put the whole thing in and muddle?

  5. Some people muddle but the more common technique is to put the wedges in the shaker and just let the ice do the juicing. Need to give it a strong shake though.

  6. Yeah, I have to carry 5 wedges, but it was the same with my 716 AP1s.

  7. FWIW, your PW is basically an old lofted 9-iron…they just labeled the clubs wrong hahahaha

  8. YAAAAASSSS!!!! Hoping they drop the video too, but happy I can relive such a great night.

  9. FWIW - did a 2 day work training Tuesday/Wednesday in midtown, went to Brooklyn, saw a show at the comedy cellar, visited the WTC museum, saw goose and ate every meal at a restaurant. Masked in the subway, on the plane ride, and at the WTC museum with a KN95. Tested negative and feeling good…had someone in my work training test positive, but at this point, I’m negative.

  10. Just try to keep your conversations to a quiet whisper. Don’t need to hear you on those AUD’s.

  11. As an aud connoisseur i do love hearing me some period correct convos between songs that sorta pull me through the speaker and into that space. During songs i love hearing the crowd harmonies. If you want clean as glass go get sbds If you wanna get funky listen to auds

  12. Same page - between songs is ok for chatting. A little chatter here or there for a quick second is completely fair…but I don’t want to hear about how you puked last night after mixing a fifth of Jack with 2 strong tabs.

  13. At the end of the day it comes down to legality and image.

  14. Damn $500/person - that’s basically the price for a meet & greet with Steph and you get a $300+ round and all the Truly you can drink?!?!? I gotta keep an eye out for this next year…

  15. Just caught these guys for the 2nd time at Radio City Music Hall - part jam band, part indie rock/pop, 100% HONKIN’!

  16. Saw them there too this past weekend, one of the best shows I've ever been to. All around great time and even better music.

  17. Come join us for the premiere of our fourth JRAD compilation, with some of our favorite tracks from their 2022 shows to-date. As with all of our releases, we've replaced the webcast audio with the released SBDs whenever possible. Come tune in starting at 7:30PM ET, and the music never stops!

  18. Do you have these past broadcasts posted anywhere?

  19. Phish and their live broadcasts will always have my heart, and the Beacon Jams were some seriously stunning visual work, but yeah this was a nice ass show to watch and had some beautiful aesthetic moments!

  20. Beacon Jams we’re some of the best content to come out of the pandemic. I still watch them regularly

  21. The way they set the stage up backwards and used the theatre as the background was an absolutely brilliant artistic decision and that person deserves a medsl. Also so many of the shots and transitions they were doing were stunning. Obviously, the music was 🔥🔥🔥

  22. You’ll have to find these examples and give some time stamps. Love to see the visual that goes with your description.

  23. Just curious - by foil, you mean the gold version, correct??

  24. Just making sure I didn’t miss something. I got the gold one too. Thanks!

  25. Stoked!!! I was at N1 and I’d love to see how N2 stacked up…obviously, super high expectations, but excited to hear it none the less.

  26. Were Jeff and Ben signing “spuds” and “jeb” on everyone’s? Am I not special haha? I have other signed memorabilia and the signatures are different for those two

  27. Make a fuss with the airline, not the innocent passengers. It should absolutely not have been her problem to solve and it certainly should be the problem of the other passengers.

  28. If you’re offering the same seat in a different row, then the guy should have understood from the get go. What’s the difference between 25D and 21D? 4 rows…still the same uncomfortable seat that was designed by someone with scoliosis, just 4 rows closer.

  29. Checkin in from ORCH 4, row NN. This place is buzzing! Energy is high, and people are in great moods. Met someone who claimed to be the bands lawyer, he said they’re on till 12:30 tonight and 1:00 tomorrow. Take it with a grain of salt but he seemed to know what he was talking about and called 2nd set to start around 9:30 tonight.

  30. Got there at 6 and people waaay behind me ended up ahead of me. Staff wasn’t ready…

  31. No they weren’t. I got there right at 7, tucked around the left side of the security rail to the far side and got in fairly quickly. I was about 1/2 way down the stairs in the Merch line and got a gold version. 192/500, so who knows how many more they had. Looks like there was a big stack of them available when I was there.

  32. How long do you think it’ll take the gold one to sell out tonight? Want to try and get there early enough to snag one.

  33. In minutes... get their early, Pollock is a legend and this is is first Goose print, it's highly desirable.

  34. Got me stoked to hear the new album tomorrow!!! LFG!!!!

  35. I always thought airworthiness certification required them to demonstrate one engine failure right at V2 on takeoff roll, which would be the worst possible time.

  36. Preshow I would expect some honking around Other Half taproom at Rockefeller Center

  37. I think he has to find how to incorporate them more naturally…it’s like when they had the screens in the rig. Felt unnecessary at times.

  38. Yup, the bars aren't as fixed and constraining. I hated last year when they seemed to lose so much independence. They seem a lot more like the 2019 rig now.

  39. You might have seen shows where the venue couldn’t accommodate the weight of the full moving rig so they had to keep them stationary. The light bars were leaned on a lot more for those shows.

  40. That sounds epic! My quest to break 80 continues. Hopefully someday 🙏. That eagle lit a fire in me though. I parred the next 3 holes, which for me is very good and incredibly rare lol

  41. Get it dude!!! I’ve been playing for 23 years now and was consistently a mid-70’s player for about 2 of those. I don’t play as much as I used to, but I’ve got great swing fundamentals and my muscle memory has fortunately stayed with me over the years. Doesn’t take much, usually 5-10 range sessions for it to click back into place. Takes a lot of work for sure, but it sure is fun when it all clicks…that 77 was a career ball day, but it was an absolute blast to turn back the clock like that.

  42. Was playing 18 at my buddies bachelor party - 18 was a reachable par 5. Went driver - 7 iron to 7 feet, and drained a tricky downhill L to R breaker with about 2 feet of swing. First eagle in years and capped a 77 - first time breaking 80 in as long as I could remember.

  43. WRONG. They clearly switched the i for and r. Everyone knows r is the faster letter.

  44. So true - R is such a menacing letter. That’s why it’s “murder” and not “mukduk”

  45. 161 yards on the 18th hole of the final round in your potential first ever Major victory only up by one stroke.

  46. I think saying “special needs” is a bit of a stretch…he’s blind

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