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  1. My partner and I alternate nursery drop offs and I run to/from work on the days I don't have to do the drop off. I also run on a weekend day, often with the toddler in a running buggy.

  2. You’ll be at the 2nd funeral like “Y’all sure this time?” while poking the body.

  3. I felt son move for the first time at 13.5 weeks. Initially I assumed it was too early and probably gas, but it was baby. It's quite a distinct feeling. He didn't feel him regularly until 18-19 weeks though.

  4. NAL but surely that response means nothing if that information it is not stated in your contract. They can't unilaterally change the contract mid term.

  5. First off, this does not look that bad, and is totally fixable!

  6. I think there's a hefty dose of luck in there too be honest. I've known women who've taken no special precautions and weren't particularly fit who noticed minimal negative effects on their pelvic floor.

  7. This is a mistake that many good health professionals make precisely once.

  8. I don't have experience of the pregmate tests but the FRER looks good for 7dp5dt

  9. Definitely positive, and unlikely to be trigger either because:

  10. That is a lovely strong line. Congratulations, and best wishes for a happy healthy pregnancy!

  11. I think "thought process" is a very generous description of whatever was going on between that driver's ears.

  12. Just found what looks like the same incident from a different angle on

  13. So did I, it looks like the same incident from a different angle.

  14. Not a single migraine, thicker, less greasy hair, and no periods.

  15. Nausea, sensitivity to smells, sudden craving for pepsi, sore boobs and my running performance fell off a cliff. All at 7dpo.

  16. They are so much worse than even cheap supermarket brands. I've never had so many leaks than when we tried Pampers (there was a nappy shortage due to the pandemic so we had to use whatever we could get).

  17. He stands on a chair to watch what I'm doing or goes on my back in a buckle carrier.

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