1. I got this one a while back but I’m a bit disappointed with it cause the pink fades very fast and it’s not very pretty. It doesn’t get too much light which could cause that. Anyone know how to make it stay longer or is it just how it is?

  2. You need more light to keep that pink bright!

  3. Did you ever get an id on this? I bought one yesterday that looks very similar and can't seem to find a cultivar that matches

  4. Yes OP please help us with the helmet comment

  5. My husband told me it was national watermelon day the other day. He was sad because he forgot to buy a watermelon to turn into a helmet.

  6. You must not have kids. When your 4 year old has to go and you are in the middle of nowhere WY, 30 minutes from civilization, a portable potty is the way to go. Teaching a toddler/preschooler to not pee on their shoes while on a day trip isn’t something you’re necessarily prepared for (extra clothes and shoes). We had a small travel potty that we just lined with a diaper. There is no need to empty the contents and make a big mess. The diaper contains it all.

  7. My son was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at 5 years old(he's 22 now). Something like this would have been really helpful back then. Nothing like trying to find a store that will let your kid take a poop when it's an emergency and hoping and praying he can make it.

  8. I don't know if I would have the patience to propagate a ZZ from a leaf, seems like it would take foreverrrr

  9. I have a few zz props (leaves and stems) going right now. I have a hard time ignoring them but I really can't wait to see how they grow! Baby plants get my serotonin going 😂

  10. It's beautiful! I have 4 types of ZZ's but haven't heard of this one. If you ever want to sell cuttings lmk!

  11. This looks just like mine did when I had thrips.

  12. You got me. I've been holding on to this ticket stub for 9 years just so I could post it to reddit 🙄

  13. I'm guessing it was dropped recently. It feels like it never stops raining here

  14. Ugh. I feel your pain, but the good news is it is treatable.

  15. If new leaves are wilting and then dying, I'd check for pests, specifically thrips.

  16. Poor baby's perfectly normal.. I would cut the flower spikes if they are fully brown, let her soak in water, for a 20-30 min, once a week. And also try using a fertilizer made for orchids once a month....

  17. The spikes and all the dead dry roots were cut off a little over 3 weeks ago. I got new orchid bark and mixed in some perlite and took it out of the cache pot completely. She gets a soak once a week and the fertilizer is on the list to get next week when I get paid.

  18. 8 of my nine snake props rotted and turned to mush within 3 days of putting them in water. And they stunk really bad. Some I let callus first, others I did not. I stuck some in a 1:1 sphagnum to perlite mix and only 1 has survived. Idk what it is about snake plants but I think they hate me.

  19. I used Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew for my thrip infestation and it seems to have worked (fingers crossed). I sprayed EVERYTHING every 3-4 days for 3.5 weeks. Make sure you get tops and bottoms of leaves, stems and crooks, the soil and the pot. If you have more than a few plants I'd suggest getting the concentrate so you can mix it yourself and save money.

  20. Thanks. M gonna spray the leaves once a week with this organic mix that they claim can get rid of pests.

  21. Like regular spiders? I'd imagine so but I'm not sure. I can tell you that the captain Jack's did not kill gnats.

  22. I wish someone had told me this a couple of months ago. I had so many people from several different social media outlets that told me my issues were watering because of the big box store I bought it from. Low and behold, it was thrips and were pretty bad by the time I realized it.

  23. Tradescantia are naturally vining ground cover plants. With enough light they'll stand upright for a bit but once they get much longer than this they won't be able to support the weight on top and will fall. You can train it up a trellis if you like the look of it being upright or keep them trimmed short and stick the cut ends in the pot for a fuller look.

  24. He wasn’t getting much water initially because the previous owner just wasn’t taking very good care of him. I’ve been watering him pretty often since I got him a few weeks ago though

  25. Was it dropping leaves before you got it? Might just need more time to recover from being under watered

  26. My starter plant was a tradescantia zebrina. They're really cool looking, easy to care for, and grow like crazy. You can keep them short and bushy or let it grow long and trail. Bright light helps keep the colors intense.

  27. These look to all be golden pothos. They are probably one of the easiest plants to grow. They can live a long time in water but they'll need nutrients through some sort of liquid fertilizer.

  28. I tried to post twice in the last month or so and neither showed up in here or on my profile page at all. I thought either I was shadow-banned or that I screwed something up (way more likely).

  29. Is the other one just a copy of the first one or was it something different ? I will have a look in a bit. I went through all the posts overnight but some were second or third attempts to post the same thing so I did not approve them.

  30. One was about spots showing up on a neon robusta and the other was an id request. The neon robusta post is showing up on my profile but I don't see the other one at all. I think it was 2-3 weeks ago.

  31. They need high humidity and hate tap water. I use distilled water on mine (rain water works well too) and never let it dry out completely.

  32. Well shit, a plant app told me that and i was like no way this aint a rubber plant

  33. It's not actually a rubber plant. It's called a baby rubber plant but it's not the same species at all as the 'normal' rubber plant. It's actually a type of peperomia.

  34. Cool, thanks. I thought it was in the tradescantia family but the others I've seen were variegated so I wasn't sure.

  35. Give it more light and I bet you'll start seeing more variegation

  36. She’s in an east facing window and I water her whenever the soil is dry to the touch. I’ve been using dyna gro liquid fertilizer, and have had her for roughly a month. Any ideas as to what might cause the loss of fenestrations?

  37. Usually when plants lose their fenestrations its because they're not getting enough light.

  38. It’s water and pebbles. He was a gift and that’s how he was given to me. I refill the cup when it dries up. I previously tried full direct sunlight but that didn’t seem to work so now I’m trying indirect

  39. How long have you had him? My guess would be it's not getting enough nutrients from just the water. You'll need some sort of liquid fertilizer if you want to keep him in there. Otherwise, moving to soil might be a good idea.

  40. I just generally take about a dozen cuttings, dip the ends in hormone and stick them in a pot of moistened potting soil. Then I put the pot in a plastic grocery bag with the top left open, put the bag in outside in a semi-shaded area and forget about it for two months. I usually lose one or two but the rest do fine.

  41. I've never taken any cuttings from umbrella trees before. My husband didn't even let me rock them for the longest time 😂

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