People vs Flores - Day 29

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  1. He will be found guilty!!!! All the evidence points to him - piece by piece the puzzle comes together.

  2. Exactly what I thought. She likely Asphyxiated, he panicked and couldn’t explain why she would be in his dorm versus just a house party bathroom. So he let her die and covered it up with the help of his father. Prior to Kristyn and post Kristyn his MO never really changed. He kept doing the same exact things.

  3. I think she either choked in her vomit from the drugs or Kristin actually fought back (bc of his black eye) and he choked her to death! Bc she was trying to get away and she was a strong girl and would have told on him. Either way this is bullll he has been out of jail for .26 years bc it really is a slam dunk case especially from the beginning - body or no body I doubt he will get off!!!! Too many pieces of the puzzle

  4. I want to know how they get their money. It’s crazy they can pay for that and their lawyers.

  5. Prob remortgaged the house since Cali real estate is bonkers right now! My guess is they built it for 150-200k and it’s worth 800-1mill

  6. Did he do a computer animation of how your nose is going to look like?

  7. Don’t worry about computer animation! Doctors have a style and you can tell his style! If you enjoy that look then pick him if not you want to find a doctor who’s look you like!!! Morphs are kinda a waste imo

  8. Lip filler, eyebrows, nose job, and now she’s orange but that’s about it.

  9. I have had a nose job so I can spot them! I don’t see it either!!! Also for a doctor to operate when she already has such a nice nose - so much could go wrong! I think she just had a ton of fillers lips and the brows

  10. You went to Turkey, what did you expect? All the noses are super upturned and look like yours!

  11. I went to Richard zoumalan!! He’s in la but so many good doctors in nyc!

  12. No! You will need the bone broken. Why are you not wanting bones broken? Go to a skilled surgeon who you like the style of noses and trust the process!!!

  13. Thanks and to top it off no bowel movement in 3-4 days🤣

  14. I didn’t go to the bathroom for 7 days… had to use an enema!!! Shot that thing up my butt and it was like a cruise ship coming out!!! I felt so much better after so I highly recommend

  15. You are still early! Looks like you had a very challenging nose to begin with. Who was your surgeon? Swelling will change a lot!! Give it time

  16. I’m not feeling super enthusiastic but maybe I’ve lost perspective and gotten too in my head? I’d love another opinion! I know there is still be swelling but I’m worried things seem to be getting worse rather than better.

  17. Do you hAve more photos and more before//after? I would say it does look like a pollybeak :/

  18. A morph is just a morph it honestly means nothing!! It’s always best to look at your surgeons noses and see how they look bc you will get something similar to what his style is. It’s still early! Maybe a video would help. Try some steroid shots? It could def be a Polly beak and maybe not?

  19. You have thin skin and honestly it’s too soon to tell! Your nose will change a lot up to 2 years! Especially with a revision

  20. Erwin, shangri la or elephante - I said I wanted a drink only and got into elephant r without waiting in line or reservation

  21. Dr asaria imo is the best in Toronto! A lot can change in 9-12 months so please come back and update then! 9 days is not a good estimate of a good/bad nose job

  22. Do you really want someone who does boobs for a living to touch your face? I know my doctor zoumalan does noses and he had dr Daniel Barrett do the boob job on these sister patients he had (2 sisters basically got noses by him and boobs by doctor Barrett). I think they did it at the same time - please find a nose doctor for your nose and boob doctor for your boobs

  23. I’m going to try it without a car. I WFH, so we’ll see if I can make it work with biking, walking, transit, and ride share.

  24. Damn girl it looks great!! Do you have any before pictures to compare it and who was your doctor?

  25. I would even suggest the surf liner or if there is any metro line that goes to Oxnard and going to the outlets there… might be more productive plus better view and not 110°

  26. Just get it online!!! Saves the stress of going in person and having it on your record!

  27. I found a one bedroom for 1500/month on ocean park. Don’t get discouraged!

  28. For others wondering I did OarRX and had a 180 day script three days later

  29. I did oar rx and also had the script within a few days!!! Do it you won’t regret it! Easiest thing ever

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