1. There were big names but we're too small of a club to get them in. Watch them end up at the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool next summer.

  2. Not my job to know. Whoever they are, they obviously aren't coming here. They'll end up at bigger clubs who actually spend the money on elite players.

  3. So if you don’t watch other leagues, and don’t know the names of any stars, how can you be sure this isn’t a big name?

  4. On a side note, I'm surprised by how people are reacting to lenglet loan. Yes he's coming as a backup, but is he really the kind of quality we want? He had a horrific season at Barcelona, and his form hasn't been the best since Sevilla. I love the optimism around him in spurs social media, and myself also can only be hopeful his form can recover with Conte masterclass.

  5. I think a lot of people believe his play style is more suited to a 3 atb system. His stats also point to a player comfortable on the ball and who defends aggressively, which seems to be what Conte wants on the left.

  6. American culture, and consequently Reddit, is completely obsessed with race. Most of the world has a different concept of race, and some regions, like most of Europe, just don't care (we do care about cultures). Getting mad at people because some word in their language sounds like a slur, or for using words in their language that you would consider slurs in yours, is plain stupid, and you would be surprised about just how many people do that.

  7. What are you talking about? After France won the World Cup people claimed their team wasn’t actually French because it was black. Saka received racist abuse for missing a penalty in the Euros. And most Europeans treat the Roma like scum, calling them slurs and acting like they are all criminals and cheats. Don’t even get me started on the anti-Arab racism that is prevelant in Europe.

  8. Not nearly the majority of French people, football hooligans are just the worst worldwide. And most of the discrimination (which does exist, I'm not saying it doesn't) arises against Muslim people, not Arabs. Being Muslim is a religion and a culture, being arab is an ethnicity.

  9. Right, football hooligans (not an insignificant number of people) push racism quite heavily in pretty much every European country. That is not an issue America experiences.

  10. It does not so imply. They were in a world where bad things could happen and they did a bad thing. The possibility already existed, they didn't create it.

  11. Well then it goes back to the original point that God created them and the evil. He could have created us without the need for growth from evil, but he didn’t. Instead he created evil and allowed it to roam free, which means he is not Omni-benevolent.

  12. God need not create evil, only allow that it exist and free willed beings will create evil on their own. Then we have to debate the meaning of omni benevolence; is it more benevolent to grant free will, or that creation should never suffer? They are mutually exclusive. That said, we're deep into philosophical wankery with such points, I don't expect solution on Reddit.

  13. God created evil though. If he created an evil being, then he created evil. He created natural disasters, disease, childbirth pain, etc. Furthermore God could create free will without evil. If he can’t than he isn’t omnipotent.

  14. There is this trend of Leftists hating on liberals and i want a civil discussion to try and understand it.

  15. Where are you getting that definition of socialism that it only includes economic principles? Even the dictionary doesn’t say that.

  16. You're the guy who was allergic to the dictionary? I copy pasted definitions and you ignored it, asking me what the definition was after i just posted it?

  17. Right, you ignored the definitions that Marx, leftists, and academics gave in favor of the definitions that corporations gave. The dictionary gets its definitions from common usage, not from the ideology. So during the red scare when people began using “communism” and “socialism” interchangeably and to refer to the government doing things, the dictionary used that as its definition. That doesn’t mean that is what leftist ideology is, that means it’s what some people THINK leftist ideology is.

  18. Why would I let a dictionary chose the definition over the people? If I got the dictionary to describe liberals as a pedophile, would that make it true?

  19. If you believe that most of the world’s population who believes in religion does so due to a lack of critical thinking, you need to gain some yourself.

  20. Not really. We know how effective it is to enforce beliefs at a young age. If everyone came to their religious beliefs purely through study and critical thinking, we would not see regional religions. Instead we would see each generation having different religious beliefs than the last. But that’s not what happens.

  21. The people who fought for civil rights were very happy to call out how white people are currently benefiting from the system and economic impact of slavery and Jim Crow. Despite being heavily white washed, the civil rights leaders didn’t just go around preaching unity, they called for the system to be burned down and condemned the people who benefited from the system but refused to help tear it down.

  22. Well of course I know the system is corrupt, unfair, and needs a radical reform. But I simply think that we shouldnt be so quick to condemn white people just because they happen to benefit from said system. It's like, if a modern day white person is from a rich family whose generational wealth came from owning slaves, but they dont realize it until they're much older, what are they supposed to do besides the obvious answer of donating the wealth they inherit to minority causes? The wealth came from things they, nor their parents, hell maybe not even their grandparents, existed to even be able to do anything about.

