1. Psystrike mewtwos, Smack down tyranitar, Rock Wrecker/Smack down ryhperior, Meteor mash metagross.

  2. We really need a booklet style menu to be able to pick stickers in. Having to scroll past old stickers that I have few or 1 of gives me lots of anxiety lol.

  3. Shiny legendarys from raids have a 100% catch rate, always make sure to pinap for that extra candy.

  4. the star rating system is the bars that come up when you appraise a pokemon. you can get 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 stars. a 4* is maxed out IV's. Not sure what you're asking about the same pokemon and same CP thing, just favor higher IV pokemon while you're starting. Only certain mega raids are solo-able. Use an app like Pokie Genie to get invited to a group of 6 people, makes it much easier to consistently win. That research has to do with the current Season of light, it will unlock on October 5th.

  5. Shiny odds are tied to species, not encounter method. Most 1 star raid bosses are common spawns which usually have the base 1/512 rate. Legendarys have a 1/20 shiny rate and are found in 5 star raids and the GBL. I believe the pokemon that you encounter after mega raids have a 1/64 rate.

  6. wait for it to attack, than throw the ball halfway through the attack animation. should connect right when the attack ends.

  7. CP is determined by the IVs. Attack increases CP more than defense and hp. So having a lower attack can make it where you have 1 or 2 higher level while keeping the same CP. higher level has better stats than the 15 points of attack would give you

  8. So basically, a pokemon with full stats will do less damage overall than a pokemon with the smaller attack stat, because it has a higher overall stat production because of the extra levels they gain. hope that helps OP.

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