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  1. Maybe a stable diffusion could helpnupscale this image?

  2. Matt with a female in one video?? Are they dating? I think she's using Matt for his clout. You can see Matt is really in love with her, by the way she looks at her. But she's just looking at the camera and clout chasing.

  3. Bc using your phone at a gas station is actually dangerous. So I've heard from thst bald fireman guy who does YT shorts

  4. Is the turbo a hop-up again or is it just a preinstall? I also always felt like energy ammo was pretty uncommon to find, that still the case?

  5. Nah fam, thinking about politics and stuff.

  6. The fact that AI can generate this arts by its own scares me

  7. Don't be scared of the AI. Be scared of the people who developed/coded it.

  8. One of those "wtf was that about" videos lol. I like it.

  9. Anyone who works on digital projects just did a double take to see you didn't photograph their screen.

  10. Excuse me? They don't owe us anything? I gave them legal tender for goods. I am owed what I they said I would get for my money.... I know we're all fans but let's not be kiss asses seriously. They're not bad people for making this mistake but defending them this far is just weird. Literal mold dude. People are just upset their money has been wasted and no one seems to care.

  11. When I get sick topdecks like this, I always use it to trigger my opponent, even if I already had a better answer in my hand.

  12. I'm not just playing the cards, I'm playing my opponent

  13. I appreciate in the last episode that Luke added punch sounds when the boys knuck it, because I personally never wait for the video and always listen on spotify. I'm sure the boys never intended for the dip in audio quality, but the start of the episode with Internet Comment Etiquette Erik was a bit too much of dead space as they were showing and not describing the gifts that he got.

  14. I bet they're drooling about how fucking sexy I look in that picture.

  15. Anyone who calls someone a snowflake unironically makes themselves look like a complete twat.

  16. It was irrelevant in 2013. Imagine still using it unironically.

  17. Death, animal abuse and porn are literally against the rules of the sub so I thought it would be okay? I was thinking more along the lines of people doing insane things, caught on tape.

  18. I once worked at a delivery and takeaway pizzeria. One of my colleagues wasn't having any of the unfairness that was thrown towards us (illegally underpaid, no proper contract, we even had to pay for gas if the owner thought we weren't driving 'economically' enough), so this colleague was always criticizing the owners to no end, one day had enough, walked out of the back, and got back in at the front and was all: "I'll have one 'hard-to-make-pizza' large and I quit."

  19. Alright, alright, nice drawings, cute character too. I like that you didn't just add mouth shapes, but also added some eyes and head moves. There's a few things bothering me however. First would be the timing of the lipsync. As a general rule of thumb, you want the mouth shape to appear 2-3 frames BEFORE the appropriate sound, not ON it. I bet if you just move the entire sequence two frames back it would sync much better. Secondly, I'm personally not a fan of using the same head drawing and moving it around, I would at least add some overlapping action in the hair because it adds a lot of weight and character But personally I would always just redraw every head. Finally, I think you can push those head movements a little, right now it feels held back. Try to really dig in on those accents in the voiceline. You'll want to add the biggest moves and mouth shapes on those accents. Here's how I would go about it, the ITALICS is where I'd put the biggest movements (anticipation is also important here):

  20. ty! And I’m making a series of these as quick mockups! (So not goin for redrawin the frames again and again/full quality kinda look) but ty for the feedback! This is just to get the feel of the voice on the characters ^ (Though i will probably fix the timing lol)

  21. Sounds good. I think the timing fix is easy, but yea, you could definitely leave it as is and make another one. If you make another, I would highly suggest adding in that overlapping action. It adds so much character. You'll see!

  22. Advice for building a portfolio can generally be summarized in three words: keep making stuff.

  23. Whats that weird little betting thing they did in the Japan vlogs where Matt goes 10 20 30 and then Ryan said 40 and didnt have to do the bet.

  24. There's your issue! The cracked version of this software is notoriously bad and kind of shady.

  25. I listened to it on spotify before seeing it on youtube, which I will continue doing as they come out earlier.

  26. Looks like one of those things you screw a lightbulb in.

  27. Just say "hey, you know about that onlyfans thing of yours?"

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