1. May i ask u, i was told may have FM but i have muscle weakness 2yrs. Only positive test was ana and sjogrens antibody but no others! Do u workout even when u have muscle fatigue? The heavy feeling.....i have that now and lasts wks!!! Do u get this?

  2. I do not work out, sjogrens was ruled out ages ago. Mainly when I cut the grass (20-30 min activity) my legs go numb and my feet feel like they're broken, and my BPM is in the 170s. Fun. I have everyday muscle fatigue, it starts when I wake up until I go to bed.

  3. Ohhh what is bpm? And just to be clear, is muscle fatigue the heavy feelin like cement? I have weakness as well but if i wash my hair then it gets heavy for weeks. If i bend down, my legs heavy for wks or months. Sry for alll this rant

  4. This is about going rate for their cured wax. Bloom has them for $55ish on BR 30% off days

  5. they're usually $100-$110 here, so this was an eye opener.

  6. This subreddit is for drug-related memes only! This post is not drug-related and has therefore been removed.

  7. Seriously, you obviously don't know what drug related means. This picture by definition is a drug related meme

  8. Wow terps sound low in it, can you describe the taste

  9. riveria creek doesn't focus on terpenes, you can find all the percentages and stuff on their website for each strain.

  10. I love this strain, even if it tastes like a moldy basement.

  11. They're new and want to swing their imaginary big balls around like they're the coolest kid in town, when they're at best on the same level as Ascerion/Cresco.

  12. Verilife and Sunnyside in Cincy are.

  13. Oh lord, OP.. This is called having an opinion about capitalism.

  14. Slap a Boveda pack in there for a day or two and you'll be set. I used to dislike their flower, as with Buckeye Relief.. but they've changed (for the better).

  15. Just crazy they are growing something that nice looking that is 37% thc and they let it come out dry. Kinda bums me out.

  16. Our medical marijuana program was never built to amaze or impress customers. And that 37% bud could be 32% given the 5% clearance they have.

  17. There's a reason why the cured wax 1.5g's are always close to $100 in price. They use trim, not full flower for cured wax.

  18. Nice that they are $85 at buckeye then the 30% off for the weekend so $50 before tax for 1.5 is not to shabby figuratively speaking compared to everything is in the program

  19. Hey, if you like medicating with garbage, more power to you brother.

  20. Ty for highlights lol that’s great. So hard to find the info at a glance sometimes

  21. I remembered this time! Went a little crazy :3 but hey! highlights!

  22. I’m a CS student currently interning as a software engineer primarily doing front end work, I’d love to sent over my resume and see if I could help you all out!

  23. Sure! Send us a message through ModMail :)

  24. Working with what we have. Stop bitching about shit that is out of our control. Consumers that do not want to illegally import marijuana into Ohio from other states for whatever reasons, federal charges, felonies.. what a risk. Could always buy from Bob on the street, but who knows what I'm actually getting? Sure he said it's super silver haze, and it's amazing but street bud doesn't come with a lab report.

  25. Where you seeing 0.3g ? The compliance label says 0.5g…

  26. Apologies, thought they were the 0.3 3pks.

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