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[Charania] NBA legend Bill Russell has passed away peacefully at the age of 88. RIP.

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  • By - SDas_

  1. The argons just hit different with light blue, dark blue and white swoosh

  2. What school were you flying with?

  3. What do you imply by refund count? If someone refunds or cancels does it affect their likelihood for a drop?

  4. Weird considering the grey scales are still at the original 9/23 release. For the people that got EA this week has your order been delayed as well?

  5. I got EA and my order shipped today

  6. Most definitely. I switched from it for a while and was told by many people they preferred my previous scent! That’s how much of an impact it had!

  7. Bought the fire red 3s through Champs yesterday afternoon (hella surprised they still had my size) and got an email today they ship out tomorrow. I’m finding better service by not going directly through nike these days.

  8. Champs and footlocker are great but unfortunately with heat like the fire red 3s we can’t choose who we will buy it from. Got to enter as many draws as possible and hope one pans out

  9. If you are dead set on part 141, farmingdale state

  10. What if I don’t mind a 61?

  11. The market is quite competitive at the moment, which means that landlords typically have multiple offers from tenants. Unfortunately they're going to choose whoever they think will be most reliable at paying the rent.

  12. Hey that’s the next hurdle. I was approved to start a business therefore I have no “salary”. However my spouse has retained employed employment in our home country and can show income for decades.

  13. If you're starting your own business, do you have to be in London? Depending on your industry you might find it easier to start out somewhere smaller and cheaper (the north of England or parts of Scotland could work well) to build things up at first before moving to a bigger city if you need.

  14. That’s a fair shout, any idea if they would still want 6 months up front?

  15. He is not leading with just performances but with the right spirit as well! The right attitude can be infectious and it’s really what we needed after last season

  16. Lisandro’s 1st pass is ridiculous. Very tough to play that so smoothly

  17. Bruno’s flick on was just as good!

  18. BSc Human Biology; I am now a flight instructor!

  19. Let’s get a move on already!!!

  20. He very well might be but he is probably the signing that changed Newcastles fate the most. It depleted Burnley of their main goal scoring threat and sent them down to the championship. Ye maybe they would’ve gone down anyway but they have been stayed up for a while and found a way to survive for a long time.

  21. Rest In Peace Mr Russell. He was always so lively and bubbly you’d think he’d be around forever. His records are untouchable

  22. He said he saw the white Pele!

  23. Up the Cobblers! Went to Uni there so I’m glad to see they get any news at all!

  24. The class C definitely begins at 1700 over the Delta airport. The reason you see Delta ends at 2500 is because the eastern half(maybe third?) of the delta airspace is not below the Charlie airspace.

  25. Damn that view brings me back to my childhood

  26. In FIFA 23? Is this confirmed?

  27. Yes, don't know officially but almost every leaker has comfirmed it. No more shitty piemonte calcio

  28. That would be great. Do you know if this is true about other Serie A clubs? I love doing serie a career modes but the name changes have broken the immersion for me personally

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