1. You can login to passport and edit your direct deposit, not sure if you can remove it entirely. You will need your current account number to do it. However payroll was already submitted and you may not be able to do it in time.

  2. If they do work, I sincerely hope they install one at I4 and Sand Lake. Takes 20+ minutes to go from Universal Blvd to Turkey Lake some days, largely due to people blocking lanes trying to get into the lane they missed.

  3. This intersection is next on the list for a diverging diamond. Other DDI’s are planned for Howland Boulevard (Exit 114 @ FL472), H.E. Thomas Jr. Parkway (Exit 101A @ CR 46A), Lake Mary Boulevard (Exit 98) and Osceloa Polk Line Road (Hwy 532 @ Exit 58)

  4. I don’t believe the Caesar pasta salad is made in house.

  5. Yes, but if you work 40 hours per week, then you would need 2,080 hours of vacation time.

  6. Yeah if you didn’t lose whatever vaca you didn’t use at the turn of the new year. Which we do.

  7. System Maintenance on Wednesday nights from 10pm to around 2am.

  8. Well since you said no golf or kinda not a bar scene, what about a casino? Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa is just an hour and half drive. Or you could try deep sea fishing out of Port Canaveral?

  9. I would look into either Margaritaville Resort, or Orange Lakes by Holiday Inn Club Vacations.

  10. Whomever wrote this thread's title... a .09 cent dividend is not the same as a $.09 dividend. Point oh nine cents is less than a tenth of a penny. Just sayin'...

  11. I’m new to this. I’ve only purchased one stock. I don’t qualify yet for Profit Plan. My question is: if I buy a $1,000 in stock now while it split, is that a good thing? Please advise as I’m still learning. Thank you!

  12. If you buy $1,000 in stock on May 1st, you would get 72.67 shares at the price of $13.76 each. If the stock price was to go up to say $20 after your purchase, your stock would be valued at $1453.40. The more shares you have the more you make. Based on past performance this may be the cheapest you can get Publix stock for in a long time.

  13. It can be done. Go to a store with the receipt, have them reach out to EFT accounting. EFT Accounting is only open like 8:30-4:30pm on weekdays. They can transfer the balance to another Publix gift card.

  14. It really depends on what you want to do. Hilton Orlando is geared more towards the business crowds. It does have a nice bar and cool lazy river. It is located on I-Drive which is very convenient to some good restaurants and great activities. However, it is pretty pricey in comparison with Tuscany. At Tuscany you can get larger rooms that feature full kitchens for nearly half the price of a room at the Orlando Hilton. It’s nice and can help you save money by making some meals like breakfast in the room. The Hilton Orlando to me is way over priced for comparable resorts in Orlando.

  15. The Oasis pilot stores are stores that first had Oasis rollout. It is usually 1 store per region. They have a unique server and they are first to pilot any new changes in Oasis. There may not be any specific pilots happening right now, but you would have to ask one of those stores directly.

  16. Stefano's Trattoria in Winter Springs hands down. But I would also recommend Nonno’s Italian Restaurant in Altamonte Springs.

  17. Upscale nightlife in Orlando doesn’t really exist other than maybe the SkyLounge at Amway. And that is generally only open on Friday and Saturday.

  18. I think you are spot on. Considering that he is checking bags. That alone can take at least 30 minutes to an hour. December 22 and 23 are the busiest travel days of the year. If you do not arrive at least 2 hours early, don’t plan on making your flight.

  19. You would get paid for any holidays not used after the first of the year. You could however enter your unused holidays on any day you do not work to get paid now. Even if you work 40 hours you would still get paid, you just cannot have any hours on the day you put it in for.

  20. This will also be the last year of that Pharmacy. They are building a new store to open next year and replace this one.

  21. For an undergraduate program at a 4-year university the max per year is $3,200. The maximum for 4 years is $12,800. At a community college the max per year is $1,700 and the maximum limit is $3,400.

  22. Damn that’s annoying! They still haven’t put it in, should I call first thing tomororw and tell them again? Told them every day since Friday night when I left

  23. You won’t see the time added on your time card. You will get a notification in passport to review the PPA once it’s entered.

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