1. Nah, only some of them are grasping at straws. Even bigger ones (critical drinker for example) liked this episode

  2. I'm watching his review now and he is literally saying "I don't like the show" so far, lol. He seems to talk on both sides of his mouth so everybody will hear what they want and ignore the rest.

  3. I've never heard of any millennial/GenX/GenZ getting repulsed by a gay kiss of the opposite sex. I'm sure it happens but I'm just... skeptical.

  4. It easily could be a coincidence or a reference but Rian Johnson didn't write attack of the clones, so I lean toward coincidence.

  5. 42% of critics and most of the positive reviews aren't glowing.

  6. General opinion favors the negative; that may include the so-called shills.

  7. There is some pretty awful shit that has 40% positive on rotten tomatoes though. It's really rare for stuff to be universally panned.

  8. The report from the most legitimate sources said it was Tampa Bay or retirement. It was nothing personal. He knows Bill and the Patriots are moving on and not in a situation that makes complete sense for Brady to come back.

  9. You don't think Bill Belichick of all people has meticulously planned what to do in the event of nuclear winter?

  10. Watch Episode 2 then Episode 5 and 6

  11. Some of them are just plain boring and a waste of time haha

  12. Do these people watch TV shows and just take score how each gender is shown as being better than another character of the opposite gender? Who watches TV like this?

  13. Knowing now that 2019 was Tom's last year with us, I'm much happier we spent the year trying to get the wide receiver position right than just sitting on our hands trying to make the most out of nothing. The end result was still the same, but at least we can say we tried as hard as we reasonably could.

  14. At one point in 2019, we had Josh Gordon, Antonio Brown, Demaryius Thomas, Julian Edelman, Jakobi Meyers, Phillip Dorsett, and also N'Keal Harry. Then they got Sanu when the WR roster thinned out. I get annoyed when people say Bill shafted Tom in 2019, lol.

  15. If he played every snap on offense, it would have shattered all records.

  16. Wait a second. The show is NINE episodes?? Not ten??!!

  17. They filmed the 1st episode as two but HBO said they weren't hooked after Episode 1 so they combined them into 1 episode.

  18. Jeremy Griggs from Geeks and Gamers was trashing it a couple days ago over having gay characters.

  19. I couldn't sit thru his whole video on it but the part I saw, he pretty much said "It was good but you need to understand the motives for writing this into the story. These people have an agenda and they are pushing it down our throats!" He used vague language so it can dog whistle all the homophobes and Anti-SJWs that love him.

  20. Tony Gilroy's publicist sent him their episode reaction videos and he was so impressed by how much they love and understand the show that when he was asked by his publicist, "well would go on their show?", he's like "fuck yea". Thought this was wholesome and you guys would appreciate this

  21. You have to look at the audience score vs the critic score on Rotten Tomatoes: 94% - 39%. Sometimes the critics are wrong.

  22. The truth is somewhere in the middle considering the episodes I saw. I watched half the season and I was losing interest. But I plan to finish it.

  23. Only rivalled by Paramount+ for the old guy crowd. P+ comes hard with Yellowstone spin-offs, Stallone in Tulsa King, Trek, Mayor of Kingstown, and an impending Kiefer Sutherland show that looks like a 24 ripoff!

  24. Imo this kinda lets Brady off the hook a bit on those throws to Gronk and Branch., The Gronk pass wasn't just intercepted because Gronk was hobbled, but because Gronk had to slow down for the ball. If Brady puts a couple more yards on it, Blackburn has no chance, though a healthy Gronk might have adjusted better,or made up for it by making plays at other points in the game. On the Branch throw, Branch had significant separation and Brady put it behind him, allowing the defender to catch up. Which just adds to how frustrating the game was.

  25. Yeah it’s complicated since I think he was the best QB in 2010 and 2012, so he was def playing championship level football, but I think he also didn’t quite have the “answers to the test”, which pretty much nobody had at that point.

  26. This is actually exactly how some cable companies handled (handle?) accessing their streaming cable and cloud dvr services.

  27. I tried sharing my Mom's spectrum cable log-in, she lives alone 30 mins away, (I had previously done this at varying degrees of success with Verizon Fios) and because I also had Spectrum internet, it would not let me login to another account no matter what I did.

  28. The funny part is that Brady and the Pats had already gone on an even more insane win streak that included a superbowl win. From Oct. 5, 2003 to Oct. 31, 2004 they won 21 straight games, including Superbowl 38, but it is talked about less than 18-1 because they didn't go undefeated for a full calendar-season.

  29. I'd love to see a comparison to the strength of schedule of those 21 games and the 18 games they won in the 18-1 season.

  30. You know, I don't really partake in the fandom and I mostly just talk on Discord with friends about it, but man I didn't realize Rick and Morty was so hated and "terrible" now on Reddit. Yeah, its had some weak episodes, no doubt, but I don't think its a bad show.

  31. I barely watch the show but everything I see from it is pretty damn funny most of the time.

  32. I have no opinion on the LOTR series order because I haven't seen The Hobbit movies.

  33. Omg this is hilarious. I mean Brissett finished top 10 in QBR (ahead of Lamar even) …

  34. Brissett would have been a tremendous alternative. Awful choice.

  35. They could have given it to Matt Ryan as a life-time achievement award or something...

  36. I'd enjoy political intrigue with Force mystique and lightsaberin' fascists.

  37. Yeah, I don't think anyone should assume that we can't have both in the same show. It does not mean we need to but I don't think Andor or a show like it would be worse with a Jedi in it.

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