1. Unfortunately they only have 11 games scheduled due to having such short notice for the move up

  2. The ship already sailed on that this season; we would have had it yesterday if the uprights at AT&T Stadium had accidentally been installed just a few inches farther to the right.

  3. Southern Indiana does NOT look like a D2 arena. Which makes sense considering the area but it's still absolutely wild to look at

  4. Brothers and sisters, hear me! For mine eyes hath been OPENED, to a whole new LEVEL of bad play in the defensive backfield, never before seen in the history of mankind! Any bad defense can give up 30, 40, and even 50 yard passes. But the Arkansas Razorbacks have truly surpassed them all by giving up not one, or two, but THREE 70 yard runs in a single quarter!

  5. The trivia question is Houston Nutt, but not against Bama. He beat LSU while Saban was there.

  6. He's saying 'how big would that PENALTY have been if we had caught the interception'

  7. Kinda tangentially related, there WAS once an 'Arkansas State Teachers College', but that school had no affiliation whatsoever with Arkansas State. In fact, until 1975 that school had 3 different names, that ALL sounded like they should be affiliated with ASU (Arkansas State Normal School, Arkansas State Teachers College, and The State College of Arkansas).

  8. Forgot that JMU was in the Sun Belt now, saw the title, thought the Mayo people had a rivalry with App State for some reason

  9. Unironically Mo State is a rival i would totally take on lol

  10. They're the 2nd closest D1 football school to Fayetteville (beaten only by Tulsa)

  11. Rocket Sanders should have gotten credit for 240 yards rushing but because KJ underhand-tossed that one ball three yards behind the line of scrimmage instead of handing it off it counts as receiving yards

  12. Dude. This might be a bigger upset than us with App State.

  13. They made the playoffs each of the last 2 seasons. They were top 5 in fcs going into this game

  14. The sheer number of times that game has either been highly important to our season (due to postseason implications) or a close nail biter in our favor, tends to make us feel a little more emotional about it.

  15. Imagine being a Nintendo fanboy and also a CFB fanboy. Couldn't be me

  16. Alternate names for the Sunbelt Conference

  17. After this last weekend? Just call them the 6th power conference

  18. At the time this game was announced Arkansas State was on a streak of 8 straight bowl appearances, and I still didn't think they were gonna have a real shot in this game. Now they're coming off a season where they finished last in the Fun Belt and their most impressive win was at ULM. The recruiting class was great but the gap is just too big to make up no matter how many 3 star freshman stAte has

  19. Am I the only one that thinks that rivalry games in the playoffs would add to the tension, rather than eliminate regular season tension? I know it’s a different sport, but I must’ve lost a few years of my life last year when the Giants played the Dodgers in the postseason for the first time ever. I still get nightmares about the 49ers/Seahawks NFC championship game. I don’t see how this is bad.

  20. I think it's more that, on principle, first round postseason matchups in college sports typically avoid conference rematches where possible.

  21. I'm assuming the quadrant that's just 'B1G East 2: Electric Boogaloo' would have been broken up in an actual 12 team playoff?


  23. A couple of these really surprise me. Most of the time the number 1 team falls after either they have an unusually ugly win or a team below them gets a huge win, or both. But I see a couple cases where it seems like NEITHER of those things happened;

  24. As a fan of a team who had to get a waiver from the SEC to play Colorado St instead of a P5 team, because Michigan dropped us from their schedule in 2018 and 2019 to play Notre Dame instead, it is hilarious to see them being clowned for doing the same thing themselves, but by choice.

  25. I'd heard of the queretaro campus but had no idea they had a football team

  26. Something I noticed is that 7 teams actually have a higher predicted chance of making the playoff than winning their conference: Ohio St, Michigan, Georgia, Alabama, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, and Arkansas. Of course this makes sense given their conferences but it's still cool to see the possibility accounted for.

  27. Hmmm.... bowl game and 2nd-4th in the West... or 4-8 with a loss to a G5 team

  28. I forgot for a minute that SHSU was moving up and did a double take

  29. We have one that we've worn a couple times (once in 2013 against Rutgers, and twice in 2018) that looks, just, wildly out of place.

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