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  1. "It's better to be pissed on, than pissed off." - R. Kelly, probably

  2. Also Sony Direct (playstation direct) has been selling them online all week around this time.

  3. Why doesn't he know you have PTSD? Not accusing you. Ask yourself that. Why haven't you felt comfortable telling him? There are reasons, and I 100% bet it has to do with the fact he triggers your PTSD more than you're letting on.

  4. Are seasons 2 and 3 worth watching?? I know they cancelled it after 3 so do they tie up season 3 nicely?

  5. Guy is severely underestimating all the unpaid and unrecognised labour, including emotional and social labour, women have been doing since the dawn of time.

  6. Dude really thinks Henry Thoreau or whatever his name was could have written anything he did without his momma coming into the woods to grab his dirty laundry to clean???

  7. Despite not feeling women were worthy enough to make money or bank at financial institutions with men, it didn’t stop men from taking credit for work women did or stealing inventions, solutions and ideas from the women who had them and deserved to be paid for them.

  8. Have you seen the Book of Queer yet? About the state of queer folk throughout history. It was really interesting!

  9. Thanks so much. Possibly a bison? The park owns a small herd "up river". I haven't been in this trail so I'm not sure how long the creek bed has been dried up.

  10. No it's definitely equine and not bovid. Cow and bison incisors are more flared out and taper off down towards the root. They also have a much thinner chewing surface unlike the much wider surface you see with equines (and this tooth).

  11. I believe “reality has a liberal bias” is the quote

  12. Yes, I still think that one from time to time. It is really odd to think how true it is, or is it odd that the right is always denying reality.

  13. I'm hoping to add this to my personal altar of weird and happy memories. I think it's just a tooth or a bone of some sort? Just making sure I didn't bring an alien phenomenon into my home. ☺️

  14. My three nephews always say, uncle is RICH! His house is huge. His car is so new. Makes me feel like shit bc I remember saying things like that when I was little. Only difference is now I see my brothers face when those things are said by my nephews. For the record, not rich. Just do not have three extra mouths to feed.

  15. The Druid symbol from world of Warcraft would be really cool ☺️😍

  16. It allows me to gently dig out the pieces of me I've numbed and compartmentalized away my entire life. I'm learning who I am because if it. Before that, it was my dissociating/coping tool while I was in an environment where I was stuck in survival mode. It is a beautiful plant, and I am grateful to have it in my life.

  17. OP, I think you should have an honest look at your relationship and hope it makes you feel. Do you think you deserve to be with a partner who prioritizes their pleasure over your safety? I hope the answer is no.

  18. Why is it your job/responsibility to give him a path to redemption? That's his responsibility LMAO. What a whiny loser

  19. One upvote and I send this to my dumb ex. I'm hopped up on pain pills anything sounds like a good idea.

  20. Do you need someone to talk to? I'm going through healing journey (C-PTSD here). I'm learning what peace is and how to find it too. If you're looking for resources I have found trauma TikTok to actually be very validating, once you start finding other people on the healing path.

  21. I love your controller face plate! I'm recovering from surgery too! Plan to sit back and start horizon Forbidden West later 😍

  22. I got the Omega a couple years ago and I really wish I got the Titan. It looks so much more comfy !

  23. Thank you! I think there’s been a lot of people upset with people like me recently, that date conservatives and then only after realize the problem. But I think you summed it up perfectly. Thanks for being so kind!

  24. It's super easy to lose nuance in Internet discourse. I learned a lot about people from dating my ex. He also helped me a lot with my self image.

  25. Sounds like he is too tired to be in a relationship.

  26. Hey hon. You are not responsible for him. In fact you telling him to have a plan B- girl, look at you. You know, deep down, this is his responsibility. Take your space and run with. I hope this tool my therapist has given me on the word boundary helps you as much as it helped me:

  27. You might like this, from a composer named Frank Wilhoit:

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