1. I bought a few of these because who doesn’t love mochi. Unfortunately not a single person in my house liked these.

  2. Wall-E Currently my 3 year olds favorite movie!

  3. I didn’t smile enough! Seriously, I worked at Costco and my creepy manager told me that I was low energy and should take vitamins. A couple weeks later he fired me for not walking around with a constant smile. This was in the early 2000s

  4. I knew a patient that was just under 40 bmi and the doctor told them to gain weight and come back

  5. Next time you just have to choose room temp food and drink. I myself have chosen to eat old bay caramel popcorn and water.

  6. I've looked into meet up. The only events even close to where I am are 4 hours away, that's just not feasible.

  7. You could try to post your own meetup closer to home.

  8. Giving up on him and “not liking him” will make you a failure as a parent

  9. Can you use less meat, more veg or add some rice. Maybe grow your own root veg?

  10. I must be weird! I have no friends or family other then my spouse and kids. Sounds a little sad writing it out. Lol

  11. Have you noticed any giant wasp looking bugs? I have holes like this all around my yard, although mine have dirt around them similar to an ant hill. Mine belong to the cicada killer.

  12. Donate to a women’s shelter or something similar

  13. I just bought the insert for $20, Subaru should have done this for free!

  14. Do you have an iPhone? If so take a pic and then get info on the pic. Click look up and it tells you what it is

  15. Get net bags or covers. I have bags over my blueberries and a net sheet over my garden

  16. Guy from Children of the Corn all grown up?

  17. Try Repo! The Genetic Opera. Its not Victorian, but it definitely ticks the eerie and musical boxes.

  18. I came here to say this! This is the best!

  19. I heard that roof runoff is bad. I have a tarp hanging from my deck that I use to collect the rain. I don’t know if this is any safer though.

  20. It’s ok. I don’t know where to find this chat group for the sub. Thanks anyway 😊

  21. There is no chat group. The guy joined this Reddit group and sent a private message to OP. It’s no a group to chat in.

  22. Well I will be calling out of work this weekend because my toddler has Covid. 😔

  23. The weather is great but the water is cold.

  24. I don’t know if I could get anymore introverted than I normally am which doesn’t usually bother me, except for a week and a 1/2 before my period I care enough for a lifetime all at once.

  25. Estrogen is stored in fat so maybe you are losing this week which affects your mood

  26. Some would eat cold butter and sugar sandwiches !

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