1. It was. OP is in a Cortland property. Champion throws them together, then Cortland comes in and manages them as they (quickly) age.

  2. He should start a podcast with infamous career torcher/bridge burner/ edgelord /was always a terrible comedian Owen Benjamin .

  3. That effing conspiracy episode from Season 1 with the worms, Remmick swallowing the parasite, his neck bulging, and then Picard/Riker phasering his body until it explodes. It was goddamn intense for a 10-year-old. That was some R-rated bullshit.

  4. 100%. I can't tell if these posts are naive, art projects, or hilariously out of touch.

  5. I wonder what the difference is between what comes out of a show's writer's room and what the collective imagination of a Reddit comment thread is.

  6. If this season turns out to be a sequel to "Emergence," I'm going to punch my cat.

  7. Not really worried about dogs at this point. Aren't guns the real emotional support animal for many Americans?

  8. People need to stop taking there pets everywhere. They are not humans and don’t need to be in restaurants and stores, unless it is a dog store.

  9. And even "dog store" is a misnomer. Try bringing your cat into a PetSmart sometime.

  10. It seems like one of the lesser things in life to worry about. Please tell us about a real problem.

  11. Sure thing. My dad died from dementia after a terrible five-year span, which was somehow both swift and agonizingly long. Came out of nowhere and then just ate him away, like slow water damage to a wall. Grandmother also died from sudden onset of leukemia after being in the same house. Grandfather? Cancer. Other relatives? Cancer, cancer, COVID, cancer. All in quick succession. But most of them are connected to the same house on the same street in the same town with the same water table where Ohio's EPA has not responded to all the farming chemical runoff. Perfunctory responses at best and then they go quiet. There's literally something in the water in a county not far from Franklin. Should I continue? Is this a real problem in your mind, or am I allowed to post some nonsense levity on Reddit again sometime down the road?

  12. You’re right to be concerned…don’t forget Scientology randomly came to town a couple years ago in that big building on Dublin Rd. My husband had no clue those mental health signs you see on the side of the road were from them.

  13. In fairness, much of the MVU was built on actors trending straight-to-video. RDJ has to be the only actor to successfully leave DVD purgatory.

  14. Dude lip-synced an Elton John video in an empty mansion and then, next thing I knew, he's Iron Man.

  15. I don’t mind the chairs but can see how people may, especially nowadays with the luxury recliners at theaters like amc.

  16. What I’ve found really surprising about my rewatch is how technical they actually do get. I’m pleasantly surprised with that and that it went on for 4 seasons.

  17. That's exactly what I'm asking this sub, and I haven't gotten an answer. I had it delivered because I unexpectedly had company and couldn't drive. But when it arrived, I paid nothing?

  18. The SE corner is a new apartment complex. Where exactly is it being built?

  19. Yep. It's the lot right in front of that new complex right there ("Sheldon"). They've cleared half of the land, and those 4-5 houses just to the south have been sold and will be razed.

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