1. Filipinos have a long history with US culture and US nursing. Nursing in the US was largely advertised to Filipinos in the Philippines as a way to emigrate to the states. Nobody in the US wanted to do this job. Over time the Filipino diaspora came to realize that nursing while not paying the best everywhere, is a very stable job and in-demand working class job. There’s much more too it though that Filipinos can expand on. Filipinos in CA nursing have a huge presence, almost 20% of all CA nurses are Filipino. Jo Koy has the funniest “Filipino nurse” sketch of all time.

  2. Mormon missionaries for the most part are just kids trying teach people what they were taught. Again, for the most part, they are very sincere in their belief and just want to do what they feel is right.

  3. These comments really make me feel sorry for the times my family didn’t answer our door when missionaries knocked. Growing up, we had quite a few missionaries in our area, and I never realized how young they are. Usually right out of high school I believe. Next time they come, I’ll definitely invite them in and give them some good food and let them sit for a bit.

  4. The 4th of July should be a day we all come together as Americans and celebrate the things we have in common rather than use it to further divide.

  5. Amen!! I hope Americans will celebrate Independence Day and take the time to reflect on how much we have to be grateful for.

  6. Business casual is so hard! I steer away from button up shirts because the stretch is so bad! You can see my bra in between buttons!

  7. Thank you for this! I personally don’t want to become a nurse though I know my mother will try to get me into something similar to this most likely in my junior or senior year of college. I appreciate the advice especially since it was similar to what another person stated. I don’t necessarily desire financial stability but I would want to land a job that doesn’t make me petrified that I will never be able to pay off my debt. I suppose the better question would’ve been if my career path offers salaries that make it possible to pay off a debt that large. Regardless, thank you so much for your comment

  8. Are the loans mostly federal loans? If so, you could look into working for Student Loan Forgiveness. Non-profit work or teaching in a low income area are jobs that would qualify you for loan forgiveness.

  9. I am so impressed with this concept! I'm curious how long it takes to reach the bystander.

  10. I felt like a pro last night. Working on a BMT floor as a float traveller. I drew AM labs and sent them down. They resulted and the APP ordered a unit of plasma. That got me thinking, why are we ordering plasma on this patient as I personally couldn't see a clear indication. Paged the APP in the middle of the night and she called me and thanked me for keeping such a thorough eye on my patients orders. She cancelled the plasma and said she meant to order PRBCs. I felt like a boss.

  11. Question. This summer I’ll be a new RN (geriatrics) and have a big interest in travel nursing.

  12. Have you looked into floating within your hospital? That might give you an opportunity to explore and get comfortable with various units before you start traveling. Also, some hospitals will offer bonuses if you sign up to be in the float pool as opposed to staying on your home unit.

  13. Hey just a quick English tip, friend: instead of saying "how much it's painful" or "how much it's hard" you can just say "how painful it is" or "how hard it is". Hope I'm not overstepping by offering some help! English is difficult, you're awesome for learning it!

  14. Another tip is to say “we are all alone.” Since alone is an adjective, you don’t need to say alones and alones isn’t a word. It’s kinda like saying the “ducks are all yellows” which should be written as, “the ducks are all yellow.”

  15. Yeah I can definitely see why people would have objections to it, for me personally it’s just something I normally wouldn’t consider but it’s just that I realized that I felt like I liked her on a more like “I could see myself dating you and I would wanna get to know you more” more than just a random drunk hook up.

  16. I think that having an honest conversation with her about this would be the best route. You could tell her what you said right here about wanting to get to know her better. Ultimately, I think that she would break it off if she felt uncomfortable or if others around her told her the age difference was too large. Maybe her mentioning it was a sign that she was a little unsure or wanted to be upfront with you in case it made you uncomfortable.

  17. How does one take good care of their kidneys? Or not damage them at least?

  18. Just add water pancake mix! Or boxed pasta with cheap Parmesan cheese in a shaker.

  19. Not the same thing, but I’ll give you one of my most embarrassing interview stories in hopes that it makes you laugh.

  20. Very thought prolong survey and easy to understand questions! Great job guys!

  21. Not worth the cost in my opinion. You could get a different job that paid similarly without spending all that time and money. You’ll learn enough about blood draws in nursing school. I’ve never heard of anyone doing this. Definitely see where you’re coming from and it’s great to make money during school but you’d be throwing money away for certification and losing so much time you could be working at a different job by going to school for phlebotomy.

  22. Yeah gimme 10 year old OR scrubs. They’re the most comfortable thing you could ever wear.

  23. Have you been able to find scrubs that fit like OR scrubs?? I’m still looking haha

  24. Get some cookies or something else you think they might like and go introduce yourself. :)

  25. Exactly! You could be in there laughing with them! Might as well give it a shot!

  26. "ma'am/sir I am sorry you feel like this but I will not allow you to speak like this to me. Please call back/I will return when you feel ready".

  27. I got ones on Amazon that have a plastic bar instead of a zip feature. I’ve had them for three years and one of the plastic pieces broke. You just have two pieces to keep track of too. They’ve lasted well and I’ve never had any problems with them leaking! I’d buy them again to save the money!

  28. Reminds me of a Patagonia jacket! Looks so comfortable and well done!

  29. im93 says:

    Interestingly squirrels don’t bury acorns to store them. They actually bury them to soften their shells so they can get to the nut inside.

  30. Yeah my girlfriend told me it was a good sign for her that I have several close female friends. I tend to look at women as potential friends first and don't jettison them if one or both of us isn't interested, so I end up with a lot of friends.

  31. Amen to this!! Guys, take note of this! Being a girl’s friend means you’re good at talking to girls and there for them when they are having a hard day. I saw this is my now bf and it was a big green flag!

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