Baby's first steps

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I needed this today

  1. Impact’s Victory Road last night was awesome and I highly recommend checking it out.

  2. Well last year I went as Kane. Maybe this year I’ll finally pull off a Dana Brooke cosplay.

  3. Punk has ZERO problem telling others what to do. Telling Owens to wrestle in a singlet in ROH instead of a shirt, flipping out on Jericho and Edge for watching a hockey game instead of prepping before a match, and infamously declaring himself a locker room leader and being laughed out of the locker room for it for demanding others clean up after themselves. But he has MAJOR issues with being told what to do or taking suggestions from others. Like the time Undertaker suggested Punk dress a little better since he was the Champion and representing the company. Punk did not take that kindly, made a scene, and they stripped him of the title to humble him. Punk just is not a good communicater, has piss-poor people skills, and has the social skills of a sullen teenager working at McDonald's.

  4. It probably all boils from Punk's desperate desire to be seen as a locker room leader.

  5. The thing about leaders is that they lead. They don't talk about being leaders; they do the work instead.

  6. I thought that was Double J, E, Double F, J, A, Double R, E, Double T. Jeff Jarrett.

  7. How'd you forget the laugh inbetween?

  8. I'm not a fan of that quote either. I've had moments where I felt jubilant and the narcs just had to poke a hole in this good feeling.

  9. Credible evidence of politicians doing bad things knowing full well they're not going to face real consequences or be removed from office.

  10. Hotels were a lot different at those times. You could pay cash and not show id. They would make you put down a deposit and any person with the key could get the deposit back. Only guests using credit cards would be identifiable. Video surveillance was poor quality and usually only in the lobby and maybe elevator. Hotels today have video surveillance everywhere. They can tell when room doors are entered by card swipe and when the door is open in general.

  11. Hotel employees also receive training in how to identify trafficking now as opposed to when the documentary was made.

  12. Anyone else wonder why a baby taking his first steps has so much control over upper body movement but can’t make his legs work to have an equally groovy gait????? 🤔

  13. The brain develops from the base up but motor control develops from the top down. Little Dude likely has more control of his shoulders than his legs right now. But I'll bet he'll be doing the running man soon enough.

  14. And when they do cause those big crimes (assault, murder) it's often (not always, but very often) domestic violence victims retaliating against their abuser.

  15. I was listening to the podcast You're Wrong About. The episode was about Lorena Bobbitt and Michael Hobbs mentioned that when women commit crimes against partners, the result is usually harsher punishment not a re-examination of the partner's behavior.

  16. I once saw a video where a lady explained that "we know it's not all men, but we don't know which ones." And that really hit for me. I don't mean to, but I do have an "implicit" fear for men because I just never know who are the "safe" ones, if that makes sense.

  17. It makes perfect sense. The analogy about poisoned M&Ms is another good one: three M&Ms have been tampered with but we don't know which ones.

  18. I'm in the midst of reading Under the Dome and I'm glad I found this sub to rant about the people of Chester's Mill. This sub will be all we have should King leave this plane of existence.

  19. Out of all of Kings novels, Big and Jr. and their cronies are absolutely my most hated or at least on the top five. I remember both times I went through under the dome I got legitimately angry at the fictional bad guys. Lol like I would bitch about them to my wife like they were real people.

  20. I felt myself getting mad last night reading their antics. I guess it's because I've encountered a Big Jim type ho had no business having the title he had and he went around making trouble for no reason.

  21. One of the most enraging things about him was how he preached about god during his evil ass nonsense. Blech. Few things get under my skin more than idiots hiding behind the Bible to support their hateful agenda.

  22. I'm at the point where Barbie has been detained. I'm in disbelief because how can the town not see what Big Jim is doing? Barbie called out the hole in the plan and Rusty was the only one who caught it, besides Julia.

  23. Night Shift is really good. Nightmares and Dreamscapes is another collection worth checking out.

  24. The snarkiness that is The Miz has been captured perfectly in this pic.

  25. This is going to hit very hard. All three have excellent dramatic chops and I expect they won't be pulling any punches on how grim this goes.

  26. But what happens if you add Kurt Angle into the mix?

  27. A shockingly high number of people don’t even live together with their spouses before marriage. Like, that’s insane. You really should know if you’re even able to get along in the same household before you tie the knot.

  28. I think that might be changing. Women having their own homes and wanting to keep them and not be bound to a husband who refuses to clean up after themselves is but one reason.

  29. My Best Friend's Exorcism was so good. Ever since reading that book, I've picked up other works of his. Paperbacks from Hell is an awesome survey of pulp horror novels that might not be well known.

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