1. Wait so you suddenly became a Denver Nuggets fan today and you feel lucky because of that?

  2. Someone was unhappy about their Brightspace quiz today and executed plan 2.0 👀

  3. Amazing options, they got tofu everyday and sometimes they got the vegan chicken tenders which taste exactly like chicken and it's my favorite item at the caf. They also got vegan beef, meatballs, and chicken curry sometimes, which imo tastes better than the actual meat. Anyway, I suggest you look at the caf menu on their website to get a better idea...

  4. Photosynthesis is not a mental illness imo. I enjoy going outside on a sunny day to suck the D in. It gives me an energy boost.

  5. good times, please do it again and invalidate exams

  6. Man it would’ve been awesome if I was in grade 12 back then I would be skipping English

  7. Brooo XD where can I get one of those??

  8. I had an appointment at 11 and the doctor was running late so I had to wait till around 11:45. But the doctor and staff are really friendly.

  9. Try washing your face with bleach, it’ll protect you from COVID as well

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