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  1. For what it's worth, their Detroit pizza was pretty meh. Come on over to Michigan and try Buddy's pizza. It's the original Detroit style and it's so good it's not fair.

  2. I’ve lived a decent bit of time in Michigan but always in the UP. First and only Detroit style I’ve had is Milly’s in Hancock, and it’s absurdly good.

  3. So, there’s a lot of Spodosol soil around here, which looks actually pretty but is absolutely terrible for growing anything in. If you wind up with a spodosol & are in the Baraga, Houghton, Keweenaw, & part of Marquette county Ben Johnson has the BEST top soil. Can bring it out in a 14-15yd truck load. Add some lime & fertilizer & you got a nice bed to grow on.

  4. That Medora boat launch though, best cell service on the whole peninsula

  5. Man I’ve had some moments with that song. I lived in Taiwan for about 5 years, my best friend from the states had also moved there. I was pretty settled in and liked living there a lot but reached a point about 5 years in where I decided it wasn’t going to be forever and moved back to the states. About a year and a half later I went back and had a really great visit for about a week and a half, visited my old work, got a haircut from my old barber, got breakfast from my favorite breakfast lady, spent time with all my friends still living there. My last morning I said goodbye to my buddy as he went to work and I left and walked to the train station to the airport, somehow ended up with this song in my headphones. Don’t know if there was a more emotionally poignant possible song I could have ended up with, almost cried in the streets of Taoyuan.

  6. Am I so old that people don’t know where that quote comes from?

  7. Do you actually know of a true origin for it? I’ve heard it plastered onto a thousand different players, but the first I ever remember hearing it was about Leroy Hoard when he was on the Vikings when I was a kid.

  8. There’s definitely two sides to it. I grew up mostly catch and release bass fishing, wouldn’t keep anything really, in Illinois waters that were heavily pressured. I lived a couple years (not winters) in Alaska, and the salmon situation there is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Like for starters, there are just not that many people up there, and sustenance fishing/hunting is a much more legitimate and real situation than it is most other places. Groceries are expensive, and the growing/harvesting seasons are crazy short. Getting a moose and a stockpile of salmon into the freezer for the very long very intense winters is massively helpful. The sheer number of salmon in Alaskan waters is unlike anything I’ve seen ever. I didn’t fish a ton while living there, but when they were running I’d go across the valley I lived in and just hike the woods, literally every stream and creek and body of water was absolutely crawling with them, it’s pretty staggering.

  9. We supplement our food with a few bass and as many sunfish as we can every season except winter, similarly, intensely long winters up here in New England (except strangely mild the past few years) and the catch season is relatively short. There are also far less people up here. We grow a lot of our food too. That's just how things are up here. So based on his posts I'm not sure if people realize that he's probably filling his fridge for all winter. I know in Alaska groceries are much more expensive as well because that food has to be shipped far and in harsh conditions. It's just a much more rugged lifestyle.

  10. I currently live in the upper peninsula of Michigan, it’s pretty similar here, with long and intense winters (330” of snow here last winter). Opening day of deer season is all but a government holiday. Its anecdotal but I’ve lived in a ton of places with highly varied climates, and it definitely collectively seems like the more intense winters are, the more of a focus on harvesting and stockpiling has remained, even in the supermarket age where that’s maybe not as necessary for survival as it was in the past. It’s pretty engrained in any of the sportsman here exactly when the steelhead are running, when the smelt are running, when the splake are in the harbors, when the whitefish are shallow, and even beyond fish, the berry harvests are a pretty big deal too.

  11. right!? everybody over here clowning and meanwhile I am thinking this could work and I kinda want it

  12. It looks cool as hell, I honestly love it

  13. My uncle kept sheep in Missouri, had a large fenced field that was split into two sections so they could graze in one then open the very large central gate to herd them into the other, I’d help him steer the sheep into the other field. Consistently when doing so one or two sheep would always freak out and run and frantically try to crawl under the fence and get themselves stuck under the barbed wire literally like two feet away from the wide open gate.

  14. July 22. It isn't looking to promising the next week or so. I follow a Facebook group and they are great at predicting.

