1. Why does everyone use Imgur instead of uploading the images directly here in the post? I use gallery view and another subreddit uses inbuilt pictures instead of Imgur and it’s so much easier to view instead of having to click individually on links (when there are more than one images uploaded). It is possible to upload images in the post itself, so why not?

  2. It’s disabled by the mod team. It has been discussed and the current way is the best way for all users of the community.

  3. 2016 subaru impreza limited sedan 4wd

  4. Can anyone who uses pirateship recommend a cheap and small scale for weighing packages?


  6. While $60 to get any action is a stretch, it does not break the spirit of the rule.

  7. Bad deal tbh, you can buy them for $10 less apiece from JM Bullion right now

  8. This is being left up, because unless I’m missing something then it is cheaper through JM.


  10. It seems like it wouldn’t apply to us. We are adding value by helping the sub. But it’s nice to know and keep in mind.

  11. Removing. We made a post about it, and it is impacting a lot of users. We can’t have individual posts for each person that has had a sub made to resemble them.

  12. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about this, as of right now.

  13. No need to burden hundreds of people every day bc of 1 potential scam that’s already been publicized

  14. Muds got it I think. Everyone should be responsible for and accept a certain amount of risk, that’s life. Half of the new members don’t read the rules anyway so.. why burden those who do with arbitrary steps?

  15. Thank you for posting this. I have no idea how to stop this scammer, when I’m trying to submit report to Reddit about this scam they will not let me submit it with username of the mod of this fake sub. And because sub is private I can’t see it. Talk about catch 22. I have no idea what I can do

  16. Getting in touch with an admin is nearly impossible, and the report feature to get to them is terrible as well.

  17. Easily the best modded sub on reddit, which imo has led to its success. Thanks to you guys and the community here. Congrats all

  18. While I understand where you're coming from with sharing the information, sharing of private information on reddit isn't allowed.

  19. I'm just going to come out and say that I think Rule 2 needs to be revisited. Either it needs to be rewritten or it needs to actually be enforced. It can't be a rule that only exists conditionally depending on the size of your lot for sale.

  20. I read this when you posted it, and remember reading it another way. I revisited it right now, and want clarification.

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