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Mob makes Iranian police run

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Train Hits Cop Car with Handcuffed Woman Inside

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  1. I got that one and a pro-Kemp one today. They both went right into the recycling. I weep for the literal forests that give their lives for every election cycle. I mean is there anyone whose opinion these would actually sway? Honestly?

  2. Yes, unfortunately, there’s a LOT of people who would be swayed by a fancy flier…or a golden escalator. That’s the whole problem.

  3. Not sure, but there was a TV spot for maybe her or Warnock and the ad was listing off all the things they had done. I'm not strongly invested in either party, but the list was sounding pretty good. The odd thing was, the tone of voice was dark and sinister -very incongruent with the generally positive accomplishments being listed.

  4. Lol I’ve seen some of those too, they made me laugh but then be sad for the idiots that would fall for them.

  5. Kinda like how we think so little of boys’ ability to not be so distracted by girls wearing tank tops or short shorts to pay attention in class or, worse, not put their hands on a girl, that we’ve created lopsided dress codes that make girls’ lives harder?

  6. There’s a lot of men I’ve known in my lifetime that I WISH I could’ve aborted! But that is impossible because, you know, a man is an adult person, not a fetus.

  7. At the risk of repeating myself for the fifty-hundredth time in this sub just this week, FUCK THESE PEOPLE!!!

  8. The difference between mourning a person and mourning an idea is huge - but it can often appear as if they are very similar, because as human beings we still go through the same stages of grief when we lose something. Even someone going through a divorce can go through those stages, because it is like a “death” of the life they knew and they are mourning it.

  9. Someone needs to hold a pro choice protest on the same day in the same place.

  10. Or a “Stop the Murder of Babies by Outlawing Jacking Off” rally. See how much they like that.

  11. Sadly, many people who think the things in the OP image are devoutly religious (or at least say they are). They wouldn’t mind.

  12. I’ve got a feeling that no matter how “religious” some of them claim to be, you start talking about making it illegal for men to jack off and they’re gonna care.

  13. Blanket method? What is that?

  14. It’s also called “blanket training” and is basically just child abuse. You put a baby on a blanket on the floor with a toy, and if they move off the blanket, you hit them. It is apparently a method used a lot by Christian fundamentalists and was highlighted in a very popular child-rearing book that I remember lots of parents I knew growing up used on their kids (To Train Up a Child).

  15. You mean Josh Dugger, convicted pedophile who was raised by Jim bob and Michelle Dugger? That Dugger family?

  16. Yep, that Josh Duggar, who was convicted of having some of the most vile child SA material that investigators had ever seen - including some of INFANTS - that he collected over the years while his wife was having his seven children.

  17. In my state, it’s kinda unregulated until high school, where parents must pass a competency test to continue teaching them past middle school. I’m a high school teacher. I get many kids who start 9th grade after a lifetime of home school. About 20% are right on target and 10% are above grade level, often far beyond and graduate in 2.5-3 years instead of 4. But the other 70%? Good. Lord.

  18. In your experience, were a lot of the homeschooled kids from religious families? Out of all the families I know that homeschool their kids, the vast majority were “Christian” fundamentalists that didn’t want their kids learning, you know, FACTS, and instead wanted to teach them shit like that there were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark and the Earth is only 6,000 years old and men have one less rib than women because that’s how Adam made Eve (I wish I was joking).

  19. That's just really sad. Aren't there truancy laws? Repeated calls to the school and child neglect authorities will eventually get some kind of result, but in the meantime, that poor child!

  20. Of course there are truancy laws, but all the parent(s) would have to do is withdraw their kid(s) from school or not even register them in the first place and say they’re homeschooling, and it wouldn’t matter how many calls they received. Most states - especially red states - have really lax homeschooling laws where all a parent has to do is say they’re homeschooling their kid(s) and sign some forms affirming they’re being taught appropriate grade-level stuff, and that’s it. There’s no testing of the kid(s) or checking up on them to make sure they’re actually being taught. It’s all that “FREEDUM” stuff some Americans are always screaming about.

  21. Idk how texas works but Trespassing isnt an arrestable offense until someone has come BACK after being originally trespassed, these bored ass University cops gotta go man...

  22. Also, UNT is a public university, and unless you’re breaking the law, you can’t legally be trespassed from public property unless you’re causing a disturbance. If the university was open for a job fair, unless he was doing something to interfere with the job fair, they had no cause to tell him to leave, even if he wasn’t a student.

  23. We are not persons. We are one. Her problems separate from me are my problems, and vice-versa. Her individual victories and trials are mine and vice-versa versa.

  24. Ugh I want to punch her stupid face so bad!!! And anyone in the audience who was clapping for her. Fuck these people!

  25. Right? No one will EVER convince me that it’s okay to force an unwanted pregnancy that resulted from SA on a 10 year old (or anyone of any age for that matter). I truly don’t understand how they think that’s okay in any way. I cannot think of many things more horrific than that.

  26. And you know most of these freaks screaming the loudest about it would be the first in line at the clinic if it happened to their kid.

  27. For someone who posts about video games like once a week, you sure do like to call people immature a lot or question their life experience.

  28. and if you were to compare bankrupting casinos to the long rap sheet of Biden and Kamala and all the damage they have done, is it so bad? I never said he’s the best choice. I said he’s the best choice out of the two.

  29. As if I needed yet another reason to hate police…those two women were trapped in that van FOR OVER AN HOUR while the water slowly rose around them. An hour. I can’t even imagine the absolute terror they must’ve felt.

