1. the Universe felt bad for fucking us over with all the injures etc and thats why there's now smth like a force field in front our goal that prevents anything from going in (i mean how do you explain misses like the Sorloth one in the Copa? 😂)

  2. The Araujo clearance off the line was some voodoo shit

  3. Now you know how we felt when Casemiro or Benzema would just randomly score at the 90th whenever we got excited you'd drop points.

  4. LOL as much as it's annoying to see you win 1-0 every week it makes me much happier that it at least isn't Real Madrid doing this shit every matchday. I remember like 5 games in a month where it seemed the score was 1-0 with a Ramos/Benzema penalty.

  5. We have literal nazis in our fanbase sadly, I think Atleti has most other clubs beat.

  6. De Paul too? I thought it was only Molina who is playing well.

  7. De Paul was very good in this game & gave a beautiful assist for Saúl's goal. Bizarre because usually he is horrible in our shirt lol

  8. Give him a new 9 year contract

  9. Nah, these disgraceful pieces of shit wait for their own players to do badly to do the same shit. Not as common as doing so to other club's players, but it happens too. But there's a reason why Madrid (and Barça) banned them but Atleti hasn't. Not blaming the average Atleti fan btw.

  10. The reason is that Jesús Gil Marín is most likely a fascist himself. I said this in another comment but we are owned/run by criminals who obtained the club illegally.

  11. Barca too. But Atletico doesn't have the balls

  12. Because Jesús Gil Marín is most likely a fascist, we are run by criminals who obtained the club illegally and will never do anything about the nazis in our fanbase.

  13. Even more so if this was in the 95th minute with score 1-1

  14. Although some won't accept it, this is not the ref's, our opponent's or luck's fault. No no no. What happened today is that the players showed they balls of steel and they showed they are Real Madrid. Like they did in the Champions League last year. Today, they showed they play for the biggest club in the world.

  15. Although some won't accept it, this is not the ref's, our opponent's or luck's fault. No no no. What happened today is that the players showed their terrorist genes and they showed they are Getafe. Like they did against Ajax. Today, they showed they play for the biggest terrorists in the world.

  16. As expected, what a fucking horrific performance and I fully expect us to be eliminated.

  17. Who are the three above him? Genuinely curious since I don’t watch La Liga. I assume Pedri and Gavi are 2/3.

  18. Probably Pedri, Gavi, and Balde

  19. Knew it was coming as soon as the kits were unveiled, no club will ever have a good season with kits that look this horrendous.

  20. the giant painted H? agree to disagree lol

  21. I can’t decide if the man is a fraud or it’s just the Tottenham job. Cursed.

  22. It’s 100% the Tottenham job, watch him go back to Italy and win another title.

  23. That's exactly where he was being played but sucked more than half of the time..

  24. People who don't watch our games usually instinctively refute this by claiming it's all Simeone's fault lol. Playing for Cholo must be amazing from a blame perspective, if you have a bad game everyone will blame Cholo instead of the player.

  25. Everytime anybody on here criticized him it was always "you dont watch our games hes actually been amazing just hasnt got the stats to show it yet" from your fans...

  26. Why does it have to be one or the other? Both can be true, he is amazing for a month and then horrific/injured for another month.

  27. Saying any equivalent of "what the fuck" out loud while watching Messi is a football rite of passage.

  28. Fucks sake, we are actually eliminated. Would rather have drawn pretty much any other primera team than fucking Levante.

  29. Ateli hasn't been the same since Trippier left and got replaced by Molina.

  30. My mind couldn't comprehend the Filipe Luis nutmeg watching it live, I assumed I had just hallucinated because in my mind a nutmeg from that angle was impossible.

  31. Why do people call him dumb ? Is it because he doesn’t give lectures at Ivy League colleges like Rashford ?

  32. Jack Grealish giving his insight on camels:

  33. Now I remember why people overhype their own academy players. Pablo Barrios is clearly the next Messi.

  34. Thank god he is playing in England now, idc how good Tchouameni is; Casemiro is irreplaceable.

  35. I swear to God 🤣. You must be on a wind up.

  36. Fucks sake, this is ridiculous and not even a debate, I’m just telling you what’s happening. I will lay this out as simply as I can so you can understand. Please try to read slowly and carefully.

  37. That actually clears it up.

  38. His off the ball work was terrible (possibly saving himself for WC) and his on the pitch attitude was childish, flapping around his arms while standing still and barely running.

  39. All of these holier than thou clubs were started, founded or at one point had a sugar daddy.

  40. idk why I jump into these arguments but the difference is that your owner bankrolls you while Barcelona gave us 120M in a lump sum several days before we bought Felix in installments...we wouldn't have been able to afford Felix otherwise.

  41. I dont understand this, it's not like Atletico have any emergency - they're out of Europe and very likely to make it to the CL

  42. It's more so that relying on Hermoso/Felipe may well cost us top 4 lol.

  43. i still dont see it, all your rivals are not doing great and they are still in Europe

  44. True, there's just always a risk of Felipe/Hermoso getting an extended run of games and single handedly costing us CL.

  45. LOL. I wish Atletico played every 4 years and the world cup was every weekend.

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