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  1. I find these plants are like humans. Like when a baby is born you need help getting it out of you. Almost all of my seeds needed help removing the seed shells.

  2. That sound you're hearing is the wind being taken out of all the TDS sufferers. I imagine now we will be inundated with posts claiming that the CSIS head is lying either today or last week since his testimony is contradictory (which it isn't if you were paying attention).

  3. Time to chop unless you want more of a couchlock high

  4. How long could the greenbelt possibly last with our population growth and housing prices?

  5. No social media? How will she meet her ideal mate? He'd have no social media. Boggles the mind.

  6. I see about 2 joints there. They are the 2 joints you'll smoke before you smoke 2 more.

  7. Good. It's about time. Pandering to 3% of the population was getting exhausting.

  8. The pope is a nazi youth, a known fact. And many nazi youths became gov officials. So yea nazis have been i power.

  9. The pope from Argentina? Or the one before him? Who is the only pope to retire and not hold the position till he died?

  10. I live near fat ass renters who can't be bothered to walk too far and risk burning calories. They would let the bricks on the front of the house stop their car if you suggested it to them. Also people would have RV's, storage containers, abandoned cars on their lawns if there wasn't this bylaw. Or how about living around a single family home where the Brampton landlord has rented it to international skip the dishes drivers and the lawn would have 5 Hondas on it. I hate rules that aren't enforced and made-up knee jerk reactions, but people are dicks without them as well.

  11. I lived in Brampton. Me , my brother, sister, mom and dad all had cars. 5 cars. My father got a permit and the curb cut in front of the house for the cars. Try going to City Hall and finding out your options.

  12. I just signed off. And nothing happened. Except I went to the start splash screen. So is this a US thing?

  13. You do know that sweet tasting stuff is Mellow yellow. Not Mountain dew.

  14. Of course. Everyone is hurting right now. Raises have to wait for a while.

  15. He says he vapes? I vape and it does not smell. Maybe he has a dry vape and smokes actual weed. My fruit flavored liquid 510 thread vapes I buy from the dispensaries don't.

  16. I'm going to age myself. But I took my g test at the John Rhodes center. It was inclosed, I never hit the streets. I know it's gone now. Shit this was the GTA. Nevermind.

  17. Makes A.I. not sound very intelligent people make things from their imagination . If the machine needs inputs to make something. Then it's programer is still telling it what to do. This isn't intelligence.

  18. Glass would increase shipping costs by orders of magnitude and be far far worse for the environment due to making the glass and the extra fuel required to transport it.

  19. No. Plastic is toxic, Glass is not. You cheer price hikes with triple rate raises in carbon. Yet not a solution that only lets you ship 15% less product. But is way better for the environment wayyy less toxic to make or recycle. Plus portions are smaller these days. So your point might be mostly moot. It still is a bit heavier.

  20. It may be heavier. But volume is the same. Trucks and trains can handle the weight. But earth can't handle the toxins from plastics.

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