1. Before I even read your name list I thought Sammy. He’s adorable!

  2. My theory is they make up the labels and never slap them on a box in the first place.

  3. I got mine today too. Same thing. I don’t use highlighter much, but I think it was definitely worth the points!

  4. I don't ever but the pink in that palette is my favorite everyday eyeshadow.

  5. Also I agree, the people who got on later have had HORRIBLE choices. I hate that for them. I’d be SUPER pissed if Ipsy offered refreshment items to me in my GBP.

  6. I got on at 7 EST and had two refreshments in category 1. 😂

  7. Sorry if this was covered already but what happens with Ipsy points?

  8. I'm not sure if this is a spoiler but I searched February and it showed the correct products. I haven't seen this oil in a box yet. Perhaps these will be in the box next month?

  9. Ugh. They did not use their brains when deciding to pack that way.

  10. They told me they didn’t have any left so they’re going to send a full sized mystery item 😂

  11. Oh no lol. Fingers crossed your mystery item is not garbage.


  13. The item beauty brow pencil, I think it’s called brow chow or something. I love it.

  14. My glambag shipped the 15th. I finally got them to agree to send another after a week of back and forth, but they said I’d get a link to track it once it’s coming and I still haven’t any tracking info. They did refund for all of the Add-ons, though. Good luck, it’s such a pain!!

  15. At this point I just want a refund. I didn’t cancel for January so I already have another bag coming, but there’s no way for me to get the items I actually wanted last month. I even sent out four referrals this month. It’s a shame they can’t just do things right.

  16. I got a super tiny Polaar moisturizer sample from them recently! Maybe it’s that.

  17. Ooojhj I got one of those in a glam bag and loved it!

  18. It was new to me but a pleasant surprise! Can’t wait to hear what yours ends up being :)

  19. They stopped replying to me after I said similar about my glam bag base and add ons that I haven’t gotten. It’s insane. I guess I’ll have to talk to my cc company at this point.

  20. Start another you never had one before? They will know if they look into it but you may talk to someone who gives an darn about paying customers

  21. I did that this morning. And all I got back was a “reply” from someone combining my previous email but nothing written from a customer service rep at all. I’m astonished.

  22. Update: I wrote to the bot and asked for reimbursement in full including cost of add ons or I’m quitting ipsy.

  23. Let me know what happens please! Going through something similar and after some back and forth they stopped replying altogether. I’m so frustrated.

  24. Last month, I signed my daughters account up for GBP on the second and she was able to pick her choices on the third around noon. I don’t know if it let her because she already had an open account with Gb, or if anyone could do that. Just sharing my experience :)

  25. Hi! I just wanted to say you’re absolutely NOT a failure. Your medical team didn’t listen to you, but that’s nothing you did wrong. I know it’s easier said than done, but please give yourself some grace and see how amazing you’ve done. Sending you healing vibes and hoping that next time goes the way you want it to! Is there any chance you can find a local CNM or a different ob who will make your wants and needs a priority? Best of luck, and congrats on your little one.

  26. I will file a police report, boxy was nice and immediately sent out a replacement.

  27. I threatened to charge back with my credit card company and they haven’t replied yet. I’ve gotten the rudest CS people, too. They talk to me like I have no idea how shipping works. The first time even after I said I spoke to DHL, they told me I should contact DHL. Like…damn, read what I said. They’re ridiculous.

  28. Same situation here with my GB and add-ons. I actually talked to DHL and they said it appears lost and to contact Ipsy. I did that and they flat out refused a refund or to resend anything, it’s been a back and forth since earlier this week. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  29. Noooo it should be gritty. That looks like slime. Definitely email CS.

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