1. Don’t take it without ecgc or you’re creating serotonin in the wrong places. Causes cardiac problems

  2. I’ve never heard that and couldn’t find any relevant information by Googling - do you have any links you could share?

  3. For me it brings up the deepest terror that I won’t survive. Which is super uncomfortable and very helpful 😁

  4. Isn’t it also hallucinogenic or is that yopo? I get the 2 confused

  5. As a graduate student studying to become a therapist, this is exactly it. The science has demonstrated time and time again that therapeutic technique is firmly secondary to the therapeutic relationship itself. The connection is where it’s at.

  6. In my experience this may be true of the different talking therapies. But when it comes to trauma-specific therapy I find it not applicable. EMDR, brain spotting, and somatic experiencing have given me tools that were much less dependent on the relationship, in instances where the relationship itself simply wasn’t getting to the core of the issues.

  7. Yes. Quit looking at it. Pretend it's giving you cancer.

  8. I found this process from Rick Hanson to be helpful for me with other addictive behaviours.

  9. Happy cake Day cake day happy happy cake day and have a prize for giving a great answer my friend.

  10. Following. I’d be interested in knowing too. Though I suspect no one will publicly post about it since it’s illegal!

  11. I’m a survivor and it seems much better to me that sex offenders are getting support than not getting support. I don’t know any statistics about it but I would imagine people getting support are less likely to offend and less likely to suffer. And both of those things seem good to me. There’s too much suffering in the world already.

  12. I believe it’s a scientology place. Which makes it even scarier than psychiatry 😳

  13. This is a little aside from the main point of your comment, but could you give some more detail into how PE has helped with your depression? I’ve been microdosing it for 2 months now and unfortunately I haven’t really noticed any difference in my depression, motivation, energy or general sense of despair. I’d definitely be interested in hearing more about your experience, since it’s so different from mine!

  14. I have tried microdosing a few different types over the years, on different dosing schedules, and .1g Penis Envy taken 5 out of 7 days is the first that has really helped lift my mood. I say that not because that type or dosing regime will necessarily work for you - but to say that experimenting with those things is what worked for me in the end.

  15. My own reactivations were not so severe that I couldn’t have pulled over to the side of the road if I’d been driving. Your mileage may vary 😊

  16. I’ve done a tobacco purge. I vomited for five or six hours. It was super unpleasant - all the pain and none of the fun of psychedelic purges lol. I then went straight into an ayahuasca retreat. I don’t really know if it affected my retreat. But I didn’t die!

  17. I would be willing to believe I just didn’t feel anything if any of the other 10 participants had any type of reactions. I spoke to 6 of the other participants who said the same thing, no experience, no trips, no ego death. I’m just extremely disappointed after spending $500 bucks for an extremely lackluster experience. I’m familiar with the realm of dmt and dmt and maois, it was not even close to feeling anything like that.

  18. Without commenting on the quality of your ceremony, I will say I’ve sat 80 or 90 times and very rarely experienced something I’d call an ego death. I’ve had profound healings, that just wasn’t part of it. If you sit again, I’d encourage you to let go of any expectations of what might happen. If the brew is good and the guides are genuine, I find I always get what I need, rarely in the form I imagine it will come.

  19. Thank you for the advice. I want to say I tried my best to not have any expectations. Without the novelty aspect of it being a psychedelic, should I have experienced any type of that sort of headspace?

  20. There’s really no should, in my experience. I’ve had very powerful nights where almost nothing happened, and I was confronted with my own expectations and my desire for fireworks and drama - my resistance to accepting whatever moment appears. And at the time that was exactly what I needed. But most of my ceremonies have been very, for lack of a better word, psychedelic.

  21. You get C-PTSD from prolonged trauma. It changes your attitude and stance towards the world in ways that are extremely difficult to undo. Depression, though, doesn't have to be tied to trauma.

  22. I know you aren't asking. Nevertheless, I'll like to share something with you.

  23. Credit goes to my teacher Gangaji. She said that once, and I loved it, so I borrowed her wisdom 😍

  24. I definitely get what you’re saying, and agree with the other commenters about boundaries etc.

  25. The best way to find out is ask a Pharmacist if it has a bad reaction with MAOI inhibitors, or you can google the half life to know how long to be clean to be safe, just remember to times the half life by 4.

  26. Thanks. There are heaps of drugs on the contra list that are fine with maois so I figured there must be some other interaction….

  27. Yes that would be ideal to stop one or two nights before, i was just pointing out that if you were going to take it with or sometime after the Aya (like up to 10 hours from consumption) that the dosage could/would be potentiated by the CYP2D6 and CYP1A2 inhibition of the Harmalas, so the dosage would need to be cut in half, however if you're not taking it the day of, you'll be just fine.

  28. Ok thanks - I definitely wouldn’t take it at all the days I’m sitting with the medicine - I’d be doing it so I can sleep in the days leading up to the ceremony. Really appreciate the advice.

  29. I flew last Saturday morning and it was dead quiet. No line at security, I went straight through

  30. I'd leave it to the last possible moment, and make sure to pre-load with half a dozen beers before getting on the flight

  31. don’t have any sources to offer, but one of the only legitimate scientific considerations when it comes to the pre-diet is the interaction of tryamine with the maoi in the caapi vine. although, on an antidotal note, even this doesn’t seem to be something taken seriously or noticed by the members of the church i frequent.

  32. I used to take an MAOI antidepressant, and found the dietary restrictions to be dramatically overstated. I’ve eaten foods with tyramine on both the antidepressant and ayahuasca and never had any problem. Your mileage may vary :)

  33. What do you mean when you say you can’t throw up? Like will it potentially cause you physical damage if your body tries to throw up?

  34. As others have said, there are many ways to purge other than vomiting. I’ve sat 80 or 90 times. The first 50 or so, I’d vomit every four or five ceremonies; now I rarely do. And I stopped feeling nausea regularly after around the 10th ceremony - even when I do throw up.

  35. ‘Genocide of LGBT people’ That was a brilliant line, haha. I don’t have anything against LGBT groups, but I probably have more problem with how selfish and unappreciative they can be. No matter how mainstream their movement is and no matter how much rights they now enjoy, they always give you the impression like they are the most prosecuted minority in humanity. When in fact, at least in the west, being LGBT these days ensures that you have much better chance of moving through your career.

  36. In the USA, 50 percent of LGBTQ teens (ages 13–17) seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year. And 18 percent actually made a suicide attempt. That’s more than twice the rate of suicide attempts among all US teens, which is 9 percent.

  37. I have I’ve never heard of it, I’ll check it out Thank you

  38. It’s particularly good for addictions. It’s very intense, long, and can be dangerous, so super important to have skilled practitioners. But apparently it is amazing for healing drug addictions. Like a brain reset.

  39. Sounds like an adventure One I’ll have to my research on

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