can you guys wish me a happy birthday? I turn 28 today.

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  1. You gotta just figure that out. Nobody else can tell you how you feel. Give it some time. If it's love, you'll know.

  2. Unless he's depressed or has trauma around birthdays? Idk... That's a flag of some color.

  3. I spent 10 years in it... Not even able to realize... .. I'm finally climbing out and can see some of where I had been now.. I had no idea I had gotten so bad.

  4. Which is exactly what'll happen in the apartment anyway.

  5. Do you still feel what you said was right? Like, do you agree with the meaning behind what you said, when you stood up for your siblings?

  6. Stick to it man. If you have a really hard time. You can kinda mitigate some of it by using some CBD to help offset the symptoms (but he sure you get it from a reputable source...tons of the stuff, even junk)

  7. In the book “complex ptsd” by pete walker, he has a chapter dedicated to “signs of healing” because he shows most people when healing cant recognize it and so milestone checks can help. theyve really helped me. I dont remember the list but anecdotal evidence would be instances where i use to be fiercely against even my mom using phrases like “sweet boy” or “cute little bike” to refer to my motorcycle are now gone and i think of them as very endearing. That is because im no longer ashamed of how my motorcycle is tinier than my massive one i used to have, and im not obsessed with appearing strong and intimidating. I also watch dumb shows and felt like a manchild. I remember watching the same scene from a month prior where i bullied myself for watching such stupid humor now begin to be funny again and i almost missed that sign. With CPTSD its your entire life that has to be reprogrammed rather than stress of a single event that shifted perceptions. I am very tired of every facet of my life having some connection to therapy or this illness but i now view it like having a cheat sheet to observe differences in perspective vs reality and most people dont have that guide. When you have swirling thoughts of anxiety what’s better? Instant references to therapy or regular pondering of what happened with not much to go on for why it happened? Our brains are destined to forever have anxieties and flashbacks and can only be managed now. This curse is what helps me stay alive. Its like the dang dark sign from dark souls cursing the undead to stay human.

  8. Hey! Are you me? I just found a folder of old doc work, whole going through old boxes

  9. You spoil that princess! Let her see the world doesn't have to be horrible!

  10. Labels are toxic and do nothing but create more division in a community that espouses unity and support.

  11. Diagnoses are definitely used as harmful labels, especially for people who don't fit the mold. So there's overlap. Of course that fact doesn't mean that diagnoses can't also be genuine and useful medical tools.

  12. Sounds like dissociation to me. I have PTSD from my own things, but I am not a combat vet. Though I do experience the same... Feels like I am watching myself live my life on autopilot sometimes...

  13. Let’s get one thing straight: if someone asks you to change, that it’s not the right place to stay in.

  14. Caveat,. If the change they request is something many of your friends and family have independently mentioned.... It might be something to look at.

  15. Yes.... Mine would literally take the door off it's hinges and put it in a different room for a few days......

  16. Narc moms have us praying to gods we dont believe

  17. Just begging for something out there to be real enough to reach down from the heavens and choke the life out of us so that we may finally rest.

  18. So.. I have a question about this (not specifically to you, so anyone else going through this, feel free to respond)

  19. Reach out to them more often, but instead of asking about them. Openly share things about your life. Maybe they'll feel like sharing some small bits...

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