1. Same with income tax. Why would a leftist support governmental theft of an individual’s income?

  2. It's been said a billion times before, but by God I'll say it again: The police will be the one's to tread on you if the politicians order them to, they exist to serve and protect the state and nothing else. They will take your guns, they will suppress anti-lockdown and anti-government protests, they will enforce any tyrannical law or mandate that is passed, they will raid your home, they will shoot you and your loved ones.

  3. The government, as usual, is using big tech to see who is loyal to the regime and who isn't.

  4. But, without the government, who will help the disabled?

  5. The far left wants fucking sex changes for little children, they worship dead communist dictators who murdered millions, some of them want a literal white genocide even though most far leftists are white themselves.

  6. This is the equivalent of “if you’re a leftist why do you have a smartphone?? 🤔🤔”

  7. Democrats don't support anarchy, they support progressive authoritarianism. There's absolutely nothing anarchist about voting for an authoritarian political party.

  8. Do you think I’m ignorant of that? Voting for dems is harms reduction for me.

  9. Just like the GOP, the dems aren't doing jack shit to help the American people. They're only expanding the federal government and robbing people blind of their civil liberties and money, while only pretending to care about social issues for more votes.

  10. What do you think a "socially progressive, but economically capitalist" political party would look like?

  11. "Socially Progressive" as in less restrictions on people's personal lifestyles and no forced cultural traditionalism.

  12. In my country, conservatives are people who believe in things like freedom of speech, right to own firearms, and freedom of religion. Progressive mostly promise government spending to support people's lifestyles or as a safety net.

  13. Restrictions on things such as same-sex marriage, substance use, the ability to choose and practice your own religion, Sex work, Immigration, your right to personal privacy, gun ownership, free speech, etc.

  14. Libertarians and Anarchists (most of us anyway) believe in religious freedom, so long as people don't force their views onto others.

  15. They're all tyrants who hate your living guts and want your money, fuck all of them.

  16. To be fair, the police have proven to be completely useless in situations such as these and ones similar to it.


  18. All these options are shit, but I guess I'll vote for the ancoms.

  19. Drug Possession and Usage, Abortion, Copyright infringement (in certain instances), Ownership of certain weapons, Prostitution, Tax fraud and Evasion, Undocumented immigration and various other victimless crimes.

  20. I’m taking this to the socialism Reddit to see their thoughts. I’m still allowed 😈

  21. It's gonna be fun to see them flip the fuck out like a bunch of little kids.

  22. Makes sense as a good one-liner, but the devil is in the details. If, for example, I'm a paraplegic, and refuse a job as a tight rope walker... Yes, extreme example to prove a point, but that's a piece of legislation I'd really want to pore over before I voted on it.

  23. Of course exceptions can and will be made for the elderly, the disabled and people who have no knowledge or experience about the field of the position they were offered.

  24. How are our tax dollars even going to help 'queer youth' to begin with?

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