1. I would propose with a new ring and according to her taste. In addition, I would ask her if she would like to reset this old ring into a necklace or whatever.

  2. Did he have to hold that ID under his chin or does he wear it like a tight necklace?

  3. I miss Repldies too much. Can you add me please?

  4. It's "OG" though, so made by badass chinese gangsters. Definitely a better vibe!

  5. Original Ganstaaaaa, sometimes it’s just used in place of “original” or “origin” though!

  6. The only thing that surprises me is the makeup that emulates rhinitis

  7. Cinq petits singes sautant sur le lit Un se cogna la tête sur le tapis

  8. Pickles and olives. And pickled eggplants (berenjenas de Almagro).

  9. Je n'ai pas vu la série mais je déteste les mercredis.

  10. Bury some fake coins or plastic jewels in there and let them hunt for treasure

  11. I wish I hadn't searched the girl on the internet

  12. Sticky fingers on the bottom of sliding door panes.

  13. I found my car keys in the microwave yesterday. My concern is that it may have been me

  14. Vive la vida loca! And go bigger, why not (since is what you want)

  15. I believe the canvas neverfull can hold 200 pounds. An SA told me the empreinte one can hold 400 pounds. Not sure if she mixed up 200 with 400 but in any event you should be good either way!

  16. I have carried my toddler, the only problem is when you load it a lot, because the handles will hurt you

  17. Pues eso de toda la vida es un resopó 😂

  18. Un vaso de leche no es un ressopó, resopón es una segunda cena más ligera, si a la leche le sumas un bocadillo, un trozo de fuet, algo de queso, la sobra de tortilla… eso ya sí

  19. Ese cacho de tortilla no se perdona en ningún sitio, ya sea en Cataluña u otra comunidad autónoma. Está sentenciado a muerte desde su creación!

  20. Exacto. Es como las croquetas frías, a ver quién se resiste. Vas a la cocina a por agua antes de dormir y acabas poniéndote fino.

  21. I wonder why they don't sell trays of chicken skin in the supermarket, when you find all kinds of peeled pieces

  22. I am planning to avoid soda as much as we can. My oldest is 5y and he doesn’t ask us ( neither beer or wine). We teach them that the adults do things that are not good for our health because we make mistakes, my husband smokes and I explain them how bad it is. Sodas are linked to diabetes and obesity. Industrial juices too. There is no reason to give them to children.

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