1. Gotta add Bojan too... he's been getting progressively worse huh

  2. fair. i think it was at least healthy for Kessler to have another competent center alongside so he didn’t get thrown straight into the fire

  3. I dont agree with a lot of Mitt's politics, but he does have a pretty strong moral compass that he hasn't seemed to be willing to stray from, which I appreciate. I dont even necessarily appreciate some of his morals, but I do like the fact he has a spine and will stand up for what is important to him. A lot of politicians will kiss the baby of their enemy after a war, and it's gross.

  4. This will probably get buried but I think there are some misconceptions about these players that need clearing up. DLo is a mediocre rotation player and Beasley/Vanderbilt are barely rotation level players.

  5. yeah conley is the best player in this trade, you only realize how much he does if you watch him. wolves got picks too so they definitely won this trade. d lo doesn’t know how to play basketball, but his outside shooting at least fits the lakers needs i guess.

  6. While I do agree it was a beneficial trade for both, I’ll just say, you can’t really say because Mitchell is starting in the ASG, it was a good trade. In the west, you have Steph, Doncic, Ja, Lillard, who would take a significant number of fan votes

  7. yeah i mean the start itself isn’t important, just generally trying to find a concise way describe the difference in talent between a Mitchell and a Markkanen

  8. Was Kyrie really undervalued though considering he is only signed for a few months rental with no long term agreement? Are there other examples of stars on expiring traded at deadline for more without a promise to reup? Even discounting the off court issues, the return was not terrible for a rental. Very much depends if he resigns or not.

  9. Tobias Harris went to the Sixers with the same amount of time left on his contract for 2 firsts 2 seconds and a prospect (Shamet), in what everyone saw as a pretty standard deal that was good for both sides. Off the top of my head Deron Williams, Porzingis, and Butler all got similar hauls. Those guys definitely aren't as skilled as Kyrie either. And the cap situation + weak free agency class this offseason should bump his value even more.

  10. The Gobert trade might be the most bizarre one in NBA history. I can't imagine any other team was offering even half what the T-Wolves gave up. There were serious discussions over the past couple of seasons of whether or not Gobert had negative value, with his huge contract and his inability to stay on the court in the playoffs against certain lineups.

  11. Truly believe Danny Ainge saw the Wolves had new ownership and knew he could finesse them into forcing the front office to do something flashy.

  12. I don't understand why everyone is still saying you have to give a team assets just for taking on Westbrook. He only has half a season left on the contract, then you get a bunch of cap space in the offseason? Maybe back when he had a whole year left it made sense, but by now it's almost over why should they have to give up anything over that?

  13. yeah but that’s even less time to see each guy play that you’re tuning in for. it’s already kinda tight

  14. oh lol no i was agreeing with you. just joking he’s getting paid millions to not do his job like you’re saying haha

  15. Luka is actually hurt, he’s sat out the last few games. Heel contusion.

  16. yeah the problem is real injuries as much as load management. when was the last postseason that all the commentators didn’t agree the champion might’ve been different if not for a star injury? something is legitimately broken.

  17. every six months someone comes up with an Ainge article like that based off of one quote from some anonymous front office rep. i don’t know why it gets clicks but it must lol

  18. becoming a humanities professor is a bit like deciding to become an artist. wonderful sense of journey in the endeavor, incredible if you can make it, most likely that you’ll end up in poverty. for generations there have been people willing to take that risk, if you go for this that’s essentially what you’re getting into.

  19. Wouldn’t it be more likely, like most professional artists I’ve met, that you need family money and backing to do it?

  20. idk all i do is write poetry and get it published in lower level literary journals sometimes. the way it goes with writing if you’re succeeding i think you really can just submit to steadily more prestigious publications.

  21. Yeah and it's a prequel with none of the franchise stars returning, adapting a book that wasn't as popular as the main series.

  22. It's wild how Hunger Games transformed by the end from a blockbuster to a semi-artsy critical darling

  23. Dune got tons of positive publicity after it actually came out, as word of mouth spread. I have several friends who never read the book and aren’t avid sci-fi fans, but love Dune and have talked about it a lot.

  24. Zendaya is probs the only actress who can singlehandedly draw my girl friends to watch Dune with me

  25. Very true. Nabokov famously had a dispute with his publisher and friend over translating Eugene Onegin. The original has around 300 pages, but Nabokov did not thing a similar rhythmic translation was sufficient, and developed his own whopping 5 volume translation that explained all the little nuances that can only be understood when reading in the original language.

  26. You could just say “ I’m retarded” it’s easier. Not like you could approach anyone competent with the vin…

  27. Okay um sorry I've been trying to figure it out for a while now and didn't find anything useful. You can just say I don't care and ignore the post next time it's easier

  28. Plus who are they kidding with the “improve netflix” bull. Their original shows are getting worse and over-woke

  29. Nah, it’s not about wokeness, it’s about over-wokeness, huge difference. Similarly to how modern feminists have pushed feminism into becoming Feminazism. Every woman I know dislikes modern feminists and are annoyed at how it’s causing “meninists” to rear their heads and push with misogyny to combat misandry. My Indian friend (who currently lives in India) doesn’t even want to be associated with the depiction of Indians in over-woke western Media (i.e Mindy’s Velma. He told me to not even mention that Mindy is Indian lol).

  30. I would bet most of those who call themselves critical theorists haven’t laid eyes on Hegel.

  31. I don't think any major critical theorists have just completely not laid eyes on Hegel. Logic seems like a rather specific text though.

  32. it sounds like at least for a lot of people salt lake has been a better experience. to give some context on outlying areas, i’m white and in neighboring utah county have heard racist jokes and political discussions. haven’t seen direct animus toward someone personal, but i imagine that a poc person who didn’t conform could. my poc friends often feel people keep glancing at them in public, not out of hostility so much as ignorance at how rude that is. finally, i would never want to raise teenagers in this county as a poc bc the stuff they say as casual jokes is often insanely racist until age 17 or so when they seem to gain some slight awareness. again though, this is just an idea of a neighboring area not slc itself

  33. Downtown Olympia isn't as dense as downtown SLC, but is a lot more walkable. If you've ever been to downtown Provo on Center St / University Blvd, downtown Olympia kind of reminds me of that but not Mormon and more than just a block or two (it has tons of small shops, restaurants, and bars lining the streets). I can't really speak to the party scene since I'm not really into that, but there is a smaller university nearby so I'm sure the students there have fun.

  34. I would say go for it. You never know until you try. I'm quite introverted myself, but I found the opposite to be true about the "Seattle Freeze". Then again, I was frequenting places where people go to socialize and I always met cool and interesting people. I feel like Utah is a lot more closed off. Unless you have a group of regulars, you're more likely to be left out.

  35. i’m really sorry to you. if she comes around and feels bad someday you gotta guilt her into buying some stuff back lol

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