1. How dense are Russians? With the Moskva it was the same, claim that it was an accident, then demand revenge on Ukraine, how on earth does that fly?

  2. Not really. There’s plenty of moderate pro-NATO pro-Ukraine Republicans, but they fall short of winning primaries because Trump endorses far-right loons. MAGA loons are unpopular with the general public, which is why the Democrats are now widely expected to retain the Senate (maybe they will even manage to keep the House). Trump is the best gift for Democrats.

  3. No, because the left has done nothing but ruin our nation in just 2 or so years. And the use of the FBI and DOJ like this, it’s… it’s like we are in Putin’s Russia. Keeping anyone else from running to maintain power. That, and repeatedly calling right wingers racist, homophobic and numerous other insults has effectively destroyed any chance of the left and right in America reconciling.

  4. The “Lock Her Up” crowd seems to be pretty upset about the FBI raid. Strange.

  5. Yeah, their operational range is up to 500 kilometers, but we have no idea whether they were produced. Is there any sufficient information about them?

  6. I don’t understand why everyone leaves the Tochkas out of this conversation. These attacks are well within their range and it is a known system that Ukraine possess.

  7. Has Dark Brandon secretly approved ATACMS? I guess we will find out pretty soon. That would be huge. I'm so excited.

  8. Second explosion out of Himars range today?

  9. Russian propagandists: “It wasn’t an attack. It was an accident.”

  10. And here everybody was bitching about "Give them the 200-300km missiles now, give them NOW!"

  11. The vast majority of Russian sheep will believe it anyway.

  12. I absolutely support them. Traveling to Europe is a privilege. Only dissidents and whistleblowers who face political persecution should be allowed to enter European countries.

  13. The U.S. is yet to approve them. I doubt that they would have sent them without approving them (but they recently acknowledged sending previously undisclosed radar missiles, so it wouldn’t be unprecedented).

  14. That's really far (230km?) from the front lines! I think the latest HIMARS ammo delivery might have included some unlisted toys.

  15. Yeah. I have no idea how they pulled it off without long-ranged rockets. Novodedorivka is 200 km away from the nearest position. Let's wait for more details. I've added the unconfirmed tag for now.

  16. He's literally the worst presidential candidate (on par with Jill Stein). What are Ron Paul fans doing on the sub that has the NATO flag as its banner? I thought you guys were hanging out on r russia.

  17. Lmao. Not wanting the US to waste tax money on Ukraine during a recession is the same supporting Russia.

  18. There's no recession (the blockbuster jobs report disproves it). Supporting Ukraine greatly benefits the US (supplying Europe with gas, more arms sales for allies, crippling Russia, expanding and strengthening NATO). Ron Paul has been a Russian asset for a long period of time (he supported the illegal annexation of Crimea among other things). He's a fucking traitor who opposes NATO, the US military, the Fed, and the U.S. dollar. His supporters are either traitors or useful idiots.

  19. I have no idea. He didn't specify. I don't know if this guy is legit, which is why this should be treated with a huge grain of salt.

  20. I don’t know how legit he is, but there’s a bipartisan push to send them to Ukraine. Although Jake Sullivan had so far resisted such calls, it is worth noting that the Biden administration officially refused to supply Ukraine with offensive weapons at the start of the invasion, and now they are sending HIMARS ammo like it’s not a big deal.

  21. He has zero chance of winning. On the other hand, MTG, who pushes pretty much the same rhetoric, is guaranteed to keep her place in Congress. Luckily, these idiots influence nothing.

  22. Russia was able to fool many people in the west that the Crimea referendum was legitimate in 2014, but this won’t work this time around.

  23. Germany has pretty strong anti-hate laws. Can she be charged?

  24. Germany has a soft spot for Russian terrorists. I’ve seen tons of videos of Ukrainian refugees being harassed by Russians. It’s definitely not safe for refugees in Germany.

  25. Remember that this is your ordinary Russians. They pretend to be victims for naive European audiences only to act like fascists. Stop allowing them into your countries.

  26. It doesn’t regret shit. Its response was literally “sorry, not sorry.” I hope that the backlash was strong enough to hurt their donations in a very significant way. Maybe then they will crack down on far-left anti-west Russian sympathizers within their organization.

  27. They told so many lies that it’s difficult to spot their truth. Wish they would have lied on this too.

  28. Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 but Ukraine elected a pro-Russia president in 2010. So sad.

  29. Ukraine stood with Georgia during the invasion. It's even sadder that Georgia has a pro-Russia government now.

  30. Forcing Supreme Court justice to retire, granting citizenship to foreigners for electoral gains, censorship of “disinformation” news outlets, targeting billionaires they don’t like, and changing voting laws for their benefit. this is just the modern DNC platform. I’m not a Orban fan but I feel like 99% of his critics especially the ones in America are just pots calling the kettle black(also he sounds like Gru when he speaks English, it’s funny)

  31. MAGA Republicans are huge Orban fan boys. Tucker literally shot a pro-Orban documentary, and CPAC refused to cancel Orban’s appearance even after his Nazi speech about race mixing. Democrats hate Orban and everything he stands for. What the fuck are you talking about?

  32. Fucking scum. I like how he completely ignores the opinions of Ukrainians who are literally begging Biden for weapons, according to multiple polls. The overwhelming majority of Ukrainians oppose any territorial concessions.

  33. One can see the need of doing something, assessing it as necessary, just and fair, and still dislike the act.

  34. It has the NSFW tag. If you are highly sensitive to violence, you should skip it. Personally, I find such content very enjoyable.

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