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  1. Oh honey I’m so sorry this happened. It looks SO painful. This is some of the worst e-filing I’ve ever seen. I’m so angry for you.

  2. the reporting part is SO important—you’re the first comment i’ve seen talking about that, but you’re so right. they need to be reported for this so it doesn’t happen again

  3. Yeah I'm looking for info on my country (Netherlands) board, haven't found much so far.

  4. Which Nina? There's one who sells sneakers, bags and clothes but that's not her pfp

  5. Keep it clean. So much trash on the streets, graffiti on the walls.. every time I come back from a trip and leave Midi station I'm greeted by the stench of urine.

  6. I'll check yours tomorrow! Been obsessed with Birkins lately so hopefully I can help

  7. Very much the wrong sub, and Jesus Christ OP. Edit: spam bot, posting this all over the place for some reason

  8. How would that get her in trouble with insta tho

  9. I’m new to this platform. Can someone please help me with how to upload additional daily pictures to this post? Or do I need to create a new one?

  10. Easiest is to download the Imgur app and upload them there, and then copy paste the link in a comment on this post

  11. oh wait so u saying chubby isnt normal? u see how this whole discussion is sooo unnecessary idk why ppl always want to fight on the internet lmao

  12. Uhu, yea going the 'no u' route will surely work well.

  13. Honestly, I don't know how I feel about this pic

  14. I feel you there. Just know that these are the consequences of Russia's war on Ukraine.

  15. Oh that's not why I feel torn. It's because someone's struggle for life in a warzone is being posted on Reddit for karma.

  16. Wtf you had more hours listening to Cole than I did for the entire year in general 😳

  17. Man I listen to music all day damn near, and only got 70k mins total which is more than 97% of the country.

  18. This is NOT a foot fetish sub, kindly keep your weird ass kink away from us

  19. He's hot and all, but him being a dick in the show AND real life is a no for me

  20. They did a photoshoot sexualising children and there were many hidden eggs showing the approve of pedophilia. Google it, it’s very scary

  21. That's not true tho. The children weren't sexualised, but we're photographed with 'bondage Teddy bears' which is a very strange/inappropriate choice for an ad with kids, to put it lightly.

  22. That shirt isn't even printed lmao, the text is photoshopped on. Yet another S C A M

  23. So much is made in or done in China that it's impossible to avoid. Besides, it's just a country.

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