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  1. Still remember the one dude to gave me $200 to let him on a balcony at a concert. Except he was piss drunk, and I’d already told him multiple times that I wasn’t going to let him into it. But he decided to stuff the two hundred dollars into my pocket. Then I told him he hadn’t given me anything and to leave me alone. Dude just walked away

  2. My old field supervisor dressed just like this guy while on duty.

  3. For all you guards saying FUCK IT, I CARRY ANYWAY....if you're working an Unarmed post and something goes down and you pull out a weapon from a ankle holster or wherever....you will be fucked....legally fucked. It's obvious that all these comments are from Inexperienced Security Officers that shouldn't even be in the field.

  4. Get a different career because if you're married and have a family and own a lot of things you just going to fuck your family up by making a bad decision.

  5. $18.40 with one company and $18 with another Connecticut still not ENOUGH!

  6. That dude desappeared like Thanos just snapped his fingers....

  7. Not sure about your location but we did away with many of our offices because offices are a waste of money in some areas. Uniforms will ship to larger sites likely or sometimes directly to employees homes or to the local management teams and they will deliver them. Not sure what you mean by a problem with direct deposit but for those that don't get direct deposit the checks are mailed to their houses. We are changing that too where everyone will have a direct deposit or a pay card that has no fee. In a rare event of, lets say, emergency stop of DD the funds can immediately be put onto a pay card and gotten to you same day. The card is basically a debit card where you can go to a bank and withdraw all the money.

  8. I also work for prosegur if they are growing so fast why aren't they accruing any new accounts here in Connecticut? Why is there only one person to speak to in HR for all of the US?

  9. There are more than one hr person in the US. But they are very spread out. Hr needs a revamp and now has a new senior director and ceo.

  10. I made the mistake of buying a 29. I wouldn't recommend it the price is fair..

  11. I have a 20 as well and 20 SF. The 29 has a lot more kick I regret purchasing it as do a lot of people.

  12. Former contractor to Prosegur in Australia. Now do soft skin cash in transit work. Armed.

  13. I currently work for Prosegur here in the US and my God this company is a complete cluster FUCK!

  14. Most toxic company to work for. They don't like spending money. They still carry 38 revolvers and 25 year old Mercedes sprinter vans that constantly break down. Air con would constantly break in 45 degrees Celsius in summer. Top it off they pay $10 an hour less than its competitors. This is why they can't find anyone to work for them in Australia. Hence why I was a contractor from another company to fill in for them. Thank goodness that company that I worked for supplied with semi automatic hand guns and gear.

  15. WoW sounds like it's worse over there then here in the states. I am currently at the highest paying site in the state but it's a complete cluster fuck! High turnover rate, employees stealing clients properly, employers watching porn on the clients computer 🤦🏿‍♂️

  16. If you watch the video you’ll see this pistol had a lot of malfunctions

  17. Something tells me they're stalling for time and are gonna take a month to find new replacements, and then get rid of you

  18. Bruh this isn’t going to end well… The Operation manger is going to replace all 3 of you and most likely the site supervisor also. I would just quit before that happens whatever you do don’t wait around!

  19. Wtf man that’s crazy thanks for providing a news link!

  20. This incident happened at the Target store out in Colma, Ca. A customer was trying to prevent a shoplifter from stealing. What are your thoughts?

  21. The salesmen replied to a few comments on tiktok stating "I have an option to press charges and sue" his screen name is rickdripplaya

  22. The woman in the white coat almost bashed that dirtbags head in with the chair.

  23. A smash-and-grab robbery attempt at a jewelry store in Bella Terra mall in Huntington Beach resulted in a melee as the store’s employees refused to let the business be ransacked without a fight.

  24. This ones nifty but I want a 590 retrograde in my collection.

  25. Yup. Pump actions are basically unregulated, along with bolt actions, levers, etc - anything non-semiauto is essentially good to go

  26. It’s crazy how close you can come to death, you never know when it’s your time

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