1. My parents would put this on after we were sent to bed and I would be so terrified of the intro I thought there were aliens in my house

  2. Me too! I watched the intro when I was 3 and thought it must be the scariest show ever.

  3. I always thought that Annie and Troy could’ve done better than Jeff and Britta. They would have made a good couple I think.

  4. How do you guys think Cooperative is a good episode? I hate both "versions" of this episode, it's just not that interesting or funny to me.

  5. How do you like Community if you don’t find that episode interesting or funny?

  6. It's just extremely basic IMO compared to other more interesting and funny episodes, both from a plot/story perspective and a setting/style perspective. It's not bad, but nowhere near the top of this season or even the show in general. If I was trying to get someone into Community, this wouldn't crack the top 20 recommended episodes.

  7. Digital Estate Planning is the only non-live episode I'll rewatch.

  8. I second (third? fourth?) Arrested Development. I starting watching it after binging Community and it’s filling the void.

  9. Full offence, but how did this go before advanced d&d????!!!!

  10. Reusable cloth pads. I switched over 6 years ago and have never looked back.

  11. I use reuseable pads for the first couple days of my cycle and then a diva cup. When I first heard about them I was weirded out but now I’d never go back. Tampons always made me feel sick but the diva cup is great. I literally forget I have my period with it.

  12. If you really hate it just wash it a few times with a sulphate shampoo and it’ll should strip out the treatment.

  13. I just use retin-a 0.025% at night and drugstore benzoyl peroxide in the day. The retin-a was less than $40 for me.

  14. How did this lose over the finale, this had prime Duncan and Chang.

  15. Season 6 was so dull to me. I don’t understand why people thought the new additions were great; I literally don’t remember a thing about them. The entire season just felt like a different show imo. It wasn’t Community.

  16. I would say no, but they could be. If you really wanna know buy a cheap black light on Amazon and look at your skin under it. If it glows orange/red it is bacterial acne, if it glows blue/white it’s fungal. You may have a mix of both.

  17. Seconding this. I had bumps around my mouth for years I thought might be fungal but a black light told me they were just regular acne. It ended up that my skin just hated some ingredients that were in my skincare and once I cut them out the bumps stopped forming.

  18. Want to vote out Basic Story, but it also has Chang overhearing the conversation, laughing maniacally, and writing “tomato” on a notepad.

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