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  1. Nurgle. He loves his followers. Genuinely cares for them. Brings new life to every planet he touches. Delivers his blessings to everyone and everything. Papa Nurgle is the one you want.

  2. Its ok, theyll be begging for electricity when oil prices shoot thru the roof in about 40 years and becomes a luxury items.

  3. Park right tf behind them and make them come get you to move the car so you can tell them directly to stop parking in your spot. Be nice or dont your call.

  4. Ngl, i was half expecting a sheep or something to come tumbling along with the weeds 😅

  5. Does this mean if their boots get wet they squeeka-squeeka down the hallway when walking?

  6. Considering their size and weight with power armor, id say no. The pressure would squeeze out the moisture to the sides.

  7. The most cringe storyline is Morty chasing after Jessica in the first few seasons.

  8. Imo, take a couple hits and leave the rest for later. Depends on what im planning to do too though. Mow the lawn.... later. Paint my 40k models, definitely!

  9. This page is about defying the laws of natural life processess. Hubristic.

  10. I see. Do you think there shouldn't be any research into curing, say, Alzheimer's disease?

  11. There IS no cure for it. It is a GENETIC issue, which means without GENETIC MANIPULATION, i.e Eugenics (which is frowned upon), there is NO WAY TO STOP IT. What your research is doing is trying to find a way to reduce its symptoms. Which means it isnt a cure, it is symptom relief which are NOT the same. Same with just about any other diesease to plague humanity, they find symptom relief, a temp bandaid, so they can charge over, and over, over, profiting off your or your loved ones pain.

  12. Yeah it is. Death is normal, natural, and part of a cycle thats existed on this planet for 3 billion years.

  13. You do understand which subreddit you're on, don't you?

  14. Yes, and im here to slap yall down because yall obviously do not seem to recognize we are all mortal and will die. And if you think the average joe is going to recieve ANY of this makes you all even more dillusional. This sort of tech will ONLY benefit the rich and the wealthy. They DO NOT DESERVE THIS. WE do not deserve this, WE are supposed to pass away and make room for the next generations, NOT impose ourselves on the next gen for as long as possible.

  15. Morons. No one is going to foot the bill. Your fed taxes havent gone up or down since 2018. This does not change anything for you. To cancel the debt means they are erasing it. And even so, how the fuck dare any of you so called patriots wish cumbersome debts on your fellow countrymen. Stop being self centered extremists and wish for the betterment of ALL YOUR COUNTRYMEN. Morons.

  16. Typhus has never died. We're talking about the four chosen champions, Typhus, Khârn, Lucius, and Ahriman.

  17. It doesnt change what ive said. If the chaos gods willed it, if any of them died. The chaos god can choose to bring them back. And the lord of flies is an example, he has been sent back to the warp several times and brought back. So why would any of them be exempt?

  18. I was given the impression after reading your comment that you were talking about chaos champions and chosen in general, and had misconceived the question. What you were actually trying to say now rings clear. Try outlining you're main point before giving examples, I and others have mistaken your examples for the main point, and misinterpreted how you then said "champions" in the following context.

  19. Yeah, i have ADHD lol, me explaining anything tends to run awry lol

  20. I Know it's not soap. But I'm always worried it is. That's the fear.

  21. One of those irrational fears i hear about? Just trying to understand the concept on your fear here.

  22. Im sorry.. what's the fear? The bubbles in boiling water do not act the same as bubbles from soap.

  23. I don't need to look at images, since i already know this is the 9M22S 122mm incendiary rockets, using the 9N210 warhead. This isn't illu rounds, they're incendiaries.

  24. At least you confirm they are using incediaries against people, that is a warcrime. And the point of this. WP or not, they are using incendiary against people.

  25. International law doesn't work like you think it does. There's nothing illegal about using incendiaries against people, there are some international treaties that do forbid it, but that's entirely voluntary without enforcement. These specifically talk about air-delivered munitions, IE Vietnam style napalm attacks, not artillery or rocket artillery.

  26. It is a violation of the geneva convention. Which makes it illegal in war. Simply because russia pulled out of it in 2019, doesnt make the geneva go away. It is illegal to use it against civilians. Which also includes military targets within a civilian dense area.

  27. I dunno, for them to go all the way to your back yard and use that slug for insperation seems pretty high effort to me.

  28. So when you say gay, youre not inferring sexual orientation, so it CAN be done. But, no, to answer your question, think ya might alone there? I find high sex to be the best sex. Right next to buzzed sex. Then "regular" sex.

  29. Climate change IS cyclical. That isnt the issue. Its the RATE in which this change is happening thats worriesome. The RATE in which the planet will heal will take tens or hundreds of thousands of years (if/when we hit that tipping point) in which humans most likely will not survive. We trashed this planet in less than 300 years. 1760 industrial revolution to now. We are making thousands of species go extinct, collapsing food chains and habitats. And again, at this current rate more species are dying than those evolving to survive.

  30. Its your first time and you what... expected to have the outcome of someone whose been doing it for years??

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