1. It should be muscle memory. Make sure you’re sitting comfortably and teach your whole body what it feels like to be in 1st position. Then you can progress to other positions (Rick Mooney is your friend here). Focus on these basics. Ask your teacher to give you feedback on posture.

  2. I count my macros daily and am within 85-100% within my macros. I don’t eat sugar, fast food, fried food or anything. I eat a gram of protein per pound. I based my calorie counts off the tdee website for cutting. I count everything down to the vitamins I take and the bit of low-fat milk I put in my coffee.

  3. Have you spoken with your doctor? Certain conditions, including cancers, can cause weight loss issues due to hormone disruption.

  4. Yeah I know that doesn't come across well at all but if you'd met them I guarantee you'd have the same thought.

  5. I no like you anyway. You got little ding-a-ling.

  6. Nuts are healthy food, type of fat in nuts is benefical for us, so there's no need to avoid consuming them. The thing is, they should be consumed in moderation because they are very high in calories.

  7. A good rule-of-thumb is 20% of caloric intake should be from healthy fats.

  8. play the double stop ( g, d, b) and when you get to the b play c instead and switch between c and b for a half beat while still playing d and then play quickly the grace notes ( a, b) with the same bow and then the double stop for a quarter beat ( a, d )

  9. My teacher said that in baroque music, the trill is from the bottom (BC), and in romantic it's from the top. Ofc lots of exceptions e.g. depending on where the melodic line is going.

  10. I believe it's generally the other way around. Maybe your teacher misspoke or was confused.

  11. 4 eggs 200g cottage cheese 100g oats Cinnamon touch of salt

  12. Sounds great! Are the oats supposed to become flour-like while blending?

  13. Yes they should. Otherwise regular flour should work.

  14. Slow it down. Like half the speed. Especially the faster bits. Rebuild your confidence, then gradually increase speed with MM.

  15. Maybe breakfast is not your thing. I feel much better only having tea/coffee/water in the morning. Just start work and forget about eating.

  16. John Humphreys explains the answers to your questions rather well:

  17. Yes, that does explain the issue I'm having. I have watched a number of his videos, but I missed this one. Thank you!

  18. Your lower back pain is related to how you are sitting and how much. Speak to your doctor and research how to sit comfortably.

  19. Sometimes- oats 40g, 1 scoop protein powder blended with 150ml oatmilk, heat gently together over low heat, add 20g chia seeds. Banana/berries optional.

  20. Yes they will investigate and the report will say 'refer to Met' who will slap a fine. Seen this circus before.

  21. How to do your homework on 'How do students address their teacher in each European country?'

  22. How dare you question yhe people that feed you?? Back to the workhouse!

  23. Looks good. One thing I would change though is not moving your head too far forward.

  24. There are also a lot of other choices with cake. You can ask for the cake to be put away e.g. fridge or to be put into a container. You can speak with the person who has the cake and explain yourself politely.

  25. Health it (ie the GP systems that follow you through life) have more genders and an audit trail of when they were changed, by whom, and why (and if necessary, accompanying documentation). So that's a flat out lie. Hospital systems (that are really designed to ensure they bill NHS for work done) usually create a new record per hospital visit (if it's the same department then they will attach a string of appointments together). So they can just record your gender each time. So there's no problem there. The tax office might have a problem (I doubt it), but that's hardly critical

  26. I believe some practices have to start a completely new patient record once a person changes gender. Makes record keeping a complete mare.

  27. If polls don't change for RISH! then at what point will they be forced to ditch him? May locals?

  28. I think the buses might be running more frequently after that. Less people to pick up, less bus stops.

  29. Now we only need some more oil/gas deposits maybe in the Mediterranean or Baltic and then we may actually can be able to be self-sufficient again in near future

  30. What about atomic reactor fuel? French-made reactors can use french ore but I think eastern Europe relies on Russia for supply and storage.

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