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  1. Your body is so beautiful and perfect to me. 🙌♥️

  2. Finally, a video of women standing up and not drooping their breast over to get views.

  3. I never used a sock. Thank goodness I had my own shower growing up. Mom and dad always wondered why I used so much water and time.

  4. All good homie, I realized how it could’ve been mistaken. What’s your go to method for ribeyes?

  5. Straight up charcoal with one piece of wood.

  6. Damn. Apparently, the passenger needs to see a gynecologist. Fish fry, holy shit.

  7. How to get you ass kick quickly. A quick kick to his chest, and he will not try that dumb shit again.

  8. Both. How long does it take to condition your hair?

  9. If that breaks, we are going to find out how well you can drive, and you are putting other drivers at risk. And that's not a lug nut turbo.

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