  23. The criticism comes when they refuse to recognize it. When they refuse to condemn the system that is oppressing different minority groups in our nation. When they refuse to realize that their privilege and wealth came off the backs of minorities. That’s when they are condemned for it.

  24. So if a woman doesn’t have crippling period pain, endometriosis, and PCOS they aren’t women? Are you serious?

  25. Born one, physically and naturally one, this I am as well. No surgery required :)

  26. So you’ve never had surgery before? If I’ve had surgery to remove my tonsils, am I no longer a man?

  27. You can argue that a developing child is not a human and a clump of cells, well we are all a clump of cells. Watch videos of children being aborted and recoiling in pain as they are wrapped apart and then tell me what someone wrote and pontificated it’s merits. All human life is sacred, especially that of an innocent child. If you cannot comprehend this I feel sorry for you, truly.

  28. That’s not what the exodus verse says. It says that if the woman is attacked and miscarries, the attacker is to pay a fine. If she dies, it will be a life for a life. That clearly lays out that the fetus isn’t a person, because if a person is killed it is supposed to be the death penalty. The rest of those quotes don’t even mention pregnancy or the death of the fetus.

  29. I’m one of those crazy people that defines a child in the womb as a human. It’s weird they have this technology that makes 3D scans of the children in the womb they even suck their thumbs and move around but keep saying it’s a clump of cells in your mind if it helps you sleep at night. It’s socially acceptable way to murder your child and one day you’ll have to answer to your creator.

  30. According to what? The science doesn’t back that up. Biblical Scripture doesn’t back that up. All of our laws don’t count the child as a person until it’s born. A fetus doesn’t get benefits, a social security number, any form of government documents, etc.

  31. My point about bringing up ACTUAL drug tests was that you have no idea what they are actually giving you. They tell you, sure, but you don’t know if they are being truthful.

  32. Please go back to the original comment in the chain that you responded to and read it again. After that respond to me.

  33. Of course he is going where the biggest salary is, because it hasn’t earned enough at Real.

  34. The biggest salary? It’s a non-DP contract. That means his contract will be $1.6 million a year at the maximum. That puts him at £25,000 p/wk. That’s a similar wage to Tanganga.

  35. That's a good point. Now anybody can claim to be woman whether they have penis or not and compete in woman's sports. Sick really

  36. That is one of the pretty obvious defining characteristics yes.

  37. Really? So if I’m in an accident and my penis is blow off, I’m a woman now? If a someone is born with a birth defect where they are missing their penis, they are a woman?

  38. let's tear it down together and make something great from the rubble, that benefits everyone

  39. Ooh not Dior giving us the juicy details lol. If he is in fact Chris I’m glad to see they’re taking the opportunity to introduce the side characters earlier into the story. People like Chris, Silena, Michael, and Beckendorf should def get more screen time. That was one of the issues I had with the books, the side characters not getting enough to do until the end of the series.

  40. Yep! I’m seriously hoping Beckendorf is introduced in season 1 if they can. I think it’ll make seasons 4 and 5 more powerful if everyone isn’t just some faceless camper

  41. There is a difference between buff and ripped though. Look at any NFL offensive lineman. That’s at least how I envisioned her build

  42. A lineman? Those guys maintain that only because it’s advantageous for blocking. Those guys struggle to run the length of the field because their weight affects their athleticism. If anything Clarissa would be built like a Tight End

  43. That is just completely untrue. You’ll actually mostly find examples of cooperation and mutual aid.

  44. Are you trying to say there have been no busts in the oil and gas segment since the 70s? Do I need to Google basic facts for you?

  45. When we are talking about how much money oil companies bro in, if your point is that they have large amounts of losses to, I’d ask you show that.

  46. You already acknowledged the losses and refuse to source your pure profit number. So weird that you don't believe yourself now.

  47. I acknowledged one quarter of loses. I can source the profit numbers if you’d like. Just tell me which ones you want. I didn’t realize a Google search was that difficult for you, but I understand you don’t fully get how everything works.

