1. No, use the golden Razz for non-shiny legendaries. Silver Pinap only gives the same catch rate as a normal Razz. Golden Razz gives the highest catch rate among all the berries.

  2. silver pinap has almost double the effectiveness of a regular razz berry. it's pretty much right in between razz berry and golden razz berry.

  3. no, but we can notice patterns. they'll probably get their community days at some point this year.

  4. Yeah, it still is pretty painful. But what are the odds of it showing up in the first place I guess…

  5. I've heard 8 spawn in the world every hour, but that could be complete garbage.

  6. Always worth a shot? Best case scenario you get what you want, worst case you get 1 of 7 others. I see no downsides

  7. 1 of 3 others. Glaceon, leafeon, espeon, umbreon and sylveon all have specific evolution requirements.

  8. Technically it hatches from the raid egg at the gym, which is why they’re classified as such.

  9. What? mine don't classify as such, only pokemon from incubated eggs show up in that. (at least for me)

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