1. Sincere question - how do you go about seeking out new music? Do you have a methodology? I've never been very knowledgeable about music or aware of current artists and it's almost like there's SO MUCH available that it's overwhelming and I don't know how to start.

  2. Can they get more delusional and obsessed with body parts?! This is why i distanced from kibbe content in general because of this bs

  3. It's not healthy (it's super dehumanizing). This sub is good medicine.

  4. lol I legit have gotten comments from people (not strangers, just like people who know me well, or like my nail techs lol - in a context where it makes sense) about having small hands and feet especially relative to my height…but the thing is I’m FN or maybe SD. your hands don’t mean shit for how clothes look on the rest of your body.

  5. There are some good third party testing resources out there- check out

  6. Thank you for this! Happy and relieved to see my Muscle Feast whey protein isolate got an A from Labdoor

  7. I angrily tossed some underwear last week because the waistband was too tight and the coverage too loose, and it was bothering my sensitive stomach. I considered taking then off while I was out of the house and only refrained because I was wearing jean shorts and that seemed equally uncomfortable.

  8. Even without the corset she would still have a V shape, honestly I’ve never seen an H shaped back?

  9. I have, some people just go straight up and down (I'm assuming that's what "H shaped back" means). I don't think it's super common though.

  10. I think it's because they look a little bit more like fitted dress pants than your standard legging.

  11. Exactly. Thicker material, slightly more structure. Don't always do it, though feel more ok with a shorter top, ie showing my butt contour >> compared to leggings. These were a godsend in my pregnancy, 1 size bigger than usual.

  12. You've got me hunting down used pairs on Poshmark now, lol, they sound super versatile! Does the fabric feel soft to the touch still, despite being a little thicker? Like, does it feel at all rough?

  13. There’s two white jars right behind her

  14. Yeah but look carefully at the molding, the lines are curved not straight as they approach her body.

  15. I've only been selling for a few months and only at a very small scale, but my sales on both PM and Mercari have been way down since the start of this month. It's also been slow on Vinted, but I only just started on there so I have no frame of comparison for that one.

  16. Floral and color blocked. Is that a sharkbite hemline? Not sure how to describe that.

  17. Handkerchief hem is the first thing that came to my mind, but I don't know if it's correct.

  18. Who is dressing her? They need to be thrown into the sea

  19. Maybe some of it is her dressing herself? Idk, it feels funky and unique like somebody being self-expressive and I actually like it. I totally see how it could be not everybody's cup of tea though and maybe some of them aren't the most harmonious or flattering for her.

  20. Stretchy knit top to accommodate upper curve, waist definition + pleats or gathers to flow over the hips with the skirt... Seems like it is already great for a romantic. I'm not super hip to the R Kibbe recs though, so I'm curious what about these outfits you feel wouldn't work for you?

  21. I have a worry as I've mentioned to another commentor that bc these are all yang types when I'd try to pull it off there'd be some details that will be off that will make it look unflattering on me

  22. I gotcha. Looks like you got some good feedback here. Hope you have fun experimenting and end up with a look you really love! Maybe share it with us if you feel so inclined :)

  23. My first guess for Kibbe would be soft gamine. Take that for what it's worth though, which is very little, as really only you can know which ID suits you best. But that could maybe be a place to start investigating? I see petite, to me you look delicate and also a bit elongated in your limbs. I struggle with differentiating Kibbe curve from conventional curve. You also remind me a little bit of Jennifer Love Hewitt who's a conventionally curvy flamboyant gamine.

  24. True dat. Not that peeing in the water at Shi-Shi beach would make much difference.

  25. Adults being rude to other adults is bad enough. Adults being rude to kids is just... I'm impressed with your self-control as I'm assuming that if you'd punched them all in their stupid faces you would've included it in your post.

  26. I love them all, you have amazing style! May I ask where you got the combat-style boots in pic 3? I'm in the market since my old ones died.

  27. Yes, neurologically we mirror the emotions we see around us. The science is still emerging, but with facial expressions it even bypasses our visual cortex and affects our mood before we even notice it.

  28. Pho Kim Anh in Kopiko plaza is my spot.

  29. I usually get the combo (pho dac viet?) but hold the tripe. It really is the only decent pho spot in town though. Ba Le is...blegh.

  30. I use my camera, then my computer. No phone involved, grandma style baby.

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