  48. The original commenter is talking about criticism of Israel as attacking Jews. There are hate crimes against Jewish people, some committed by black people. That’s not what we’re discussing though

  49. It's bullshit that Black Americans can loudly denounce Jewish violence and human rights abuses in Israel and openly support serious anti-Jewish vitriol, attitudes and discrimination by claiming they were doing it under the Palestinian cause yet when Jewish Americans denounce the human rights abuses, injustices and discrimination Blacks are getting away with right here in our country (or anywhere in the world for that matter) we are vilified and shamed. I'm trying to understand why hostile language and behavior is acceptable when it's coming from Black Americans towards Jews under the guise of the Palestinian cause yet if anybody shows that hostility towards blacks nobody would accept it. It's not like they have a better record than Jews when it comes to human rights or anything else that's used as an excuse to condone this hostility.

  50. Black people aren’t attacking Jewish people. They are criticizing the state of Israel. If you here criticism of Israel and instantly decide that you must criticize black people, that’s going to be a massive problem. No one has a problem with criticizing African nations, for example.

  51. Oh the cops are needed at the ones in America too. This is just some weird woke trend that the American “queers” love to repeat.

  52. It’s not a woke trend. The cops attendended the first pride, do you know what they were doing? Sexually assaulting, physically assaulting, and oppressing queer people.

  53. Okay and some straight people still do that to this day. You know who else participated in assaulting and discrimination against queers? Doctors! But I never see hate for ALL doctors even tho the big pharma industry really targets LGBT especially. Shit up until a few decades ago homosexuality was listed as a mental illness still but again complete silence and no hate to doctors. 🙄 The argument against ALL cops is childish and exclusive.

  54. We aren’t banning individuals, we are banning those the system. If you are a police officer you are welcome at pride, but not in uniform and not while on duty. The whole purpose of pride is to celebrate the time that we fought against the police to gain our rights. The police are STILL our oppressors. Doctors aren’t oppressing us, police are.

  55. How does it not? The senate and Supreme Court in the US is what maintained slavery and the oppression of black people for centuries. What oppression has it stopped?

  56. Read your username. It's not ableism - it's a pun.

  57. I don’t think you understand what a pun is lmao. If you are using someone’s disability as a way to make fun of them, it’s ableism. I’m using my chronic health condition as a lighthearted joke. You are using it as a way to be dismissive. Do you understand the difference?

  58. It’s such BS to bring up mental health in this scenario when people actually have real struggles.

  59. Bro what? How was Dele always told how great he was? He had a really shitty childhood and his parents effectively abandoned him.

  60. He was supposed to be one of the best players on earth when coming up as a prospect!!!!

  61. ? He wasn’t considered an elite prospect until the 14/15 season. He was already an adult by that point. Before that he was raised by an alcoholic mother and a father who consistently left him. He was forced to live at a teammates house for stability. For 19 years of his life it was pretty shit. It’s not like at Spurs he wasn’t told no, that’s an insane thing to say.

  62. He was out of contract the following summer with no intention of re-signing. So yeah that's running your contract down.

  63. But that’s not what running down his contract is. He told Spurs he wanted to leave and would not be signing a new contract. That’s the respectful thing to do.

  64. No it's not. Running down your contract is exactly as it sounds. It's not signing a new one with the intent to leave as a result.

  65. So any player who hasn’t signed a recent contract extension is running down their contract? I’ve literally never heard anyone say that. They only call it running down their contract when the player is using it to force a move, which Eriksen didn’t do.

  66. i don’t get it. why would he go on holiday during the summer transfer window? it’s literally the peak period for his job for 2 months. he has 10 other months to go on holiday. he has to be doing this on purpose for the lols at this point.

  67. I don’t think this is his peak. He’s much more busy when he’s going to two games a week where he’s writing pre-game, live updates, and post game articles. He also participates in the pre/post game press conferences, and he usually writes a separate article during the week. During the transfer window all he has is occasional writing about rumours

  68. he had like a month between the season ending and transfer window opening. what about international breaks? he always deliberately goes on holiday during summer transfer windows

  69. During the season he works weekdays and weekends, so in the off season he uses a lot of his vacation. He still has to write during the international breaks about both England and Spurs players internationally

  70. Who told him to open up a restaurant? Seems kinda stupid for a young footballer to get that attached when you can be forced to move at any given time. That’s the life of the career you chose 🤷‍♂️

  71. He can’t be forced to move whenever. If he wants to he can get paid around €200,000 a week for the next four years. If he loves Milan, what’s stupid about it?

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