1. How do you know you were promo banned on DK?

  2. when you see everyone talking about a sick promo and you don't have it

  3. Update on my DK VIP experince.

  4. My rep dylan said he couldn't offer shit and that the marketing department controlled promos

  5. You need to reply to that certain comment, not make a new one

  6. Doubt it. Last-gen CPU launches were very successful and stock was plentiful the entire time since then.

  7. Trying to get a 5600x was a PIA for me. Restocks at the big retailers were selling out within a minute. Although I was able to get one pretty soon after launch using a stock alert app.

  8. The boonies of TN so my options were pretty much limited to online retailers

  9. I’d say that is worth it. Wouldn’t be very costly after selling the 2600x

  10. Just found out I got the ban/limit hammer today. I swear promos stopped when djokovic won that last major

  11. Yeah but also fuck the books and everyone is going to get limited anyway

  12. especially kambi books, you're gonna be limited to peanuts soon enough anyway

  13. Honestly they should cash it because he technically knocked him out of the match

  14. Its not that KD left. It’s that he joined a team that just went 73-9 and eliminated him in the playoffs

  15. As most of us are, I'm limited basically everywhere so looking at Reds ML +230 which will give me a 64% conversion with Circa (Braves -257).

  16. Im the same boat, so I had mine split up into $100 FBs by emailing support

  17. I just asked if it could be split into $100 denominations. I should have added that they did say they would contact my VIP and get back to me. So idk maybe you need to be vip or I just got lucky

  18. Is there any way to churn this DK bet & get without Fanduel? Been lookin and seems like every hedge requires FD. Doesn't help either that Caesar's odds in TN are fucked too. Been lookin for No run innings/ Over 0.5 and can't find anything decent.

  19. I did the ML & o1.5 runs for a favorite and used action24/7 for my ML hedge, and then for safety did 1-0 correct score on bovada (I got heavy limits on most books as well). cost about $150 for the $1000 fb. I would also check wynn and superbook if you go this route since their mainlines are sharp. I don't think the inning o&u is very viable if you are pretty limited

  20. Hmm I'll have to check out Bovada, what odds did you get on the 1-0 correct score?And I was gonna use Wynn if I went the ML route.

  21. +4000, not the best but I chickened out and didn't want to risk it

  22. If you’re in TN, our odds are getting botched. Looks to have started with MLB odds and probably trickling to other sports

  23. Did anybody with a yearly OB subscription get a prorated refund after the buyout? Kind of seems like they just ran off with my money after fulfilling like 2 of the 12 months I paid for. Have been out of the loop for like 2 months so sorry if this got answered in another daily thread a while ago.

  24. That’s the way chargebacks work. Then after their investigation if they decide otherwise they will charge you again.

  25. I should have said refunded. It never even got investigated by Citi, just a straight refund. I understand what you said though, this was an outlier.

  26. Realized I placed a live bet on the opposite side of my pre-game bet. Should I be expecting to get the limit hammer, or if it’s a one off should I be fine?

  27. What states has it worked for you? They took it back in every state I’ve tried so far

  28. I don't remember exactly, but it has only worked in 1 or 2 states out of maybe 6. Pretty sure Virginia was atleast 1 of them that worked

  29. Anyone else still limited to $5 for the FD 2+ hits boost? Game starts in 40 min.

  30. How do I get over the fear of taking my daily driver? I've got a 2017 mustang gt

  31. The Novice group is very easy going. I’d say at least half of the group seems to just be out for a Sunday drive for fun. It’s easy to drive at your own pace and work your way up especially if you get to chase after some of the faster drivers. I’ve only been a handful of times but it’s so damn fun, and I’ll be going intermediate next time as the traffic/pace in Novice was becoming a problem for me

  32. Its a 2014 ford focus se hatchback. Carvana is selling the exact same thing for $16k, i only want about $6.5k

  33. Use caravana if that’s the case. I think it’s pretty quick and painless

  34. I have a call with new VIP rep DraftKings today what do I say to get best bonuses

  35. I don't think they even control it. I kept asking my dude for promos and he said that the marketing department handles that and he can't do anything. Dylan, you have been useless

  36. Hello redditors, could someone share with me the best way to playthrough the $1000 casino deposit match in Pennsylvania? What are the best games to play, how much can I reasonably expect to profit on a $1000 match, and lastly, about how long will the playthrough take? Thanks in advance

  37. There is a casino promo thread a little further down in this sub

  38. I got this last time it was this price. No regrets, she’s gorgeous. I think mine does have the scan line issue but it’s not noticeable in my normal use

  39. Yes. $100 in free bets on the boost including Cowboy (UFC). Boost was voided, and they will not give me back the 4 $25 free bets. Such a fucking sham. Can not even get in touch with customer support anymore just says I am next in the queue and never connects me to someone.

  40. Try calling. I think those are normal people not the disability group

  41. DK SGP Leaderboard just updated. 100th place is at 800 points.

  42. Where is the leaderboard located, I can't seem to find it

  43. Click promos. Click the SGP promo. Click opt in and it will take you to a page that shows the leaderboard and your points.

  44. My man. I'm an idiot and didn't know it was an opt-in... rip

  45. The 35 day trial is a joke anyway because I already paid a month of OddsBoom to July 9. Would have been fine if the site was up for four weeks like they promised, but now I need to hope that the site that just fucking lied to me about keeping up OddsBoom isn't going to lie about charging my credit card for 35 days?

  46. I’m charging back my most recent charge. Fuck that guy

  47. For TN folks, Action 24/7 has no juice on MLB til 1pm EST

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