My husband playing God of War on his Christmas PS5 with some pizza and chicken nuggets for lunch. I feel like he is in his happy place

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  1. Use bombs to charge ultimate. Than kill 5

  2. Nightmare mode:first time you complete the weekly one you have guaranteed almost 1 legendary.

  3. I can’t see the Great Wall

  4. I love Who do bonuses objectives

  5. Wow! Seems too much filled..

  6. Use the 2 flasks like in the unisex.

  7. Don’t start faster like a 10 miles. If you feel fresh don’t push, walk a bit. That energy will be better in future

  8. Pizza and ps5? God of war? Awesome!

  9. It’s a personal choice. But end game bosses are fast or they move a lot so maybe hard to poison. Use Freya summon for poison and you go for strength

  10. Yea. I use that arena to unlock all ability buff. Choose a move, do it till gold and unlock. Repeat.

  11. Awesome! Next time call me! Wanna do it too

  12. You can filter armor, shield, pommel strength, defence, runic and so. Easy to equip what you are looking for!

  13. Love the New Balance more trail v2!

  14. This one still “recently released”

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