  15. We had really clear skies for that show in Copper Harbor, colored up and dancing to the naked eye around 11:30 pm

  16. I’m so annoyed by all these guitarists playing 3000$ Gibbons guitar. I want to see someone playing Squier Affinity on stage in front of 50 000 people just shredding on that piece of shit like there’s no tommorow.

  17. All kind of up to your tolerance. My girl and I start jumping in the big lake pretty much as soon as the ice is gone, usually by June or something we’re out in it for extended periods, by July we’re fully out swimming. It’s been a lot colder this year than last, I’d wager a lot of people still wouldn’t be out in it for long, but it’s just about there.

  18. The gates of heaven must be open

  19. Luckily only once! A mountain lion approached me in the darkness at my campsite in Big Bend NP and I was all alone. It’s still not fun in retrospect, but hey it makes a great story

  20. Wild, what campsite were you at? I worked down there three winters, only ever saw one once while driving home at dark.

  21. I clicked a lady was in the middle of posing barefoot in the walk, then someone texting her was guiding her down the sidewalk towards the webcam until she spotted it and posed for about 20 seconds with a doofy thumbs up while another family posed on the walk, entertaining minute

  22. Dammit, I live in the Northern UP, we’d stepped out for a bit after dark last night and I kinda for a moment thought I could see the lights but didn’t pay it much heed as it’s July, probably was them after all.

  23. I actually voted Rob and now I feel bad, I’m OOTL. What happened?

  24. I voted Rob cause I mixed him with Rob Scallon in my head. Actually know nothing about Chapman

  25. Think the other option would be buying hooks without barbs

  26. I’m gonna be honest here I don’t know if I’ve ever noticed them on the shelf in person, but I’ve never been looking for them. I kind of only know they exist because of some places that I’ve fished that have specific regulations, like some of the trout rivers I’d fish in South Carolina if it’s outside of harvesting season, catch and release only with barbless hooks. I want to say some Canadian lakes have similar regulations with Lake Trout fishing. I don’t know if places with such regulations if pinching the barbs down counts as barbless or they have to be hooks that never had a barb on it to begin with.

  27. Is that line supposed to refer to Phoebe? Sounds to me like she sings with a very american accent

  28. It’s from her song Motion Sickness, which I’d heard was about her relationship with Ryan Adams (correct me if I’m wrong). “Why do, you sing with an English accent? Guess it’s too late to change that now”

  29. Maybe someday. I've always wanted one, but the Taylor has kept me satisfied for now. After I do some mods on my cheap guitars that might be my next move.

  30. The Taylor’s a 2005 by the way. Can see the serial number.

  31. Thanks, man. Good to know. I guess I could have just looked it up, but laziness in the moment of posting kept me from doing so, lol.

  32. I can’t see the whole thing but the first 4 digits indicate the year.

  33. 773 202 (beep boop beep boop) LUNAAAAA

  34. Man you put that thumb to work

  35. I like that they removed the apostrophe altogether from Stags Leap, only furthering the confusion. Is this Stags’ or Stag’s? Neither, Stags.

  36. That’s cool, I’ve only ever owned two electric guitars and you’ve got two of them. I bought the Epi Les Paul silverburst in High School, then last year bought the dark night Tele.

  37. Yeah I had always wanted one in Seafoam or surf green, then when I went to buy one and saw that finish it was no question. Plays amazing

  38. Love the birds eye. Has it been finished already?

  39. It’s not Birdseye, some kind of bookmatched burl. Like to see it finished too, although not generally a fan of burl tops.

  40. I have the same Tele and it can be quiet bright, I actually use my tone knob a lot and don’t have issues with it. If I were you I would try to get your hands on another one in store and see if it’s the same.

  41. I have it too, I feel like there’s maybe ever so slight bit of dead travel where not much perceptible is happening, but not nothing that I’ve noticed or thought of until now. Definitely not anything that has ever bothered me about it, fantastic guitar

  42. A bit of dead travel would not be an issue. I have to roll back 75% to start notice a difference.

  43. Ah yeah seems like may be something a bit off with yours, I just pulled mine out and tested it for a while, honestly my memory was even off as far as travel, it’s pretty instantly noticeable, it starts making a difference as soon as I start rolling it.

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