1. I'm not sure I see this here, but this being in the UK, 22.9 UK MPG is 19.07 US MPG. Blame the Brits for making their gallon bigger.

  2. You can get the 2.0T in the accord for about the same price. Blows my mind acura put the 1.5T in this car. Much better ways to spend $37,000.

  3. Can't get a manual in the Accord (anymore). And the 2.0t manual was pretty non existent anyway.

  4. Awesome! May I ask when you first changed your transmission oil and spark plugs? I am at 49k miles on my 2017 and I think I am supposed to start considering changing some of these things at 50k miles. Any suggestions? I hope to get my car out to 200k plus, give it to me kid for his first car in 10 years lol.

  5. I'd suggest changing the transmission oil every 30k or so. I did mine first at 60k then at 90k and was surprised at how much difference it made.

  6. Is that an easy DIY job? I’m at 70k and noticed the shifting getting a little…clunky. Wondering if a simple trans fluid flush would be enough to get it feeling crisp again

  7. That's what I noticed, much crisper afterwards and not sure, I had the dealer do it during an oil change, so it's probably not too hard. They might have sucked the old fluid out though.

  8. However pro tip, you can walk up to the bar and order a drink. Makes the "family mall trips" much more fun.

  9. Add 200 lbs of 1” plate to a table rated for ~60 lbs. seems sound 😂….. well at least you will get some good practice with welding/repairing busted tables 😉

  10. Man I feel like people haven't looked at what plate costs these days either. Like they all built or found a table 20 years ago and just think that's how it still is.

  11. I looked online and couldn’t find this kit for sale. Anyone got a link?

  12. Searching the item number 58957 doesn't bring anything up either.

  13. I’ve thought about this on my garage. Similar situation, three car detached (his looks detached judging from the attic), and it gets hotter in the garage than ambient temperatures.

  14. I'm in the same boat but the roof is already getting on 20yo and I don't exactly want to also pay to replace it at the same time as panels.

  15. Garage joists are usually not sized for storing anything heavy, and you can get a sunken roof (there's a name for it I'm forgetting) where the middle of the roof dips down from doing this too much. Be sure not to put anything too heavy up there.

  16. This depends per house. Above my garage is basically built to take a second floor, 2x10s @ 18". The addon bay however has 2x8s @ 24" and I would agree with you there.

  17. Better? I don't know about that.

  18. Honda just keeps moving the "Done" knob between "Over" and "Under".

  19. SRT and its predecessors have done some absolutely wild stuff. There was very nearly a Hellcat Pacifica. They had engineers actively working on it.

  20. Everything I saw regarding the Hellcat Pacifica was meme based, I never heard there had been anything official, got a source? Seems interesting.

  21. You're right. This isn't a performance car. Don't compare this car to the Civic Si. The Si has a different body style and has tacky red fabric seats. Compare this to the Civic Hatch Sport Touring. The A-spec 6-speed exists for marketing purposes.

  22. And the type r has manual sport seats too. If you compare the integra to the civic sport touring hatch rather than the Si it makes more sense.

  23. The Mazda 3's interior is actually genuinely great for the price. Nice materials, soft touch points everywhere, great driver ergonomics, actual buttons and knobs where there should be buttons and knobs. No touchscreen, infotainment is controlled with a dial in your armrest reminiscent of BMW's iDrive, and I had it figured out in minutes. Really excellent stock stereo as well, complete with an included subwoofer. 360 overhead camera too.

  24. The 3 feels a lot more dead to drive than the Honda/Acura. Nearly all cars in this segment feel dead other than the civic/integra. It's honestly really depressing. The only way modern cars seem to know how to make a drive more exciting is by throwing horsepower at it which doesn't always seem to work.

  25. Yeah HL2 was way better at telegraphing new information to the player without telling them explicitly. HL1 I had to look up a guide every other level because I legitimately did not know where I was going or what I was doing in some of those levels. Especially On a Rail, oh my god.

  26. On a rail is where child me gave up and it took me years until I went back and actually beat it

  27. Usually tire because they're designed to go over things, however depending on what it is this can cause you to possibly lose control (imagine running over a wok (don't ask)) if the car 'jumps' over the object.

  28. If any of the sites just came close to as simple Amazon is I would use others. Everything else is just a clunky mess.

  29. Even Amazon's UI sucks. You ever tried 'browsing' for an item in a 'category'? Everything is randomly thrown in and its impossible to do any sort of sorting. Unless you know the name of the thing you want its almost impossible to find anything.

  30. I'd scan automotive parts to help with my hobby of car customization

  31. I would like to add this camera to my security system to ensure the safety of my safety

  32. I feel like Centerpoint has been distributing the cost from the freeze out randomly, I occasionally get like +$60 in 'transfer fees' or other bullshit

  33. Also all the old 4 lug S13 fitment stuff is just... gone. Not even anything like in a 17" on marketplace these days.

  34. The paint job makes it look like a video game. That’s wild

  35. I think its because no car comes that smooth from the factory these days (unless its a million dollar hyper car apparently). Now once they add in orange peel to forza I'll be on board.

  36. Another tax on the middle class. Gotta pay like $2000 just to have electricity that we're already paying for.

  37. My dad's car had automatic climate control but it was actually broken, if you set it to anything other than the coldest temperature it would just blast hot air without stopping even after greatly exceeding the set temperature. It was some issue with a thermostat he fixed

  38. When we picked up our Roadmaster we had a similar issue. The automatic blend door motor was busted. So it was stuck on AC. Which would have been fine but it was 50 out, so it would see that the temp was set to warmer than the car was, increase the fan speed, see that it was still cold, increase the fan speed, over and over untill it was full blast and we were freezing in the car haha

  39. Doesn't Toyota do something dumb like, they pick the cars that are made and basically randomly send them to a dealer? Like there's no actual "ordering" system?

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