1. I'm confused... Are we supposed to be looking to these clowns for leadership, or are we rightfully disregarding them as dipshit grifters?

  2. "Are you citing wikipedia? What a NAFO dork, here's a twitter screenshot and a link to a .org website!"

  3. You really should read more into transgender medical practices. Sterilization is not's just fact. Sorry. That was my answer to the question. Guess it went over your head. Suppose that should be obvious from you elevating it from a conversation to "hysterical" outrage at my position

  4. The better question is why do you think your opinion supercedes that of doctors, parents, and personal agency of minors?

  5. If a doctor and a parent recommended gay conversion therapy would you support them? Plenty of doctors in the past did, certainly plenty of parents. Luckily doctors realized it was barbaric, but at least no one was sterilized.

  6. Based on a large contingent of hexbear users around the 2020 election, the answer is unironically Trump. Not in support of him so much as in service of general accelerationism and punishing Democrats for their continued incompetence.

  7. Or you could just read the post immediately preceding yours. But I imagine all that reading would be quite exhausting.

  8. Yes, I'm glad grade school kids are parsing post-grad dissertations. You nailed it.

  9. lol I love that there's basically two schools of thought in the comments here:

  10. Nba is in a really weird spot right now. The regular season has never mattered less and unless they do something I can’t see that reversing

  11. I think it's also a symptom of online capture. There's just so many entertaining distractions available from the comfort of your home. Every time I go to a live sporting event, I'm always excited until I realize I'm banking 5-6 hours of my day to overspend on something that I can multi-task at home in my pjs. Or if I want the camaraderie, I can always hit up the local sports bar or my buddy's place.

  12. Man, blessed are those who successfully picked this up. Just resell the speakers on a secondary marketplace and probably make (if not close to or even above) all your money back, and pocket a free $500 gift card.

  13. What do we think? Not a bad price. VA is a thing though.

  14. I've never quite understood the criticism of VA. It has a higher refresh rate than IPS but a lower viewing angle. With a curved monitor that should eliminate the discrepancy, then you're just left with the savings.

  15. And why is his opponent pantomiming jerking off his little weewee?

  16. OP is used to taking his advice from Andrew Tate. Remember fellas, women aren't a complex mosaic of human experience just as we are, they're only here to fuuuuuuuck...

  17. I don’t think having a platonic friendship with Sara Walsh is the burn this sub thinks it is.

  18. You are not a very nice person. If you can not afford to tip or do not want to tip just eat at home.

  19. Do you tip out 20% of your grocery bill to the cashier and bagger? Then thumb on that hypocrisy.

  20. I do not tip 20% on my grocery bill. Because it is not expected. Tipping in the restaurants is expected. If more and more people would stop tipping the only thing that would happen is that most restaurants would introduce mandatory 15 or 20% staff charge.

  21. Well, like I said to the other guy, it just comes off as contempt for minimum wage workers who don't earn tips. In California, tip earners still make minimum wage, right? So why hold other laborers to a lower standard?

  22. Not surprising behavior for someone whose favorite movie is Interstellar

  23. Interstellar was a treat to the senses, especially in theater. Also, to anyone who has penetrated deep enough on ayahuasca or salvia and can remember, that tesselated scene behind the bookshelf is chef's kiss

  24. That's an incredibly KOC response. You're outdoing yourself.

  25. I’m definitely not sure that Nash is a good coach, but you’re leaving out some pretty key details of this particular story.

  26. Is this the beginning of the Ben Simmons rehabilitation tour?

  27. lol that just sounds like a rebrand of "Make America Great Again"

  28. This will likely be locked - not directly related to Maher, and not explicitly conservative enough.

  29. This video encapsulates 90% of the disagreements on Maher's show and the debates in this sub. It's about as topical as you can get.

  30. I only used to know him as a meme, and now I know he has a name. Thank you.

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