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  1. Reddit is not anonymous if they track you and show you ads related to your browsing habits.

  2. You aren’t quite following. Reddit accounts don’t have a face tied to them and if you tried to say you were somebody of note no one would believe you. Reddit is different than other social platforms in that nobody is expected to reveal their identity to other users in fact they are encouraged not to. By Twitter and face book who want people to verify their identity and post things as their real world self. This aspect has nothing to do with add tracking.

  3. Quality of life is way down from what it was, homeless is way up from what it was, crime is way up from what it was, suicide is way up from what it was, don’t know if anything is different in terms of education but that’s always been good. Freedom is less than what it was.

  4. Did you even interpret this data or just try to look for headlines?

  5. Lose out on that sweet LTI and have to deal with the price increases then.

  6. Eh not really. I have a bunch of $5 lti’s I don’t use them because I melt and rebuy my fleet all the time. So I always have the latest hotness without spending any extra money and I never have money tied up in things not in game. Prevents any amount of anger something isn’t out yet or to spec etc

  7. Genuine question though, from what I heard, being vegan was not consuming meat or any animal-based products, is there a protein food there? Asking for a friend.

  8. You are referencing a theory that a lot of the work was done as a way for the poor to pay tax. That doesn’t mean they didn’t use slaves. They still only theorize about the methods used to build them, very little is known as a fact so it’s a bit ignorant to just come out and say that.

  9. The slave owners left a lot of records saying how they weren't slaves, and were quite happy with the work they forced - er, paid them to do!

  10. “Some” why are there so many people that are bad at reading click bate titles and articles, they will say something like “so and so discovered proof ancient Egyptians were paid to build the pyramids.” This statement isn’t saying that they disproved the use of slaves it only states that some unknown amount of people were paid. There is an even bigger mountain of evidence they used slaves so chances are it was both. The pyramids were built across generations so there were many different phases and leaders in control.

  11. You would feel disrespected if foreigners came to your country and literally pissed on and vandalized your sacred artifacts.

  12. But does he have a ship full of treasure that I can plunder to keep a golf course from being built over my home?

  13. So, you can just play Niv in the command zone and then you just have permanent easy access instead of having to find him but also...

  14. Okay, first it's mana not energy, energy is a whole different mechanic and doesn't have anything to do with this.

  15. You got me thinking maybe I shouldn’t bring curiosity at all and just use ophidian eye that way I don’t cascade into curiosity before the two tutors.

  16. Already been stated but geothermal doesn’t work most places. My cousin started a geothermal company and found that out the hard way.

  17. It more than likely won’t and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are huge amounts other shit that this could negatively affect like food/water supply and poverty/jobs, it’s important to do this without putting too much strain on society, with the this big looming recession etc. If society gets impacted and life becomes too tough you will see us move backwards fast.

  18. Yea. I'd much rather drive a pretty car that launches the engine block into my crotch from a low speed crash due to the ridgid structural design that lacked crumple zones or airbags. Not to mention the chance of my pretty vehicle literally exploding from getting rear ended because the fuel tank was placed there.

  19. Most important thing is the detonator. But actually safety feature have no benefit to how beautiful the car is.

  20. When two adults love each other very much sometimes the man will eat pussy while his lady is on her period, it’s a perfectly normal thing. Steak isn’t the only thing that’s good blue rare.

  21. Canadians trying so hard to force a culture war like America. Conservatives are practically begging for it at a federal level and it’s being reflected by the population. Fucking pathetic

  22. this particular culture war was already started long ago, JT has fired more than a few shots aswell.

  23. getting elected for president at a cost of a few thousand dollars? What a steal! Normally, it cost millions just to run a campaign.

  24. Well, you said people can meddle with politics with thousand of bots and 8$ each. You said it was expensive, but I see it as cheap because it usually costs 100 times more to have the same result.

  25. It costs the owners of the bots about a penny each right now so 1 000 000 of them costs about $10 000 a month to the owner, they are then sold to organizations at a profit. Now it would cost 8 000 000 for 1 000 000 bots per month, then sold for a profit. Not to mention if those bots aren’t constantly being used they are costing the owner lots of money. That’s now a risky investment that could lose you your shirt. Is it going to be perfect? nope nothing is, is it going to be a substantial improvement? most definitely. Ramping the monthly overhead of a million bots from 10 thousand to 8 mil a month will have a big impact.

  26. I finally found legal weed in Canada that doesn’t suck. Ever since they legalize weed here it’s all been dry due to regulations resulting from mouldy weed that sat around when legalization was first getting off the ground. From what I understand anyway. Selection is great unless you wish to select sticky weed. Prices are in a good spot.

  27. Really? Here in Quebec it’s pretty good. I’m not an expert but I wouldn’t call it dry.

  28. I’ve seen one guy take it, he loosely followed the rules for the pouch for a couple sessions then maybe mentioned it once in a while as flavour.

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