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  1. So from what I can find Ohio's governor can only veto an 'appropriation' or 'budget' bill. An initiated statute bill wouldn't normally fall under either of those. BUT I haven't looked to see if an initiated statute bill could be added as a 'rider' to a different unrelated appropriation or budget bill. If that's the case, the veto could still be overridden by a 3/5 majority vote in the house and senate, which is unlikely but not impossible.

  2. Good points. If this is true, then the bill will simply die.

  3. I read the article the other day so I forgot about that part. I wonder if I misunderstood what I read about only vetoing appropriations and budget bills or if the person who wrote the article didn't realize or know that he doesn't have the ability to veto anything and everything. Either could be the case because I am not super politically savvy. I'll see if I know anyone who can help me get that clarified though.

  4. If it drowned in water, it would probably be worth trying to save. The fact it fell in a flavored (and probably sugared) drink makes it a total loss.

  5. What do you think of making it into edibles? With the sugar/flavor already having been soaked in? May be a loss. It’s really tightly packed, I mean it has at least a gram probably more in it plus a lot of keef. Several strains, all indica or hybrid. This post kind of started as a half joke but now I’m genuinely wondering now how I could save it lmaooo.

  6. I'd maybe look up the ingredients in the drink and see if any of them aren't good for you if they're heated above 240 degrees Fahrenheit because you'll still need to decarb it. I was thinking about that when I was typing my other comment. I don't think it would be an issue but didn't want to suggest it just in case I was wrong.

  7. Miscarriages. People underestimate how common they are.

  8. Stillbirths as well. About 1 in 160 births will be stillborn.

  9. Burkle, Tally Mon, Bio j, ice cream cake, TCC

  10. I had a bunch of unusual pets as a kid. I had a caterpillar that turned into a butterfly before I finally let it go. I had a hermit crab that lived for years and would just walk around the house like a dog. I had a goldfish that lived for 10 years and was almost a foot long. I had a pet chicken that slept in a box in my living room, would go outside to dig for worms in the flower bed and then peck on the door when he was ready to come back in.

  11. Or not really care because the odds are pretty high that you won’t win

  12. You mean like most lotteries that millions of people play?

  13. Yep, learned how to bake bread. Fresh bread with butter every day for a year will do that.

  14. Oh no. We got a kitchenaid mixer for Christmas and my husband insists on making a bread every day. RIP my waistline.

  15. I lost 65 pounds when I switched from prescription meds to cannabis.

  16. Cookie Jam. I've been playing it for over 1000 days in a row.

  17. Never heard of it, but I just looked it up. Kind’ve looks like candy crush.

  18. Why not just go to Michigan if you're driving that far?

  19. Going to Michigan isn't just about the drive. It's not legal to drive back over state lines with what you buy in Michigan. You aren't legally allowed to carry it around once you do have it in the state. Not everyone is willing to risk losing their card or MUCH more to save money. There are plenty of patients who need to make sure everything they do is legal for a number of reasons.

  20. There was someone on this sub last year that did insanely funny parodies videos with Brown Family footage. Where is this person? Show yourself!

  21. I'm pretty sure they're still around. I saw a video last week (or 2 weeks ago) where they took the covid rules scene and voice dubbed over it. It was hilarious.

  22. So fake that top of the page says March 2015 and body says class of 2019

  23. It's obviously fake but the 'class' year is the year the person would graduate. So if you applied in May 2015 to start in fall of 2015, you'd graduate in the summer of 2019 (for the average person that takes 4 years to finish an undergraduate degree).

  24. They really do need new flower packaging.

  25. I honestly don't mind it since I switch to glass with a Boveda when I get it home. I know not everyone does that though, so I understand people being frustrated with it. However, I worry their prices would go up if they went with better packaging like Ancient Roots did when they switched from plastic to glass.

  26. In almost 2 years in the program I've only seen OCL twice in Newark. It sucks that we don't all have the same options without driving across the state.

  27. It's just the name of the certification for organic growing or processing.

  28. The rotavirus one that's given to infants can cause anyone changing the baby to become sick if they are not careful enough because it's a live vaccine.

  29. Some people just assume all vaccines are 'live' versions of the virus.

  30. It has all the dangers of a live vaccine but is also full of dangerous unidentified chemicals and on top of that a gene therapy.

  31. I have not heard of that being a problem before. There is no rule or law that says this.

  32. Moustafa Maita with NuggMD I think. To be fair I didn't provide documentation (My therapist and I discussed me having CPTSD but don't have a paper diagnosis, and I also have insomnia) so maybe that contributed to it but he specifically said the reason was he doesn't give a card to people with a history of suicidal ideation.

  33. I'd go ahead and try a different doctor's office. I think Ohio cannabis connection does ptsd evals and then will approve the recommendation. I used them for my renewal last year (although not for ptsd)

  34. Mind if I ask how much you were consuming and for how long? What made the doctors determine it was CHS over CVS?

  35. I'm sorry you're still dealing with this. What can you afford to spend on pain relief right now? Have you ever tried kratom before?

  36. It’s explained in Season 8, Episode 1 that he had an ATV accident that messed up his eyelid. So it was to correct that. I don’t think they ever discussed changing Dayton’s name on the show

  37. They did discuss the name change. It happened at the same time as the adoption. His name was the same as his bio dad's, David Preston. Dayton had been going by Dayton Da(DAvid) Ton(presTON) for a while and they decided to make it official.

  38. Can we chat about this for a moment? I got approved for my med card a few months ago and I am trying to figure out which method of intake works best/fastest/longest. I have been vaping and it has really helped, but I don’t feel it lasts very long. Any tips/advice? Thanks!

  39. Rso orally is probably the most effective method but takes some time to kick in and feel relief. Smoking it is the least effective but if you need immediate relief a dry herb vaporizer is a lot better for you.

  40. Any chance you have a link? I'm curious but not enough to go Google it.

  41. The wrong woman's name when you're the groom

  42. Is this in Ohio? The roads looked familiar as did the routes.

  43. Mariah doesn't use she/her pronouns. Mariah uses they/them pronouns.

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