  30. Healthcare should never be put into law, period.

  31. Wow, great response. Did you think of it all by yourself?

  32. Oh, my 70 yo mother that just had open heart surgery? That my kids cried over having to see hooked up to all kinds of tubes for drainage and a ventilator when I took them to visit her? That mom? Fuck you.

  33. I understand this is a terrible situation and frightening to have a gun pointed at you but jeez man. The amount of times he said "nigga" just made me lose all sympathy

  34. I’m white as hell and it was hard to listen to for me. I was physically cringing the whole time and I had zero sympathy by the time he turned the camera around and showed his little white boy face.

  35. Can’t wait to vote for her and Marcus Flowers in November!!! Hopefully we can get more of the stupid out of GA politics.

  36. Unfortunately what OOP has is not actually insurance, it's a "healthshare" which is not subject to regulations like insurers:

  37. Oh ok gotcha, I am familiar with cost-share programs like that, it just wasn’t clear from OOP’s post that that’s what she had. She kept calling it her “insurance,” and all the cost-share programs very explicitly say “THIS IS NOT AN INSURANCE PLAN” on everything they do because they have to by law.

  38. It seems that OOP didn't understand the difference :( it came out in bits and pieces in the thread. I'm intentionally obscuring the source of this one because prolifers do lurk here and this poor person doesn't need to be trolled on top of this nightmare. I really hope they're able to get it covered somehow.

  39. Yeah, I don’t blame you and I certainly wasn’t going to ask where it came from. Maybe you can DM the OOP about the emergency Medicaid stuff just so she will know if she doesn’t already.

  40. If you felt paragraphs were of the utmost important in your hierarchy of statements, I believe you missed the most important issues.

  41. I did not miss the important issues. I just started with the smallest thing first and worked my way up.

  42. Having been convicted of aggravated assault for stabbing someone who pulled a gun on me and even fired the weapon after a struggle ensued when I tried to take the weapon from him. You have to understand why I plead "out" and asked for the judge for mercy. During my first court date my attorney had the lead detective on the stand and asked him why he arrested his client and the detective responded that he arrested me based on the reports from the first responders and my attorney asked him if he had even read the first responders report. The detective responded Yes he read it. So my attorney asked him if he read where the first responder stated that the witnesses said that the victim in the case hit his client in the head with a beer bottle then pulled a gun on him before he was stabbed? The detective started stuttering turned red and fell out the stand. My attorney looked at me and said that they're going to have to throw this out and they rescheduled my preliminary hearing. When I came back to the preliminary hearing I had a different public defender that made me look bad in the courtroom and they had a detective that was not on the case and could not answer any questions about the case take the stand and so it was bound up to Superior just that easy. It happens every single day. People get railroaded. And they will always cover their own asses. I sat for 2 years waiting for trial with an inexperienced public defender and although she did a great job at my hearing for a motion requesting immunity on the grounds of self-defense. The judge said that since I had stabbed him 16 times it showed an element of revenge and he didn't feel comfortable giving me immunity on it and wanted a jury to make that decision. So I was going to trial. It was my attorney's first trial ever and I was not as excited as she was about it. Yes it may have been overboard but when you are in fear of your life you don't really think about what you're doing you just react. I plead out because I could not help but keep thinking about my ex girlfriend telling me how she had jury duty once and everyone thought the guy was guilty except her she's not believe that he was guilty at all but they were instructed that they were going to sit there until everyone came to a unanimous decision and so she just ended up voting guilty just to get out of there. And I couldn't help but to keep hearing her telling me that over and over and over and my head when I was thinking about going to trial. The system is set to work against us. I am a white man so it doesn't just happen to people of minority races it can happen to any of us. And I think he probably had every right in the world to do what he did if they were chasing him down and who knows what was going through that man's head when the sound of a probably half full beer hit his car it probably sounded like a small calibre gunshot. I got a 10-year serve four sentence for that case and I was truly only trying to survive. I was scared as hell and did what I did out of pure reaction with no thought to it at all it just seemed to happen. The other man was not charged "due to the extent of his injuries" I went to prison

  43. 1.) Please learn to use paragraphs. This was a fascinating story but very hard to read.

  44. Can I have a source that a) no one has died from vasectomy, ever and b) the only side effect is permanently being unable to get pregnant, no others.

  45. That dude died from a bacterial infection, not the vasectomy. Thousands of people die every year from septicemia, often after having surgical procedures. But it wasn’t the vasectomy that killed him.

  46. This is such a ridiculous question it’s not even worth my time. You have zero understanding of people on the left and even less of an understanding of our motivations. Abortion has nothing to do with “tradition” or “institutions” - those are things people on the right concern themselves with. For those of us on the left, it doesn’t matter if something is traditional or not, if it does not fall in line with equality or if it deprives one or more particular group(s) of their rights, then we don’t support it. Same for institutions - if they do not support equality or if they deprive one or more particular group(s) of their rights, we don’t support that either.

  47. If this was me, this video would’ve been about 15 seconds long, and 13 of those seconds would’ve been squealing and cleaning up.

  48. She must not be too awesome if she would marry a “man” that would take away her rights. She sounds actually like the opposite of awesome.

  49. It’s so typical of a right-wing conservative “man” to assert that he knows how everyone he considers close to him lives their lives and is so certain of what they would or wouldn’t do in their own personal lives. It’s like this weird mix of naïvety and arrogance that always comes crashing down one day.

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