1. Can anyone translate what is written. And from which part this picture is from?

  2. Bro this desperate kiyosuzu shippers desperately shipping them and wanting kiyo to love suzune so bad lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. People are saying that she will stab him with compass but they don't know we are talking about kiyo here. He will push her against the wall and put his own huge compass inside her.

  4. Well rather than horikita bieng total opposit to kiyo , it's ichinose who's ideology and actions are total opposit to kiyo. Horikita is willing to use underhanded tactics as shown in y1v5 same as kiyo/ryuen/sakyanagi . Ichinose is the only one who opposes this and she is also someone who wants to save everyone even if it mean sacrificing herself in contrast to kiyo wanting to protect only himself and abandoning others . Also kinu words are equal to his actions , there is no mc other than kiyo .

  5. I'm definitely not a Horikita fan, but think she's a bit more self aware than you think. Yeah, she takes a credit for Ayanogod's feats, but only because that's what she's said to do.

  6. Its not about taking credits lately people started comparing her to others class leaders and think she can beat them.

  7. Which means only she will develop others will remain as they are now🤣🤣. Grow up

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